Which one was the highest grossing movie in 1991? In 1991, Hollywood welcomed its biggest year yet with a string of hit films whose premiere dates are still etched in our minds. We can recall the likes of “The Silence of the Lambs” and the “Beauty and the Beast”. Two movies that were equally enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. One of these movies went on to win five Oscars at the Academy Awards to become only the third movie to achieve this feat ever. In this article, we’re going to walk you through which one was the highest grossing movie in 1991 as well as some others. So let’s roll! 

5 Highest-Grossing Movie In 1991

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Grossed $515,390,883 Worldwide)

Source: MovieClips

Terminator 2 was the highest grossing movie of 1991. The much awaited sequel to 1984’s The Terminator. It went on to smash records worldwide and become one of the highest-grossing films of the decade. Directed by James Cameron, a filmmaker at the top of his game, “Terminator 2” had its budget increased from $28 million to a whopping $100m due to production delays caused by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s injury during filming. Still, this wasn’t enough as it managed to cost an incredible amount making its total expense more than 5 times more than its predecessor. Shot in Los Angeles and NYC using state-of-the-art visual effects technology, Terminator 2: Judgement Day was released on 3rd July 1991 collecting over 30 million dollars in its opening weekend alone! 

This incredible movie won four Academy Awards, including Best Visual Effects. In addition, “Terminator 2” is considered one of the greatest action movies ever made. The movie’s success launched Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career as one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars. “Terminator 2” is also credited with popularizing the use of CGI in movies. Lastly, this great movie grossed a total of over $515,390,883 at the Box Office worldwide. 

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves 1991 (Grossed $390,000,000 Worldwide)

Source: IMDb

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is the second Robin hood movie that was released in 1991 and it grossed a total of over $390,000,000 at the box office. The box office success came after critical outcry of the original Robin Hood which starred Douglas Fairbanks Junior in 1922. The newer revision with Kevin Costner helped restore interest in this genre and subsequent movies have been made as recently as 2010.

Despite its success, the movie was not without its controversies. Some critics accused it of whitewashing history, as the majority of the cast is white, even though the story takes place in England which has a predominantly white population. There was also criticism for its portrayal of Arabs, with some accusing the movie of Islamophobia. Despite its controversies, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is considered to be one of the best movies of the 1990s. It is a timeless story of good vs. evil, with strong performances from its cast and beautiful cinematography. If you’re looking for a classic adventure movie, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is a must-watch.

Beauty and the Beast 1991 (Grossed  $331,000,000 Worldwide) 

Source: Disney

The 1991 Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast, was a critical and commercial success. It was directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise and produced by Don Hahn. The movie is based on the French fairy tale of the same name by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. This movie tells the story of Belle, a young woman who is taken prisoner by a beast in his castle. Despite her fears, she befriends the beast and learns to love him. The movie was praised for its animation, music, and themes of love and sacrifice. The film grossed $331,000,000 at the box office worldwide on a $25 million budget.

“The Beauty and the Beast” is one of Disney’s most popular animations and it holds records in the box office for being the biggest-selling VHS tape in history. It features top-notch artwork and was directed by Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale, known as “the men behind,” The Little Mermaid. Even though this movie has been out of theaters since 1991, it continues to be an inspiration to other films. It’s considered a fairy tale classic because of its wonderful music, captivating moments, vivid colors, and memorable characters including Belle, the main character; the Beast; Gaston; Lumiere; Cogsworth; Mrs. Potts; Chip; Maurice (Belle’s father); the Wardrobe / Wardrobe Fairy Godmothers; Babette (a beautiful opera singer); Maurice (Maurice’s assistant); Babette’s suitor Gaston et al. 

The Silence of the Lambs (Grossed $272,000,000 Worldwide)

Source: MovieClips

The Silence of the Lambs, is a fantastic thriller film which does a wonderful job at capturing audiences attention. It has been about 25 years since the movie was released but is still just as fresh in the minds of producers and viewers alike. The movie was filmed in 1991 but was only released in 1993 and it featured some of Hollywood’s biggest names at that time including Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins, and Scott Glenn. The movie won 5 Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, and even Best Adapted Screenplay. This demonstrates how professional this movie truly is and why so many people enjoyed its storylines. The film grossed $272,000,000 worldwide, to become one of the highest-grossing films of 1991.

Hook 1991 (Grossed $300,900,000 Worldwide)

Source: HOOK-CTIT-CT-19702

Hook is a 1991 American fantasy adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Robin Williams as Peter Pan. The film also features Dustin Hoffman, Julia Roberts, Bob Hoskins, and Maggie Smith in supporting roles. Hook was released on December 11, 1991, to mixed reviews, but was a commercial success, grossing $300,900,000 at the Box Office worldwide. The movie had problems finding its audience at first because the plot revolves around an adult Peter pan who returns to Neverland to save his children who have been kidnapped by Captain Hook only to realize that he is not who he used to be anymore.

Final Thoughts 

Like we said earlier, Hollywood was thriving and it had its biggest year yet in 1991. Many blockbuster movies were released on cinema screens, several of which are still favorites to this day in the hearts of millions. People fondly remember “The Silence of the Lambs” and “Beauty and the Beast”, as well as other titles that were amusing or dramatic, but at the same time attracted a broad audience – including grown-ups who enjoyed their own children’s enthusiasm for this type of film.

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