Sex And The City: The Legacy For Women

When it first aired in 1998 Sex And The City was a groundbreaking TV show and a trendsetter for future movies to come. Despite a few attempts by Hollywood to create an independent, self-sustaining female character, before SATC such characters were doomed for failure. However, SATC did manage to turn the story around. SATC created a legacy which has millions of fans even now, more than 20 years later since the first episode was aired. 

Despite the fact that Carrie’s character will not be considered unusual or deviant from standard norms today in the late 90s, her character was pretty unordinary. Presenting women as free-spirited and sexually liberated individuals who value their independence more than having a family was an uncommon way of depicting women. Women were seeing their reflection in SATC characters, and this resulted in the soaring popularity of SATC. It was one of the first TV shows that was genuine, authentic, and relatable for women in their mid-30s. 

Sex And The City Characters

4 female characters that are presented in the TV show and later on in the movies create a perfect synthesis of female personalities. Carrie who is a central figure of TV show is obsessed with the idea of finding THE ONE, her SOULMATE, and is often very demanding in relationships. She is not interested in settling down or having a family or children, but she is looking for a person who will be ready to sacrifice everything for the love just like her and be with her till the end. A partner who will let her be herself while loving her unconditionally. 

Carrie Bradshaw And Her Persona

Carrie might be considered immature and insatiable in her relationships because very often she is portrayed as someone who is self-centered and overly demanding from her partners. Even Sarah Jessica Parker has admitted that she and Carrie have very different views on relationships and love. As an adult, SJP’s position is understandable because as we grow up we realize that love is not what we were taught about it from fairytales. What Carrie is chasing for is almost unreal and unattainable. The sense of butterflies in your stomach is not infinite, and she is mature enough to know that. 

Why Is Carrie Setting Unrealistic Goals So Relatable?

However, we as humans are inclined to setting up higher expectations, creating grounds for almost unavoidable disappointment, demanding more from life or relationship than it can actually give to us. This is what makes Carrie so relatable, she is as real as women can be. She makes many mistakes, some of which are even unforgivable, like cheating on Aiden with Mr. Big but her actions make her vulnerable, strong, and authentic at the same time. And these characteristics are what drives people to watch Carrie Bradshaw and her friends going through an emotional rollercoaster for decades. 

The truth is the plot of the SATC never gets old. There might be some episodes that did not age well, like Carrie’s opinion about bisexuals or judging Samantha for sexually free-spirited lifestyle, but overall the storyline presented in SATC is a clear reflection of women’s mindset and how they view men in relationships. 

Sex And The City Season 1 Episode 1

The truth is that it is easy to criticize SATC, but it is also simple to see how revolutionary the show has been not only in the USA but all around the world. Putting forward an idea that there is no age limit to your actions, you are free in your choices, the number of partners, and the kinds of relationships you would like to have had a tremendous impact on women. I always thought that what annoyed people about SATC is mostly the honesty with which it reflects reality. However, no matter the opinion someone holds about SATC, the fact is that even after decades it is not losing its popularity and the production team of SATC has now even blessed the fans with the news about working on a new season for the show. No matter which character you loved or hated the most, embrace yourself to keep an eye on their new adventures. 

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