Music in movies plays a big role in perplexing the audience. The melody is not only used to fill the gaps when there is no dialogue or helps make the visuals less boring but also is used to support the director in developing the storyline. With music, it is much easier to represent the emotional condition of a character or the severity of the circumstances. 

The Purpose Of Using Music In Movies

Music can speak volumes to an audience like no other tool in the movies. Just a simple bit can create an entire set for the movies to be digested more easily. There are numerous purposes for which music might be used in movies such as commenting on certain scenes, creating psychological conditioning, affecting the perception of the time, or creating contradictions. You can read more about the details in the following article, but here we will be discussing a few movie scenes that became memorable because of successfully selected music. 

Ocean’s Twelve – Vincent Cassel’s laser Dance

Whether it’s the flawless choreography and flexibility of the actor or the music selection being on point, this scene is one of the most memorable and breathtaking parts of Ocean’s Twelve (2004). At first glance, it might seem that Vincent Cassel is simply using immaculate reflexes to dodge the lasers but there is more to this scene. If you watch it carefully you will notice that the scene is the result of arduous training and hard work which is the signature of Vincent Cassel’s character in the movie. However, the music does as much work in this scene as the actor himself. The enchanting synthesis of mystery, amusement, and profoundness of the melody gives an audience a better chance to appreciate the brilliance of Cassel’s character and easily captivates them with majestic and convoluted scenes. 

Repo Men – The final scene 

This 2010 movie starring Jude Law and Forest Whitaker has a fictional storyline and a complex love story. However, the movie culminates in the final scene when a gloomy background plot line of the fictional world intertwines with the passionate love story. The way Jude Law cuts his partner into pieces in order to reclaim her body parts and save her life from the “hunters” causes mixed emotions in the audience. This scene would probably be one of the many futile attempts to represent a thriller in a romantic way without the most melancholic and sentimental melody of “Sing It Back” playing in the background. Nothing else can turn a unanimously distressing scene into a romantic episode with light elements of eroticism but the right music. 

Harry Potter – Dance Scene Between Harry And Hermione

If you are a fan of these movies and book series, then it is probably associated with many positive memories for you. Even though there are many scenes in the movie series that cause goosebumps in the audience, there is one particular scene that has more meaning and weight than any other. The dance scene between Harry and Hermione in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (2010) is the light Harry remembered to turn on in order to find happiness even in the darkest of times. This scene indicates that our favorite characters have grown up into adults who are there for each other no matter the difficulty, and what’s most important they do not forget the importance of cheering each other up even in the most gloomy times. The dance scene is made more emotional and striking by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ “O Children” that flawlessly combines the melancholic nature of the scene with the downhearted upbeat of the storyline. 



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