The Office on NBC features a character by the name of Cathy Simms. Lindsey Broad portrays her. While Pam Beesly was on maternity benefit, Dunder Mifflin recruited Cathy as a substitute secretary. She was young and lovely. She grew close to Jim Halpert while she was working there and, despite the fact that he was married, she had plans to abduct him. There isn’t much information available regarding Cathy’s early years, however, in a deleted scene, she recounts turning down a wealthy man who proposed marriage to her.

On “The Office,” Pam Halpert was replaced by Cathy Simms

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In season 8, Pam takes a pregnancy leave. The following episode, “Pam’s Successor,” introduces Cathy as her interim replacement.

Cathy is compared to Pam by other coworkers who also think she is attractive. Unfortunately, this causes Pam uneasy, and she even queries Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) about whether he considers the new girl appealing. Cathy does start to have feelings for Jim. On a business vacation to Florida, she makes flirtatious advances toward him in “After Hours.” She even goes so far as to arrive at his hotel room wearing less formal attire. Jim attempts to find a way out because he can tell she’s trying to tempt him.

On “The Office,” what occurred to Cathy Simms?

The episode “Last Day in Florida” marks the final time viewers will see Cathy. One further time, she makes an attempt to catch Jim’s attention, but he rejects her. Robert California (James Spader) eliminates Todd Packer during a conference where she was last spotted (David Koechner).

Unfortunately, following this, Cathy never receives a dignified send-off on the program. Her position at Dunder Mifflin was always temporary, which is why she is seen working again later in the season. Perhaps Cathy’s employment with the paper mill ended on its own. Broad switched to new positions. In addition to tiny TV parts, she portrayed Lisa in the film 21 Jump Street.

Fans of “The Office” continue to criticize Lindsey Broad

There is still the conspiracy belief that Jim did have an affair with Cathy. Even if they think nothing else transpired between them, many fans still have animosity towards Cathy. Tragically, Broad disclosed the feedback she receives from her followers in 2020.

“I recently wrote something on Instagram about how my dog was killed and a lot of people were like ‘F*ck you, Cathy, she deserved it!’ If anyone is questioning how it would be to be on The Office, the greatest comedy of this century. So. You’re done!”  In a tweet on August 7, Broad.

On In the Dark, Broad most recently portrayed Chelsea. She also appears in the 2021 film Trust. Jim and Pam’s bond would continue to be put to the test. Pam and Jim, who had two children, were still married and happily married with no sign of Cathy.

Final Words

In each of the above episodes, Cathy appears briefly in the office and has brief interactions with Dwight. Her role is pretty much explained to you at the beginning of the show. She’s there as a love interest for Dwight. It’s not something that is explicitly stated but it is implied early on, partially from her own character and also from Dwight’s coworkers’ reactions.

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