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The Greatest Storyteller: Christopher Nolan

British-American screenwriter, film director, and producer Christopher Nolan has given us several memorable movies. His screenwriting is often nonlinear, cerebral, and captivating. Credited as a writer for 14 films, he has received high praise from audiences and much critical acclaim. Breakthrough Screenplay: Memento Although Nolan had written other screenplays before, this was what brought him […]

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Unknown Hollywood

There is no person in the world who has not experienced admiration for a Hollywood film at least once in their life and did not chain themselves to the TV screen and fully engrossed into the wonderful world of the masterpieces of an exceptionally high level of world cinema for years. Where did Hollywood begin? […]

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Film Review: Split

Exploring the touchy subject of mental illness and apparent ‘madness’ has always been a rather beguiling but at the same time desperate endeavor for filmmakers. It seems as though the film industry struggles to maintain humanity in its portrayal of mentally ill characters, oftentimes tipping towards exaggerated depiction for the sake of shallow sensationalism. Where […]