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Naruto Shippuden Filler Episodes

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Is there a comprehensive list on how many Naruto Shippuden filler episodes are there? Fortunately, yes there is. If you’ve watched Naruto, then you’ve probably noticed how many filler episodes there are. It’s not uncommon for anime shows to have filler episodes that don’t add much to the plot or story arc. They’re just there so that animators can make money off of them. But what happens if you’re watching Naruto Shippuden? Are some of these fillers worth watching? And how many are there exactly? Let’s take a look!

How many Naruto Shippuden filler episodes are there?

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There are 100 filler episodes in the Naruto series, which is a bit of an exaggeration. The number of canon episodes in the series varies from episode to episode and from character to character. However, there are over 500 episodes total (including filler) in the first three seasons alone. Which means that there’s more than enough content for you to watch without worrying about missing anything important!

Filler episodes are not considered canon or part of any particular story arc; they simply exist outside of those plots as filler material between arcs or as small stories within an arc that don’t fit anywhere else. They’re not meant to be watched alone but rather as extra bits before or after main events happen onscreen. Or sometimes even during them! In fact, some fans even consider them worth watching just because they have interesting settings/characters involved. When compared with other parts where nothing much happens at all.

What is the Naruto Filler List?

The Naruto filler list is a list of Naruto episodes that are filler. It’s a good way to avoid watching filler, but it’s not perfect. For example, some episodes on the list have been split into two parts and then combined into one episode. E.g., “A Dangerous Thing”. Also, some fillers are only available in Japanese with subtitles. But those episodes won’t be on this list anyway because they don’t involve any real plot progression or character development.

The purpose of this article isn’t just about whether or not you should watch these episodes; rather than that alone I want to give you an overview about why certain fillers are considered “important” by fans. While others aren’t as much fun for new viewers coming into Shippuden without having seen older versions first hand through multiple seasons worth. 

Naruto Shippuden filler episodes 

So the Naruto Shippuden filler episodes are all done and dusted. Here’s a list of them all if you want to see them all in one place:

Episode 1: Homecoming

The story begins with the arrival of Naruto, Sakura and Sai to the village. They’re assigned a mission to protect an old lady from bandits. Upon arriving at their destination, they discover that she’s actually an old enemy of theirs. And her husband is also one of the bandits!

After killing him off in battle, Naruto explains that he’s been waiting for this moment since childhood. So he could take revenge on his father’s killers—which include both him and Kakashi. Who was once a member of Akatsuki.

He then tells Kiba how he got into being called “the dog eater”. Because his dad used to feed him raw meat when he was little; however, this term was later replaced by more positive ones like “rival” or “best friend.”

Episode 2: The Akatsuki Makes Its Move

The Akatsuki makes its move in this episode. As they decide to steal Kurama’s chakra so that they can use it to revive Madara Uchiha. They also plan on killing all the other tailed beasts before they do this. So that there will be no one left who could possibly stop them from completing their goal. All of these things happen while Naruto and Hinata are out training with Neji Hyuga. Who has decided not only to train with Naruto but also help him learn how far he has come since meeting Sakura Haruno. Once his best friend.

Episode 3: The Results of Training

This episode starts off with Naruto telling Sakura about what happened during his fight against Pain. Using her new abilities as an ANBU captain against him when she wasn’t even supposed to be there yet! She tells him about another person named Sasuke Uchiha who may or may not have been able to beat Pain. But we’ll get into that later.

Episode 3: The Results of Training

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are training in an unknown location. Jiraiya is explaining to them the importance of being able to use their chakra without relying on a seal. He then tells them that he will teach them how to do so by making them fight each other while they try not using any seals or jutsu. Naruto and Sasuke begin fighting each other with no holds barred. Until they both realize that they need some way of stopping themselves from hurting each other too badly with their bare hands (which would result in serious injury). They then resort back onto using jutsu. But this only works half way through their battle as well. When one person manages to finish off his opponent another opponent appears out of nowhere and attacks him from behind! 

Episode 4: The Jinchūriki of the Sand

Naruto and Sasuke are in their training room, with Hidan still hanging around. Naruto asks if he can go home, but Hidan tells him that they’re not done yet—he wants to fight to see who can last longer without using any chakra.

As soon as they start fighting, however, it becomes clear that this fight is going nowhere fast. They both know each other’s moves well enough by now; there’s no way either will win this one easily! In fact, they may even have been training too much lately because neither has been able to land a single blow on each other yet today!

Episode 5: The Kazekage Stands Tall

After meeting with Nigai, Gaara receives a letter from his father. It says that if he wants to become Kazekage and take over Sunagakure, he must fight in the Chūnin Exams. As for Shikamaru and Temari’s team, they found out that Gaara was participating as well! Now they have to figure out how to beat some pretty strong opponents before time runs out!

This is all about what happens in this filler arc because it doesn’t really matter much except for things like character development or plot points getting resolved overtime (like when people join your village).

Episode 6: Mission Cleared

This episode is about a mission to find a lost child. The child was found, but she turned out to be a princess! She had been kidnapped by an evil lord and was being held captive in his castle. It turns out that this lord has magic spear technology that can make him immortal!

Episode 7: Run, Kankuro

Kankuro is the younger brother of Temari and Gaara, who was raised by his older sister. He is a puppeteer and member of the Sand Village. Kankuro has been friends with Team Kakashi since they met at age 6. When he first gave Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha their training gear as a present for becoming Genin. He also trained together with them as part of the team before being promoted to chūnin level ninja in Part I episode 152 “Konoha’s Enterprising Youth”. But not until after he had already helped them defeat Orochimaru’s henchmen twice within one month (once during Pain’s invasion).

Kankuro also became a part of Gaara’s bodyguard after being appointed by Tsunade herself in Part II episode 149 “Entering Konoha”. This decision was based on her belief that Kankuro should be able to protect her if anything happened while she was working undercover as an elite shinobi from Suna village named Mei-sama (which means “Godmother”). In return, Kankuro vowed never let anything happen to her unless it involved him himself dying first – this kind gesture earned him more respect than just about any other person who ever lived!

In addition though; despite all these accomplishments there are still things about this young man which make us wonder whether or not he really deserves them…

Episode 8: Team Kakashi, Deployed

Team Kakashi is sent on a mission to escort a young boy named Yugito Nii to the Leaf Village. Yugito is the Jinchuriki of the Three-Tailed Beast, and she has been kidnapped by Akatsuki. Team Kakashi succeeds in their mission, but Yugito ends up being captured again when they arrive at the village gates. On their way back to Konoha, Gaara begins feeling frustrated with his role as Kazekage—a position he does not want or feel like fulfilling at this point in time. He decides that he needs someone new and more powerful than himself so that he can learn from them before potentially taking over later down the road; this brings him into conflict with Pakura again as well as causing him some internal strife between himself and Naruto Uzumaki while they’re all sharing space together inside Naruto’s body!

Episode 9: The Jinchuriki’s Tears

This is the ninth episode of Naruto Shippuden filler. It was released on March 12th, 2012. The episode starts with a flashback where Orochimaru tells his students about how he learned to control people’s minds and abilities by using their own bodies as vessels for his own soul, which would eventually lead to them becoming Jinchuriki (taken over by a foreign object). After this introduction, we see that Kabuto has been captured by ANBU agents who have come looking for Sasuke. They take him into custody at headquarters where he is interrogated about who hired him and why he came all this way from Sunagakure village after being hired as an assistant professor in medical science at Konoha University Medical Science Academy (KMSA).

Episode 10: Sealing Jutsu Nine Phantom Dragons

This episode is about the Nine Phantom Dragons. It’s a sealing jutsu that can seal nine people in one go. It’s a forbidden jutsu, so it’s not taught in the Academy and it’s also very powerful, so it isn’t taught to anyone except for those who have mastered it themselves.

The only way to learn this technique is from someone who has already mastered it themselves (like Sasuke), but even then you still need more than one person with different abilities working together to make sure they don’t get sealed away by mistake!

Episode 11: The Medical Ninja’s Student

A month after his return to Konoha, Naruto was walking down the street with Shika, who was on break from his training. When they ran into Ino, Shika greeted her with a date request, only for Ino to brush him off. Ino suggested that he ask her out again when she saw how successful he was, and she walked away. Frustrated, Shika told Naruto that he’d stopped trying to become a chūnin because she had made it clear that she wasn’t interested if he didn’t have the status. He told Naruto that those who stood at the very top of the ninja world were respected by everyone. Excited, Naruto became determined to become Hokage.

That night, Naruto went back to the training grounds and began practicing all the jutsu he knew while thinking back over each one. As he was practising, Kakashi appeared from another dimension in front of him and surprised him by presenting an explanation for everything he knew about him. Kakashi told him that the Fourth Hokage had entrusted him with the task of looking after Naruto during his early years as a genin. Naruto realised that Kakashi was the Jonin-sensei of Team 7 and asked where Sasuke and Sakura were so that they could begin their training as soon as possible. Kakashi, however, reminded him that Sasuke had left Konoha and Sakura was still in hospital due to being poisoned during the invasion of Konoha almost a year ago.

Episode 12: Eye of the Hawk

Naruto is sent to a mission with Kakashi, as he is too busy to go on missions himself. They must find and defeat an enemy ninja clan that has been attacking villages. The team travels through the forest until they find themselves in front of a cave entrance where they meet up with their target, Gaara. The two talk about how there are no more Akatsuki members around them but they can’t just leave him there so Naruto decides to fight Gaara while Kakashi watches from afar; after defeating Gaara (who turns out be stronger than expected), Naruto decides to help him get past his curse mark by showing off his new technique: Sharingan Amaterasu! In order for this technique to work properly however…

Episode 13: Return of the Kazekage

The episode starts with Gaara and Kankuro being attacked by Deidara, but he’s forced to flee after Temari comes to their rescue. Later, they meet up with Naruto, who is also fighting Deidara. As soon as he sees her though, his face becomes bright red and he asks for help because “she” has come back! She hasn’t actually though; it’s just a dream sequence meant to comfort him after losing control over his own body (and having his chakra stolen by Akatsuki). In this scene we see that Kankuro has become so close with Gaara that even when wearing sand armor there isn’t much difference between them physically anymore–they look like one person!

Episode 14: The Secret of the Battle! Who Are the Mystery Ryuudouin?!!

As the battle between the Kazekage and his enemies continues, it is revealed that one of them is a mysterious ninja who is able to use an unknown technique. The mystery ninja defeats all of the other ninja with ease and then reveals himself to be Ryuudouin! He explains that he had been watching over them all this time because he wanted to protect them from harm. He also reveals that he knows about their secret identities as well as their true purpose for being there: To find out what happened exactly when Konoha fell during Pain’s attack on it nearly 10 years ago (in Episode 14).

The Kazekage thanks him for his help but refuses any reward beyond returning home safely–he does not want anything else from anyone after everything they’ve done for him already!


The Naruto filler list is a great way to keep track of what episodes are worth watching and what ones aren’t. But as we’ve seen, there is no perfect way to rank them. Some people will love all the fillers while others are turned off by them completely. It all depends on who you are and what your tastes are like! We hope you enjoyed reading the Naruto Shippuden filler episodes (all episodes) list. 

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