21 Movies for Kids to Watch on Netflix

Are you searching for a fun and engaging activity for your kids to stay at home? Watching a movie is something that is enjoyable for everyone, including teens and adults – but it is most loved by kids. Not only does it keep them engaged for two to three hours but it also increases their world knowledge and creativity, especially the fiction movies. 

Here are the top 21 fun movies for your kids to watch on Netflix. In the list you will find a mixture of adventure, comedy, magic, action and other genres. Grab a popcorn, turn off the lights, and enjoy your movie.


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If you are interested in watching movies with an underlying patriotic theme, this movie is a great option for you. Herb Brooks, the hero who is the hockey coach of the college team, is leading the team to make it to the National Olympics competition. This movie presents his efforts and the way he strives to compete with the Soviet hockey team, at last achieving success. 

The main driving force for his success is his love for his country. The movie shows how he achieved victory, the hurdles he has to face and the elements that contributed to his success. You can also feel the way the people around him and his teammates contributed to the final landslide.

The Little Prince 

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The Little Prince is a movie that combines elements of fantasy and adventure within an excellent  animation. This movie is a great option to consider, as it is a family-friendly treat for parents and children of all ages. In this movie, a little girl who is being taught and trained by her mother for the hard and competitive world of her future meets a retired aviator and enjoys the fantastic tales of the Little Prince. 

This movie is not just engaging but also teaches an important lesson true for today’s world: the heart is what matters the most. So if you are looking for a movie that will not only keep your kids busy and entertained, but will also provide them with an easy to digest lesson in morality, this movie is a great option.

The Indian In The Cupboard

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Full of animation and fantasy, this movie revolves around Omri, who receives an unusual gift on his birthday. The cupboard that he gets as a present is not ordinary, as it is some sort of a special magical piece of art. The fun starts when Omri starts arranging his toys in the cupboard and notices that suddenly his toys are coming to life. 

The excitement of watching magic unfold before their eyes will keep children engaged and interested. This movie is all about learning how to use your imagination to keep yourself entertained even when alone, in this case by playing with toys in an adventurous way. The movie will certainly teach your child to have an open minded approach to life.

The Rugrats Movie

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The Rugrats Movie revolves around Tommy Pickles, who is blessed with a baby brother towards whom he develops the feeling of annoyance and slight resentment. Tommy’s dad tries hard to lecture Tommy and Dill about being friendly, loving, and caring to each other. Still, Tommy is unhappy and wants to return his baby brother to the hospital.

On his way to the hospital with Dill and his cousin Angelica, they get lost and stranded in the woods. From there, the excitement begins. All the scenes are presented with excellent colors, picture quality, and voices. 

Hotel for Dogs

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This movie is based on the love of two orphaned siblings for their dog named Friday. Bruce and Andi live with their foster parents, who do not allow them to keep Friday inside their house. For this reason, both siblings think about keeping their dog at any other place. 

With their amazing creativity and care for their pet as well as other stray dogs, they turn a big empty hotel into a dog care shelter. Naturally, the barking and the sudden disappearance of all stray dogs from the area make the cops frustrated with suspicion that something odd is happening. Do they save their dog? What happens to the hotel? Do watch the movie to find out. 


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Hugo is based on a story about an orphan boy. He works in a train station in Paris and spends his whole time there because he has no family or house. His work is to look after the clocks present at the train station, but he is more occupied with the thoughts about a broken automation his late father left for him. He always keeps an observing eye on broken pieces of the automation and keeps thinking about the ways to fix it.

Hugo’s dream is to leave the station life and move into a house of his own. Do watch the movie to find out how he solves the mystery, what problems he faces during his mission, and finally, how the movie ends.

The Princess and the Frog

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The Princess and the Frog covers the story of a girl who is fond of cooking. Tiana, the lead character of the movie, is so interested in cooking that she dreams about opening a restaurant of her own. The story begins when Tiana meets a prince called Naveen. Naveen mistakenly thinks of Tiana as a princess and wants to build a relationship with her. Suddenly, the complexity arises when both Naveen and Tiana turn into a frog. 

Basically, this movie is a mixture of romance, comedy, animation accompanied with lovely music and stunning graphics. If you are interested in knowing what happens to both of the main characters after they turn into frogs, how their experience develops, how they come back to their original forms, you must watch the movie.

Bee Movie

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Are you searching for a movie that is full of humor, creativity, and excellent graphics? The Bee movie is a perfect fit. The movie is based on the life of a bee named Barry B Benson, a fresh college graduate. He finds out that the sole purpose of his life from that point on is to bring honey and pollinate the flowers. However, he is not at all happy with a new full-time job as it is the only task he has to fulfill for the rest of his life. 

One day, when he is doing his routine work in Manhattan, he meets Vanessa Bloome, who is a florist. She saves the bee and brings him to her house. Later on, Barry B finds out that humans sell the honey of the honey bees. The information enrages him. Watch the movie to find out how Vanessa and Berry B spent their days together and what drives them away from each other.

Monster House

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The monster house is a great movie for the kids who love horror movies full of action and suspense. DJ is the main character of the movie. He lives near the house that he finds weird. It takes him a lot of time to convince his babysitter and the local cops to enter the mystery house. 

Everyone is shocked to figure out that the house is actually a monster who took away the lives of many people. From that point on, DJ, along with other people, come up with various plans and ideas to destroy the monster-house so it won’t harm more people. To find out how they all succeed in destroying the monstrous house and what challenges they face, you should go ahead and watch the movie.

The Willoughbys

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The Willoighboys is a movie full of animation revolving around three siblings. Jane Willoughby, with her twin brothers, is not liked by their parents. The point comes when their parents abandon them completely. This is the time where all these siblings have to go through pain and discomfort of having to live on their own. At this moment, the only hope for the siblings is their nanny. They try to be nice to her, and hence they all build a great bond with each other. 

If you are curious to know more about the siblings’ story, why their parents abandoned them, what kind of bond they developed with their nanny, we suggest you watch the movie.

All Dogs Go to Heaven

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This movie, All dogs go to heaven, is an animated, musical, fantasy, and adventurous experience. The movie includes some magical activities that lead to big things. A gambler called Carface kills Charlie. After some time, Charlie comes back to the world from heaven thanks to the magical wand. She makes a friendly bond with an orphan girl named Anne Marie and thinks of involving Annie Marie in her plan. 

Charlie’s plan is to take revenge on the gambler who murdered her. But, within some time, Carface, the killer, starts harming the orphan girl. This makes Charlie think about whether she should continue her plan of taking revenge or if she should let it go and just stop. Watch the movie to know what happens next and what is the fate of the cruel gambler.

Chicken Little

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Chicken Little is the first-ever 3D digital movie from Disney that came out in 2005. Chicken Little, the main character goes through some unusual experiences. During school, one day, a piece of the sky falls on his head, but no one believes him. Rather, everyone scolds him for creating chaos and panic among the students and members of the school committee. However, his friends, including a pig, duckling, and a fish believe the story about the falling sky. 

Later on in the movie, aliens try to harm the animals in the area. Now, Chicken Little has to save all of them. watch the movie to discover what is the reason for the aliens’ arrival, how Chicken Little saves other animals and how it all ends.

The Croods

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The Croods is set during the caveman days. The main character Grug has recently lost his home of a cave as it got destroyed. He is trying to look for a new home for his family where they all can find a safe shelter. During this mission, Grug meets a young boy who proves to be very helpful in guiding Grug through the difficult journey. The adventurous boy seems to know all the ways to help the caveman family. 

At first, Grug doesn’t trust the young boy, but later on, he believes the boy’s prediction about the devastation the world will have to face in the near future. To learn more about their experiences, adventures, hardships they go through and much more, enjoy the blend of humor, adventure, suspense, animation, and wonderful colors called Croods on Netflix.

The Karate Kid

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If you are a karate fan, this movie will surely motivate and impress you. This movie is about a person who is interested in karate. He learns karate from his guru named Mr. Miyagi. The movie highlights the excellent learning skills of the young boy called Daniel Larusso. He is not only learning karate to fight against his bullies and teach them a lesson, but because he is participating in a big karate tournament. He also is in love with a girl, and he uses his karate skills to impress her by defeating her ex-boyfriend. 

In short, the movie displays the determination, courage, and efforts of a kid to learn karate, which is surely a tough task. To discover his story of learning karate, winning the tournament and much more you will have to watch the movie.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

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Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa is a much loved animation for all those interested in voiced movies based on animals. The use of colors, graphics, and voices are amazingly executed in the movie. The thing people love the most about this movie is the adorable voice acting.

A zebra, lion, hippo, penguins, and a giraffe are traveling to New York, but due to their fault craft, they get stuck in Africa. Alex, the lion, gets into contact with his lost parents. On top of that, in Africa, they meet creatures of their own species for the first time. You will have to watch the movie to discover their experience in Africa. Do they spend some fun times with the other animals or do they face an even bigger problem than getting lost during travelling? 

How to Train Your Dragon 2

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If you want a movie filled with the perfect portrayal of an amazing animated, fantasy, and action skills, How to Train Your Dragon is the best option to consider. This story is about Hiccup and Toothless, who spend their day wandering around discovering the Island. It is indeed a great story with beautiful animation and voice effects that is loved by many action movie lovers. 

One day, they discover something really shocking. What they find is a cave that is a home to several wild dragons. Also, they meet a dragon rider whom Hiccup has previously met. Find out how a beautiful relationship develops between the two human beings and the dragon rider by watching the full movie on Netflix.


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Zookeeper is a movie full of fantastic animation and voiceover skills present through animals and also the excellent performance from Kevin James, a zookeeper in the movie. This zookeeper is not very happy with his life. But as soon as he finds out that the animals in his zoo can talk to him, he becomes happier. He gets busy engaging in talks to animals trying to make a bond with them. 

This movie portrays a friendship between the zookeeper and the caged animals. If you want to know how he first finds out the animals can talk and what incidents happen between him and the animals, enjoy watching the movie. If you love animal stories that can keep you engaged for about two hours, you will surely love this one.

The Smurfs

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Smurfs presents you with a story of few blue-skinned smurfs who have to deal with a lot of problems caused by a wizard called Gargamel. He is so wicked and cruel that sometimes he wants to eat them, other times he wants to make gold using them, he just wants to devastate the smurfs one way or another. Using a vortex trying to escape from the evil Gargamel they get stranded in New York.

If you are curious about knowing how the cute little smurfs find a way to get out of the vortex problem, you will have to watch the movie. For another great story about the smurfs, you may also watch Smurfs 2.

The Lorax

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In a town named ThneedVille lives a boy called Ted. One thing about this thing is that everything present in this town is artificial. One day, Ted meets a girl in the town and falls in love with her. One way to impress the girl named Audrey is to find a real Truffula tree for her, which is a big desire of the girl. Ted sets on a mission, encountering a bankrupt businessman who tells him the story of his greed and devastation of town. Ted wants to fix all the problems caused by the villains Lorax and Once-Ler, that have resulted in the destruction of the forest and the town. 

Alongside romance, this story is trying to highlight the importance of nature in a subtle way. Head over to Netflix and watch the whole movie to find about the hurdles Ted had to face while trying to impress and show his love to Audrey.

Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro

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This movie is actually a blend of perfect animation and action skills. The main hero of the movie is a dashing and handsome thief. Once he finds out that the money he stole from a casino is fake, he goes to Cagliostro to figure out how that happened. There, he comes across a troubled princess, named Mononoke, that he tries to rescue. In the process, he falls in love with the princess because of her beauty and innocence. For the purpose of freeing her, he makes up a team with his fellow named Fujiko Mine and an inspector named Zenigata. 

If you are interested in knowing how they all achieve success in rescuing the princess, what problems they have to face during the journey, and what is the conclusion to the story of a robber and a princess, you must watch the full movie.

The Polar Express


In case you are looking for a fantasy movie with superb quality animation, the Polar Express is a must watch. The movie is about a young boy who has a strong desire to meet Santa Claus. One day, he gets on the train and arrives at the North Pole so that he can somehow get in contact with Santa Claus. There, he meets and has a good time with some special people who are very obviously different from the people he has been previously living with. When he meets him, Santa asks about a gift of his dream, to which he responds that he wants a bell. When he comes back to his old world he loses the bell, but when he wakes up on Christmas morning, he finds his lost bell again. 

To know about what sort of time he spent with Santa and North Pole’s creatures, you must watch the movie.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, your kids will enjoy all of these movies. Let us know which movie you enjoyed the most from the top 21 movies for kids to watch on Netflix.


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