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Latest Anime News – February 2021

These are the latest updates in the anime world, for the second week of February 2021:

Shinkalion Z Anime: Second Teaser Trailer Released

The official website for Shinkalion released a new, second trailer – with teasers. It reveals the cast, as well as a scheduled premiere release of April 9th. The revealed cast are Minami Tsuda, Akari Kitō and Jun Fukuyama. Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion is a Japanese toy franchise by Takara Tomy, based on the well-known Plarail model train. It was released in 2015, which was later adapted into anime (aired January 2018 to  June 2019)

Shinkalion Z Anime: Second Teaser Trailer Released

Sailor Moon Eternal To Be Continued

Sailor Moon Eternal To Be Continued

The popular manga and anime franchise “Sailor Moon” recently released the second part of it’s anime project also known by the name “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Eternal”. In an interview posted by Oricon, voice actress Kotono Mitsuishi commented on a teaser shown at the end of the movie with the words “To Be Continued”. She pointed out that the original manga series had a fifth arc, hinting that there is possibly another season in the making.  As a direct continuation of the “Sailor Moon Crystal” series released in 2014, Sailor Moon Eternal is the fourth season, or arc.

Sazae-San Announces Valentine’s Day Special

The longest running scripted TV show, (and thus longest running anime) Sazae San made an announcement on February 7th that it will be airing a full one hour special this Valentine’s Day. These are the four story titles: “Norisuke Seishun Jidai ~Geshuku kara Omiai made~,” “Oshiete Dolittle-sensei,” “Yо̄ishūtо̄ na Otoko,” and “Bara to Penpengusa.”. Sazae San is the highest ranked anime series in Japan.

Princess Principal: Crown Handler Part II Opening 

Princess Principal: Crown Handler Part II Opening 

Following the Thursday release of the film Princess Principal: Crown Handler, which was delayed due to COVID 19 restrictions; the official website announced that the sequel will be opening this fall in Japan. The film will be an entirely new work, telling a story that is set after the end of the television series.

Earwig and the Witch to Screen in Dolby Cinemas, Japan

The first full CG film by Studio Ghibli; “Earwig and the Witch”; finally set a theatrical release date of April 29 in Japan. It should be noted that the film already premiered on television two months ago. New footage is expected to be added to the theatrical version of the animated film. 

New Teaser for Anime Web Series Inō no Aicis, and Release Date

Inō no Aicis

The upcoming series Inō no Aicis, expected to air on Youtube, scheduled a debut date of February 13th. A teaser released on Wednesday gives more information on the cast: Jin Ogasawara, Haruna Asami, Chiyo Tomaru, and Hikaru Midorikawa. 

Lupin III: Elusiveness of the Fog on Blu-Ray Disc, Amongst Other Releases 

Fans of the 2007 television special by Discotek can find the anime in Blu-Ray Disc format in stores on April 27, along with the Saint Seiya movie collection. Both Japanese and English Subtitles will be included. Animes also expected to be released by the American Entertainment Company Discotek are s-CRY-ed and Lady Oscar: The Rose of Versailles – also in both Japanese audio and English Subtitles. English dubbed versions are not available, but the company has been looking for qualified dubbers for some time. 

Babylon Anime announced for Home Video Release

babylon anime

In a statement by Sentai Filmwork, announcing their acquisition of the licensing rights to the anime produced by Revroot based on the Babylon Novels – they stated that this spring it will get a digital release as well as Blu-Ray Disc. The suspense novel’s first volume was released in 2015. Following two more volumes (2016, and 2017), it was adapted into a manga in 2019. 

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