When Will GTA6 Be Released?

Fans of the popular action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto (GTA) have been itching for the next generation of the game to be released. In fact, this is one of the biggest questions that fans have submitted on Rockstar’s social media accounts. 

There are many rumors online about a leaked release date for GTA6, but so far nothing has been confirmed. We do know that GTA5 will be available for its fans to play on X box series X and PS5 soon – probably within the next six months. However, this only tells us that there is still a long way to go before GTA6 is released.

Developments and Leaks

A teaser-trailer has not yet been released by Rockstar, much to the fans’ disappointment. Speculation on the reason for the trailer’s delay is fears of a significant decrease in the player numbers for GTA 5 Online. It is likely they will release it in 2021.

So how do we know the game exists? An accidental leak from an actor in March 2020 whose resume included work that he claims to have done for Rockstar in 2018, for GTA6. That is possibly the first time the game was mentioned outside of rumors. 

The highly anticipated next-generation release has been in pre-production since 2014, according to Chris Liberty (a French YouTuber with inside sources from Rockstar). Although that is a long time, gamers are expected to wait a little more. This date is wrong and contrary to popular rumors the game has been in production since 2012. The expected timeline sees the game being launched sometime before 2023.

A music producer, “Chiko Kan” claims to have received an email from Rockstar asking him to work on their upcoming projects in 2021. This is probably one of the reasons some people expect GTA6 to be released this year. 

Characters to Expect

With all the rumors surrounding GTA6, there are millions of posts online about the possible character we can expect to see. The latest rumored character is a female protagonist that can be controlled by a player, i.e. a playable character. Although there is no official confirmation, there are multiple highly respected sources that mention this rumor – Especially Call of Duty leaker Tom Henderson. 

However, according to GTA 6 leaks on 4chan, there will be no female protagonist. Characters such as Tommy Vercetti and Ken Rosenberg are mentioned, but the leaker claims that players can only expect to meet the latter. This leaker claims the main role is that of Italian male, around 34 years old at the end of the game.

In May this year, a leak from a former employee named some characters, including a driver, drug dealer, and a man with a plane (for smuggling).

All the original posts regarding these leaks have been deleted, but screenshots and articles about them are still circulating online. Needless to say, as this information is all speculation and rumor, nothing can be established just yet. At the very least not until Rockstar confirms anything. 

Rockstar Games has been in the gaming industry for over two decades. The company is a market leader, with GTA5 being the best-selling game of all time on XBox One. They are extremely successful in marketing their games and creating hype over games prior to their release. 

GTA6 is probably on the way, but there are no concrete facts regarding the release date. Until then, fans will have to make do with GTA5 and GTA5 Online. 


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