The Iconic Actress from Golden Age Hollywood

In the epoch of Kardashians, it is hard to find natural beauty. According to modern beauty standards, what is sexy now is considered to be a half-naked body with not much brains. But was it always like that? In my opinion, no. 

When we talk about natural beauty, I mean the one which takes your breath away, I imagine Grace Kelly – the lady with deep blue dreamy eyes, thoughtful facial expression, and kindness of heart. 

Image Source: Grace Kelly in the movie “High Society.” 

The Filmography and the influence she had on fashion: 

I can’t believe that someone on this planet does not know who Grace Kelly was – Alfred Hitchcock’s inspiration, the face of 50th Hollywood movies. She was the leading actress in “Rear Window” with James Stewart. From that point on, her style became known to wide audiences making her a top style iconic in American fashion. It should probably be mentioned here that before acting, she was also a model. Dior was creating the looks, especially for Grace Kelly, using unique colors to emphasize the beauty of her eyes. 

Image Source: James Stewart and Grace Kelly for “Rare Window.”

Another record-breaking movie which she participated in is “Catch the Thief,” directed by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Grace with Cary Grant- the most famous male movie star of the 50th. Every look naturally became a sensation in the fashion industry. She was like a marble statue, the Goddess of Love in Greek mythology. Even now, on Golden Globe 2021, the dresses were paying homage to her style. The “Barbie” doll was created based on Grace Kelly from this movie.

We can see more than 30 movies with her participation, and all of them are unbelievably valuable, beautiful, pleasant to watch, and make you feel the natural Grace of her beauty.

Famous people in love with her: 

It is said that the first multimedia star who adored Grace Kelly was Harry Lilies “Bing” Grosby. Also, the sources speak that William Holden was in love with her, despite having a wife.

But this is not everything: even John F.Kennedy fell for her beauty. This story is my favorite: in 1954, John Kennedy had back surgery and was recovering in a hospital. Grace Kelly wanted to surprise him. So she secretly got there wearing an uniform for nurses.

Image Source: Grace Kelly and John F.Kennedy in 1965

In this picture, we see how excitedly she looks at Kennedy. We never got the full story though.

It is no wonder that most film directors, screenwriters, movie stars, and even her stylists adored her. She had the inner beauty even more significant than that on the outside; she was the child of the worlds, one of the most generous mécénats and philanthropists, John B.kelly. Later, she walked the same path as her father and became the greatest charity-monger of her time. 

People also say that she was dating Frank Sinatra– the leading songwriter and musician of all times. They played together in a movie, and a little affair kindled between them.

Image Source: Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra

It is also suspected that Gary Cooper was foolishly in love with her. The list of the people who loved and idolized Grace Kelly is limitless. It was impossible to know her and not fall for her. Even in her late 50, she was still glamorous, as we see in this picture.  

PARIS, FRANCE – 1979: A portrait of Grace Kelly in Paris, France. (Photo by Eric Ryan/Getty Images)

Unfortunately, she died in a car accident in 1982, having a heart stroke, unable to stop the car. She was just 53 years old. No matter how many years pass, she will always remain a leading actress, the symbol of beauty, kindness, Monaco’s grace, the princess to change history, built charity homes, renovate hospitals, and help children with cancer. She was the great wife, mother, politician, thinker, a symbol of fashion, taste, and dignity.

Image Source: Grace Kelly with her Family

She is the one who will always stay in history. So if you are lucky enough to be able to watch her movies for the first time, just don’t miss a single minute, believe me, you will foolishly fall in love with her.

Author: Natia Kurtanidze

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