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Top 5 Highest Grossing Movie 1989

Which was the highest grossing movie in 1989? In the industry of film production, the financial success of a movie can not be predetermined irrespective of the budget prepared for its execution. The advent of technology has improved the quality of movies. Which has ultimately induced a healthy competition between franchises. Delivering movies of high quality and standard.

Logically, several factors such as the popularity of the genre and the skillset of the movie cast are important contributors towards a successful ride of the particular movie at the box office. With picture quality and effects as other major side attractions to arouse viewers’ interest. 

Generally, a movie has to make at least double the budget spent on production. As well as all cost expended on advertisement and promotions. These together make a movie a box office success. However, the exact profitability of movies has to do with its obscurity. As studios and filmmakers may opt against sharing some finer details with the general public.

Quite remarkably, the year 1987 is a significant year in terms of movies released across multiple genres. Several movies hit the box office success, generating a high gross income in the process.  

Top 5 Highest-Grossing Movie In 1989

As we proceed further in this article, we will highlight and discuss the top 5 highest-grossing movies in 1989. In addition, we will point out the accolades of awards these movies gathered. Let’s go straight into the details!

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (Grossed $475,800,000)

Source: MovieClips

As one of the series of the spellbinding Indiana Jones franchise. The last crusade was a major hit upon its release in 1989 by paramount pictures. This movie’s director is the renowned Steven Spielberg. It is one of the best action/adventure movies of all time. This movie has some of the most amazing characters and the action scenes are extremely exceptional. 

The movie plot was co-written by Spielberg and George Lucas – who was also the executive producer of the franchise. The cast members include Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Denholm Elliot, Julian glover, John-Rhys David, Allison Doody, and a host of others. Interestingly, this movie was shot at different locations across six different countries. Making it one of the most expensive movies in history. 

This movie was widely anticipated before its eventual release on the 24th of May, 1989 in North America. At the box office, Indiana Jones and the last crusade was a huge success commercial wise. It was also the biggest series of the Indiana Jones franchise. Statistically, the movie grossed up to $475.8 million to emerge as the highest-grossing movie of the year. At the academy awards in 1989, Indiana Jones and the last crusade was awarded the sound effect editing category.

Batman (Grossed $411,600,000)

Source: MovieClips

Batman was a major hit at the box office upon its release on August 11, 1989. This superhero movie was a classic from the famous Batman video games and animated series franchise. With a high-end performance by the cast members and the absolute special effects and amazing scenery. This movie is considered one of the most fictional movies of all time. The aesthetic design to portray the Gotham City and the epic theme songs were top-notch. It remains the favorites of a large percentage of movie fans worldwide today.

Batman was produced by the duo of Jones Peter and Peter Guber and was solely directed by Tim Burton. The movie cast starred the likes of Jack Nicholson, Michael Keaton, Billy Dee Williams, Kim Basinger, Pat Hingle, Robert Wuhl, and a host of others. From a critical point of view, Batman was a huge success commercially. With a total gross of $411.6 million at the box office which makes it the second highest-grossing movie in 1989. In addition to that, the Batman movie received several award nominations. Notably winning the Academy award in the best art direction category.

Back to the Future II (Grossed $332,900,000)

Source: GQ

This sequel to the 1985 classic Back to the Future is directed by Robert Zemeckis and produced by Bob Gale. It takes up where the first installment left off, with a few replacement cast members. Elizabeth Shue instead of Claudia Wells and Jeffrey Weissman instead of Crispin Glover. While Michael J Fox, Lea Thompson, Christopher Lloyd and Thomas Wilson reprise their roles from Part One, things quickly get more complicated for Marty McFly (Fox) when he arrives in 2015 and discovers that his friend Dr. Emmett Brown (Lloyd) has been imprisoned by the evil Biff Tannen (Wilson). Who has now become wealthy from corrupting time itself.

Luckily, Doc’s loyal sidekick Einstein the dog comes to Marty’s aid with a gadget-filled vehicle. He names those “the flux capacitor”, which helps him take down Biff in a final climactic battle at snowy Peabody’s Peabody Cafe! Impressively, this movie was the third highest-grossing movie in 1989. In total, this movie grossed a whopping sum of $332.9 million both domestically and worldwide.

Look Who’s Talking (Grossed $297,000,000)

Source: Deadline

By some quarters, Look Who’s Talking movie is probably the most family-friendly and hilarious movie ever made. Despite the mixed reviews received upon its release, look who’s talking surprisingly hit the ground running at the box office. Featuring the likes of Bruce Willis, John Travolta, George Segal, and a host of others. This romantic comedy movie was the first highest-grossing movie in 1989. With a relatively low budget of $7.5 million, this movie grossed up to $297 million at the Box Office. 

Dead Poets’ Society (Grossed $235,900,000)

Source: People

Unequivocally, Dead Poets’ Society is the most amusing and drama-filled movie of all time. Directed by Peter Weir, this movie was hugely entertaining with an impressive performance from one of the major characters in Robin Williams. With a fascinating storyline that depicts the importance of passion discovery. This movie was a favorite of entertainment fans across the globe. From a commercial point of view, Dead Poet’s Society was a huge success upon its release in 1989. This movie grossed a total sum of $235.9 million. Making it the fifth-highest movie of the year at the Box Office.

Final Words

In 1987, the film industry’s gross income was at an all-time high. The record year wasn’t just a fluke. And neither was its success down to luck. As several box office hits such as Batman, Look Who’s Talking, Dead Poets’ Society, Back to the Future II, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade highlight what turned out to be a golden year for movies released in multiple genres.

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