Best Movies And TV Shows Of All Time

Old is gold! The sentence perfectly describes many of  our life choices. There are some moments in everyone’s lives that are memorable. Some memories make such a strong impression on our lives that they never seem to fade away. Our heart and mind get attached to these memories so they never really leave us.

Recollecting those memories at some point in our lives brings a warm feeling. In the same way, there are some drama series and movies which become a favorite of all time. The reason can be different for everyone. Sometimes, the film characters make us feel so special that we form a deep connection with those characters. And often, the dramatized events are so similar to our own life drama that we can’t forget them.

In this article, we gathered some of the movies and series that are more popularly known as all time favorites for most people. So, let’s recollect those old movies and dramas together.

SPOILER ALERT: In case you haven't watched any of these so far, watch them first. Read on to find out about the best movies and shows of all time.


A steamship named the Titanic drowned in 1912 after hitting an iceberg during its very first voyage. Titanic (the movie) is based on the actual event. The film was directed by James Cameron and was released in 1997. The main cast of the film includes Kate Winslet as Rose and Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson. 

Titanic was the first film that reached the billion-dollar mark from the box office revenue alone. Titanic succeeded in a mission of recreating historical events on screen with drama and romance.


You won’t be able to blink an eye even for a second, for the entire 194 minutes while watching the Titanic movie. The movie, despite its length, keeps the viewer hooked. 

The movie begins when Jack, a poor artist,  gets an opportunity to sail on the Titanic. The heroine of the movie, Rose, is forced by her mother to marry a rich man named Carl. Rose hates the idea and tries to commit suicide by jumping off the ship. Jack saves Rose and is later invited by Carl to join Rose’s party in the first-class deck for dinner. Rose and Jack both flee the party finding themselves in the engine room. After a night of fun, Jack drew naked Rose. Besides their love story, the film also depicts the panic and hopelessness of people while the ship is about to drown. Their sad love story never comes to an end, even after Jack dies. The story is told in film by a 100-year-old Rose to her granddaughter and her friends.

Unforgettable scenes: 

The movie is powerful and leaves a profound impact on its viewers. There are many scenes when you cry and laugh with Rose and Jack. And some scenes give you goosebumps. One of the scenes that gave me chills is when the captain boasts that even God can’t sink the titanic himself. Which titanic scene had a significant impact on you?

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Harry Potter

Almost all the kids born in the late ’90s grew up watching Harry Potter. The film series Harry Potter is based on seven novels written by well-known author JK Rowling. Four directors —Chris Columbus, Alfonso Charon, Mike Newell and David Yates —made the filming of the Harry Potter series possible. Eight films of Harry Potter were released from 2001 to 2011.

The Harry Potter movies were a huge box office hit. It’s not wrong to say Harry Potter is one of the most successful franchises in the world. Together, the movies made an accumulative 7.3 billion dollars worldwide. The cast of Harry Potter is immense. But the main three characters in the movie are played by Daniel Redcliffe as Harry Potter, Emma Watson as Hermione Granger and Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley. 


As a kid and a huge Harry Potter fan, I always wondered about the Muggles, magicians, Hogwarts, wands and everything in the series. It’s not just me, but the millions of die-hard fans feel the same way. It’s due to the mind-blowing creativity of JK Rowling and the fantastic performance of the cast, directors and producers.

Anyways, the plot of the story is based on a young boy named Harry Potter that lives with his uncle, aunt and their son that can’t stop teasing his cousin. Harry comes to know on his 11th birthday that he is an orphan of two powerful wizards and possesses magical powers. He then gets admitted into the magical school of wizards named Hogwarts. There he meets his new friends Ron and Hermione. During his time in Hogwarts, he gets to discover many truths about his life, parents and Voldemort (the villain of the story who killed his parents). Harry Potter and his friends help him fight against Voldemort to protect him from ruling the wizarding world. 

Mind-blowing Scene:

There are millions of crazy fans who loved each scene of Harry Potter. And to be honest, there isn’t just one scene that we can label as our favorite. Multiple scenes in Harry Potter makes our mind blow. However, here are some scenes that we absolutely enjoyed watching again and again. The scene where Hermione practiced the spell Wingardium Leviosa, is an absolute thrill to watch. The scenes where Dobby cries and is freed, always puts my heart at ease every time I watch it. How can a trustworthy and loyal creature like Dobby be tortured in such a cruel way by evil and cunning Malloy? 

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Friends is a most iconic 90’s comedy-drama. It is an American Television sitcom consisting of 10 seasons. The total episodes of the TV show counts up to 236. The show aired on NBC  from 22nd September 1994 to 6th May 2004. The masterpiece came into existence through the efforts and creativity of different writers, including Marta Kauffman and David Crane. 

Friends’ main cast includes Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green, Courteney Cox as Monica Geller, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffet, Matt Leblanc as Joey Tribbiani, Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing, and David Schwimmer as Ross Geller. The final episode of the series got 52.5 million views in 2004, which makes it one of the most-watched series finale of all time. 

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Friends is a comedy series but shows the true colors of life in general. All of the characters make you laugh helplessly. Due to its characteristic humor, people worldwide are still watching the show even in 2021. The plot of the entire show revolves around six friends who lived in New York, that redefine what family means. The show starts when Rachael flees her marriage and reunites with her friend Monica. She later shares an apartment with Monica and is joined with her group of friends. 

The show depicts the daily struggles of the characters in their personal and professional lives. Monica is a chef and a well-organized person. Ross is her brother who got divorced several times (starting with a lesbian, Carol). He is a paleontologist. Phoebe is a quirky musician who sings her strange songs, and also works as masseuse. She has a twin sister named Ursula, whom she never liked, and a colorful past. Rachel is a rich brat who must find her way to live. Chandler is a  guy who hates his job and tries to quit many times. He is known for his sarcastic jokes. Joey is a struggling actor who remains single till the end of the show. 

Favorite Thing About Friends:

What I love most about Friends is the characters’ chemistry. All of them accept each other with all their flaws. Everyone is unique in their character. Be it is Phoebe’s timeless songs or Ross’ bad luck in love life, everything feels relatable to its audience. 

There is not only humor in the show, but each episode gives you something to learn. And the lyrics of its song are superb…. I will be there for you cause you are there for me too. All of the friends’ episodes are my favorite, but my most favorite one is ‘The One Where Ross Got High.’ What is your favorite episode? 


Godfather is an American crime film series. The story is taken from the novel, The Godfather, written by Mario Puzo in 1969. The film has been awarded as the most influential film in the gangster genre. The film not only won the hearts of fans but many Oscars and awards as well. The American Film Institute ranked it as the second-best American movie. Moreover, the movie won an Oscar award for the best-adapted screenplay, best actor and best award at 45th academy awards. 

Francis Ford Coppola directed the film, and Albert S. Ruddy produced it. The film series consists of three movies. These movies were released in 1972, 1974 and 1990. It was a box office hit film series that earned from 430 to 512 million dollars worldwide. Al Pacino played the role of Michael Corleone, while Marlon Brando performed as Vito Corleone.

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The story starts with the wedding reception of Vito Corleone’s daughter. A gangster named Sozollo wants Vito to get involved in his narcotics business. The other two crime families, i.e The Barzinis and Tattaglias, are already engaged in the industry. Vito refuses to be involved in such business and is attacked by Sozollo. Sonny takes over his father’s business for a short duration of time.

Vito’s other son Michael, a civilian who has vowed never to be involved in family businesses, arranges a meeting with Sozollo and Mccluskey and kills both of them. He then flies to Sicily to hide. In the meantime, Sonny gets murdered by Corleone’s opponents. 

On the return of Michael, he becomes the head of the family business. He started a plan to move the family business to Los Vegas. But before that happens, his father dies. Michael then kills the heads of five families for the sake of revenge. The second film revolves around Micheal as a Don and how he holds his business together. The third film depicts the rise of Michael’s successor, Sonny’s illegitimate son, Vincent Corleone. 

Best scene 

The Godfather film series is a complete masterpiece. The Corleone family have to fight to get their social status and power back to maintain their value. There is not a single scene in the Godfather movie that you will regret watching. The movie shows human nature, its good and bad. It changed the perception of gangster genre movies. Many scenes I hold close to my heart. But the scene where Sonny was hit on the toll booth was so shocking. How can a man like Sonny be ambushed? What was the scene that surprised you most? 

The Lord Of The Rings

The lord of the rings is an epic fantasy film series consisting of three films. The film series is based on a novel written by J.R.R. Tolkien. These three films were released in 2001, 2002 and 2003. The film series is considered a high achievement and accoladed for its musical effects and emotional depth. In fact, it won 17 academy awards out of its 30 nominations. 

The film series was an international venture between New Zealand and the United States. Peter Jackson directed it. It was a huge financial success, as it hit the box office of 2.9 billion dollars. The main cast includes Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins, Ian McKellen as Gandalf, Orlando Bloom as Legolas, Sean Astin as Samwise Gamgee.

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The story revolves around the fight between truth and evil. It is a fantasy fiction film that depicts the struggle of saving Middle Earth. The first film, named The Fellowship of Rings, begins with the prehistory of the ring. In the second Middle Age of the Earth, lords of elves, men and dwarves are given power rings. But the dark lord Sauron forges a ring putting all powers into it to dominate other rings. Elves and men battle Sauron’s forces in Mordor. Isildur takes Sauron’s finger with the ring, which forces Sauron to return to a spirit form. 

Later, Frodo Baggins ends up having a ring, and the rest of the story revolves around him. Gandalf, a wizard, informs Frodo about the situation and asks him to keep the ring away from Sauron’s reach. Later, it is decided that the ring must be destroyed at the cracks of Doom, which is deep inside the evil lands of Mordor. Frodo heads toward the destination with the fellowship of rings, including nine persons. Many barriers come their way, and Fordo decides to continue alone. But in the end, Sam and he together move toward the evil land. 

The next movie, named Two Towers, depicts the journey of Sam and Frodo. They realize that they are being followed by Mysterious Gollum. Sauron’s power has increased as the fellowship of the ring is divided. Now the war of the ring has begun. 

The third movie, named The Return of the King, presents the final encounter between good and evil forces over Middle Earth’s future. Aragorn and Gandalf set the army against Sauron’s forces, which buys a little more time for Frodo to destroy the ring. 

Why Is It The Best Movie Of All Time?

The genre of the movie is adventure and fantasy. But it’s much more – it is multidimensional. The moral of the movie is strong, as the virtuous characters are struggling hard for righteousness. It makes the movie relatable and unique for the audiences of all time.

Lion king

Lion King is the best Disney movie that most of us can watch again and again. It is an American animated film directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff. Don Hahn produced the film. The Lion King was released on 15 June 1994. The movie was a great success, as it earned 763 million dollars worldwide. The Lion King is the highest gross animated film of all times. With over thirty million VHS tapes are sold, which makes it the best-selling animated film. 

The voice cast includes Mathew Brodrick as Simba, Jeremy irons as Scar, James Earl Jones as Mustafa, Moira Kelly as Nala, etc. 


Every time you watch this movie you will be engrossed with it from the first moment. The story begins in Africa’s Pride Lands, where a group of lions rule over the kingdom from the Pride Rock. 

Mustafa presents his newborn son Simba to a gathering and explains the king’s responsibilities. As expected, there is a villain named Scar that happens to be the younger brother of Mustafa. Scar plots against Simba and Mustafa to get rid of them to rule over the kingdom. 

Through his manipulative nature and plans, he kills Mustafa and makes Simba believe that it was all his fault. The guilt takes over Simba, and he plans to never return to the kingdom. He is saved by Timon and Pumba, and they quickly become friends, so Simba starts living a carefree life with them.

Nala, Simba’s childhood friend, accidentally meets him and urges him to return. Simba refuses, but when he realizes his true potential, he returns and confronts Scar. When the rest of the Pride comes to know the truth, Scar tries to escape but fails. In the end, Simba takes the kingship and Nala becomes his queen. 

Lesson to be learnt from The Lion King

The reason I think Lion King is so relatable is because of the lesson it teaches. The most important lesson is that you should never underestimate yourself and realize your true potential. Don’t be hard on yourself and stop worrying. And never run away from your problems. 

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Breaking Bad 

Breaking Bad is an American crime TV series show. The producer of Breaking Bad is Vince Gilligan. The total count of 5 seasons was 62 episodes. The TV show aired on AMC from 20 January 2008 to 29 September 2013. The movie was filmed in New Mexico. Vince Gilligan is the writer this amazing drama.

Breaking Bad’s main cast includes Bryan Cranston as Walter White, Anna Gunn as Skyler White, Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman and Dean Norris as Hank Schrader. The TV series has received many awards, including eight Satellite Awards, 16 primetime Emmy awards, etc. The first three seasons received a moderate viewership, but at the fifth season it became the most-watched show in America.

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The story begins when an underpaid high school teacher named Walter White suddenly realizes that he has stage three lung cancer and only two years to live. He lives with his wife and a teenage son, who has cerebral palsy. To secure his family’s future, he gets involved in the drug trade and world of crime. With his former student Jesse Pinkman, he starts manufacturing and selling batches of methamphetamine. Walter masks his identity with the name Heisenberg. 

The rest of the story revolves around how the diagnosis of a disease transforms the noble man into a drug dealer. Due to his new way of life, his family life is also affected. 

Lessons to be learnt from Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a masterpiece as it is written with utter honesty. The first few episodes are slow, but then it starts gaining momentum. You are going to love all characters. Here are a few lessons everyone should learn from breaking bad:

The first lesson we learned is not to get involved in drugs as Walter put himself in an enormously dangerous situation. Get your health checked regularly. Otherwise, it may start getting worse. Don’t get too ambitious, and always keep family as your priority. 


In this article, we discussed some of the top Hollywood movies and TV shows of all time. Our list of best movies of all time list include Titanic, Harry Potter, Friends, Godfather, Lord Of The Rings, Lion King and Breaking Bad. If you have not watched any of these movies, what are you waiting for?


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