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What Is Area 51 And why Is It So Secretive?

Why is Area 51 so secretive? Area 51 is the secret US Air Force base in Nevada that’s known for its UFO and alien conspiracy theories. But it’s also a place where you can find out about how modern-day spy planes work, how old spying methods were used, and more.

In this article, we’ll discuss what Area 51 is and why it’s so secretive. We’ll also explore some of the things people have seen at Area 51 over the years. And what they mean for why Area 51 has been shrouded in secrecy for decades now.

Why is Area 51 so secretive?

Area 51 is a mysterious place that is heavily guarded. There is even a guard tower and sleeping quarters for the workers who keep watch over the area. It’s located in an abandoned salt flat in Nevada. Even with all the security, there have been several sightings of unexplained activity in the area. Some people say they have seen aliens go in and out of the base. That’s why it’s so secretive, the authorities don’t want anyone seeing what goes on inside the base!

Area 51 is a military base, but it’s also a secret research facility for the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA. The government doesn’t want anyone to know what goes on there because they’re afraid that foreign governments will try to get their hands on it.

What’s In Area 51?

Area 51 is a restricted military base in Nevada that is located outside of Las Vegas. The base has been the subject of conspiracy theories for years, but there has never been a definitive answer to what is really kept out of sight at Area 51. It was said that the US government kept aliens from space, captured during the Roswell UFO incident and kept in the base. There are also rumors of the US government developing new and advanced technology to be used in war.

Something that is true though is that Area 51 has been the secret testing ground for new weapons, including war machines and spy planes. Some of the spy planes have been the base of some of the most famous UFO sightings. So what is in Area 51? Why is area 51 so secretive? Well, we may never know!

What Does Area 51 Look Like?

The mysterious Area 51 is one of the most controversial sites in America. Located a few miles north of Area 51 is an old dude ranch, which is open to tourists. The area is now known as Rachel, NV. Just outside of Rachel there is a bar and gift shop called Little A’le’inn, which was built to attract tourists. Original Area 51 workers still live in Rachel and the A’le’inn hosts a biker rally for former Area 51 workers every year.

Speculation about Area 51 has long been based around its airspace

The CIA has long acknowledged that Area 51 is a real place

The CIA has long acknowledged that Area 51 is a real place. In fact, it’s been open to the public since 2005. The CIA maintains that Area 51 is an Air Force base where they test and evaluate aircraft before sending them into combat situations.

They also test U2 spy plane at Area 51. However, there’s no official record of this occurring there (or anywhere else).

In 2012, CIA historian David Robarge said they chose the site for training U-2 pilots.

Area 51 is in the Nevada desert, and it’s not a military base. It’s a testing ground for top secret projects, including UFO research and other classified activities.

Little known about Area 51’s history

Area 51 is a secret military base located in the southern portion of Nevada. They established it in 1955 and serves as the “home” to many different aircrafts, including surveillance aircraft, fighter jets and bombers. The base covers about 100 square miles (260 km2) of land and has its own airport that can accommodate large planes.

The area is also home to two extraterrestrial aircrafts: one alien saucer-like object that crashed into a mountain near Groom Lake in 1964; another which fell from the sky sometime around 1980/81 after it allegedly suffered engine failure due to unknown reasons. The scientists working at Edwards Air Force Base found both when they were conducting experiments with heat signatures on Earth’s surface using infrared cameras controlled by remote control devices from NASA headquarters located nearby Las Vegas Nevada. But people keep asking: why is Area 51 so secretive?

Why people think aliens were hidden there?

The most popular theory is that aliens were brought to Earth. Some people believe that the government is hiding evidence of extraterrestrial life and alien spacecraft, but others think it’s just a conspiracy theory.

If you’re wondering why Area 51 is so secretive, here are some ideas:

The plane famously conducted surveillance over the Soviet Union during the Cold War

But what about the U2? How did it become so famous, and why do they still use it to spy on other countries today? The plane was first used by the CIA in 1962 when it conducted surveillance over Cuba during the Cold War. It flew over Soviet nuclear facilities as well as military bases, where officials are in fear that Soviet bombers would attack them during a crisis.

The U2 also played an important role in monitoring weather conditions and earthquakes. In 1965 alone, it flew more than 20 missions over South America to analyze seismic activity there.

The U2 also flew over Cuba and took photos during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

They use it to collect information about Soviet military activities, particularly those involving nuclear weapons or missile sites.

In 1962, a U-2 aircraft flew over Cuba and took photos of Soviet missile sites that were under construction there at the time. This was one of several incidents during this period in which American aircraft violated Cuban airspace without permission from Havana; other such violations occurred later on as well (including one in 1987).

We don’t know exactly what goes on at Area 51, because it’s classified information.

Area 51 is a top-secret military base located in the Nevada desert, surrounded by barbed wire fences and patrolled by armed guards. It’s so secretive that even the US government doesn’t know what goes on there.

Despite all this mystery surrounding Area 51, we do have some idea of what it might be for. Some theories suggest that it could have been in utilization for testing experimental aircraft and weapons systems before deployment elsewhere. Others believe that UFO sightings at the site could indicate extraterrestrial life. But even if you’re not sure whether to not aliens exist, one thing is clear. Area 51 will always remain a mystery until someone tells us everything about it!


Why is area 51 so secretive? The truth is, we don’t know what goes on at Area 51 or why it’s so secretive. The CIA admitted that Area 51 is a real place, but it’s unclear if they house any aliens there. We do know that they use the site to test U2 spy planes and train pilots who flew over the Soviet Union during the Cold War, which could be why they chose this remote location for their training missions. But did aliens crash into this area? We don’t know yet!

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