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Does Derek Cheat On Meredith? Here’s What The Show Revealed

Does Derek Cheat On Meredith?

Does Derek cheat on Meredith? Derek and Meredith’s marriage is one of the most iconic TV relationships of all time. Derek is a doctor, and Meredith is a lawyer, and the two of them fall in love with Suits. From there, the show follows their ups and downs as they try to make a life together. So when rumors began to circulate earlier this year that Derek may have been cheating on Meredith, fans were eager to find out what evidence was available to support these claims. 

While most of the audience thought Derek was one of the best contestants on the show, fans didn’t necessarily believe him when he said he wanted to be the one to walk away the winner. Derek ended up choosing a girl named Meredith, and after being on the show for three weeks, the two broke up.

Fortunately, the show addressed this topic head-on in a recent episode, and there was quite a lot of evidence to support these claims. In this article, we will explore what was revealed on Suits and whether or not Derek cheated on Meredith.

Derek and Meredith’s Relationship

First and foremost, there is the fact that Derek has been shown to be very possessive of Meredith. He has been known to get angry when she interacts with other men and often puts her in difficult or dangerous situations. This suggests that he would not hesitate to hurt or even kill someone if he felt threatened by them.

Additionally, there are several occasions where Derek has displayed a lack of concern for Meredith’s well-being. For example, he did not care when a bear attacked her and refused to help her when a gunman was chasing her. Derek would do anything rather than risk harming or losing Meredith.

Lastly, there is evidence that Derek may have cheated on Meredith before they married. In “The Blood Knot,” it is revealed that Derek had an affair with Alex Karev while he was still married to Emily Sweeney. This suggests that Derek may have been unfaithful to Meredith before their wedding ceremony.

The Episode Begins With Meredith’s Picture From Her Wedding

The season six finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” aired on March 24th, and many theories about Derek’s true feelings for Meredith abound.

It all began with a picture from Meredith’s wedding that was shown in the episode. In the photo, Derek is seen looking away from her, and some viewers interpret this as a sign that he is not happy with her.

Derek has since spoken out about the speculation and revealed that he does, in fact, love Meredith very much. He says that he was just caught up in the moment at the wedding and didn’t want to intrude on her privacy by looking at her directly. He also says that his reaction to the photo doesn’t reflect how he feels about her now.

Does Derek Cheats on Meredith

Meredith and Derek have been together for over two years and seem very happy. However, there are some questions that people are still asking about Derek’s behavior.

First of all, is Derek cheating on Meredith? The show revealed that he had been seeing another woman behind her back. However, the woman he sees doesn’t seem to threaten Meredith’s relationship with Derek.

This begs the question  why would Derek cheat on Meredith in DC? Some theorize that he may be doing it because he is bored with her or because he doesn’t want to commit to her. But whatever the reason, it’s something that people are curious about.

What Derek Told Meredith About His Affair?

According to Derek, Meredith knows about his affair with Sarah. He also claims that she is aware of the fact that he’s seeing her. Meredith is very supportive and understanding of Derek’s situation.

Meredith went out with Derek on a few occasions after his breakup with Sarah. However, they haven’t been together recently due to Derek’s busy work schedule. Things seem to be slowly moving back in a romantic direction for them.

While talking to Meredith on the phone, Derek admitted that he cheated on Sarah. He also confessed that he still cares for her and doesn’t want to hurt her again. Meredith was surprisingly OK with this news and didn’t seem too angry or upset about it.

This suggests that Meredith is fully supportive of Derek’s relationship with Sarah and understands why he had an affair in the first place. She’s also not judgmental or resentful toward him, which is great

What Happened After Meredith Found Out?

Meredith is still reeling from the devastating news that Derek may have been cheating on her. After some soul-searching, she decides to take a walk in the forest to clear her head. When Meredith returns to the scene of their breakup, Derek is there waiting for her. He admits that he’s been seeing another girl, but he still wants to try and work things out with Meredith.

However, Meredith isn’t interested in reconciling with Derek and tells him that she’s moving on. She expresses her gratitude to Jason for being such a supportive friend during this difficult time. In the end, Derek’s affair was just a minor bump in the road for Meredith – she moves on and gets back together with Jason soon after.

What Does This Mean For Meredith And Derek’s Relationship?

According to the show, Meredith and Derek’s relationship is currently on shaky ground. In the latest episode, Meredith said that she’s not sure if Derek is “the one,” and he admitted that things haven’t been great between them lately. This could mean a few different things, but it’s possible that Derek is cheating on Meredith.

If Derek is cheating on Meredith, it would be a big deal because their marriage is based largely on trust and respect. If he’s been engaging in an affair with another woman, that would destroy their relationship completely. Additionally, it could impact Meredith’s feelings for him as well since she may have started to develop feelings for him herself. It definitely wouldn’t be a good situation for either of them.


Does derek cheat on meredith season 11? The show has been hinting at this for a while, and it seems to be more or less up for debate. The answer looks like it is yes, as Meredith seems to have a strong emotional connection with Derek, and they often butt heads. So long as their relationship remains secret, it may not be a big deal. But if it becomes public knowledge, it could start to sour things.

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