These are five new fiction releases we recommend that are generating the most hype in February 2021. Even if they aren’t in your go-to genre, you’ll find they are all worth the read nonetheless. 

The Four Winds – Kristen Hannah

Kristin Hannah the four winds
KRISTIN HANNAH – The four winds. Image Source: kristanhannah

If you’ve already read ‘The Nightingale’ or ‘The Great Alone’ you know how well best selling historical fiction author Kristen Hannah can captivate the reader with a good story. This latest novel is set in Texas during the Great Depression – specifically the Dust Bowl Era. It is yet another survival story featuring a strong woman facing extreme hardships that according to history are nothing short of accurate. ‘The Four Winds’ is full of hope, desire for a survival, heroism, and love. The author really makes that time in history come alive for the reader, immersing them deep into the realities people faced during the time. It may be a long read, but engrossing enough that you won’t be able to put it down.  

The Shadow Box – Luanne Rice

luanne rice the shadow box
Luanne Rice – The shadow box. Image source:

This page turning thriller by another best selling author will keep you guessing and wondering what comes next. You might even finish this book in one sitting. Prepare yourself for a thrilling ride as you join Claire, a woman who believes her well educated husband attacked her and left her to death. Add a murder (Claire’s acquaintance) and the plot gets thicker, and more convoluted. You will be gripped from the first page: murder, corruption, politics, big money, a psychopathic antagonist. There is a skewed fight  Claire has to fight against her husband and those protecting his and their shared interests.

The Paris Library – Janet Skeslien Charles

Janet Skeslien Charles – The PARIS Library. Source:

You may be thinking, “Another historical fiction? Really?”. However, you will come to realize that this romance novel set in World War II France has a different tone to it. It shows how literature can bring people together, inspired from the true story of heroic librarians at The American Library in Paris. Written in the style of flashbacks and flash- fowards (to the 1980’s), the novel inspired readers to look at the consequences of choices we are all bound to make. Themes in the book include heroism, betrayal, friendship and family.

The Echo Wife – Sarah Gaily

SARAH GAILEY – The Echo Wife. Image Source:

For fans of shows like ‘Westworld’ – this science fiction novel will blow your mind. The premise alone will have you buying the book before you’ve finished this article. An award winning researcher creates a genetically engineered replica, her husband is having an affair with the replica. What’s worse – replica is a clone of her only seemingly more complacent (or is she?). He is found dead; and they must clean up the mess. If you aren’t a fan of science fiction, it is still a very digestible read, with interesting and dramatic, unexpected plot twists. The general vibe of the book is scary and unsettling, and realistic enough for the reader to believe that it’s entirely plausible.

This Close to Okay – Leesa Cross-Smith

Leesa Cross-smith – This Close To Okay. Image Source:

Two strangers brought together by a chance explore the heavy subjects of suicide and secrets in this contemporary novel. One is a therapist, the other a man attempting to commit suicide. The story is very powerful, and is especially relevant this year as more people face a difficult downward spiral of their own mental state. Readers will be left with a warm heart, and are bound to go through a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the book. Even if you have never had any dark suicidal thoughts yourself, you will find it very relatable and might even shed a few tears within the first few pages. 

Hopefully, our recommendations were able to help you in finding your next best read! 

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