Hollywood alone has the capacity of generating more than $10 Billion per year. Moreover, including other film industries, more than $Billion was added to the list. But for what they are investing and earning from?

it’s all about people and especially you. Because if you don’t watch movies then who will? Aliens ha-ha? In addition, deciding where to watch movies is quite an obvious question.

According to your needs and considering the budget we create a refined list of movie theaters where you can go with your friends, family, and loved ones. It will take a few minutes, but going there with someone special is incredible. Moreover, we are waiting for your experience and thoughts to be shared with the audience.

1. Film Forum

Film Forum · General Information
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The films presented here are organized with passion, intelligence, and respect for the filmmaker and his audience. We have a number of Art House theaters here in New York City, but none of them appeal to the timelessness of the genre like the Film Forum. Log on to their website to get a feel for what we’re saying. Additional perks: great coffee, organic pralines, and ice cream sandwiches.

We visit many movie theaters in New York and by living Nearby and Being Huge fans of this multi-screen pioneer in the independent file presentation. This Theater is an arts hub for international films, multilingual films, and classics. The Film Forum has been a master in showcasing the best of these very diverse films that never get released and more commercial establishments. The seats in the theater are comfortable and the staff is friendly. The food concession stands even have some really good brownies. Above all, we like the variety of films presented. It is a great place to experience the best of cinema.

Recently the theater complex, which has been serving New York moviegoers since 1970, has been completely renovated, but without any glamor. The lobby is nicely repainted, but the real enhancement is in the comfort of the seats in each theater. Larger leather chairs are characterized by this firm support rather than comfort. It’s a seat for the serious cinephile who will likely leave directly from one cinema to another, creating your self-designed dual function. Indeed during that summer, the Film Forum unveiled its own streak of intriguing twin bills, likely to get the crowd moving when many Hamptons regulars soak up the rays. In New York, one of the finest institutions continues to thrive and showcases the best and most unique examples of this art form.

2. NiteHawk Cinema

PHOTOS: Nitehawk Cinema finally opens in Park Slope's landmarked Pavilion  Theater
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The Nitehawk Cinema is New York’s premier dining theater and combines exemplary premier and film repertoire programs with table-top food service. Nitehawk is trying hard to improve the cinematic experience through a creative setting by offering a special menu of natural and local components inspired by the movies we love. 35 mm archive projection. Moreover, questions and answers sessions from special guests. Each month we feature several Signature Series shows, each focusing on a different cinematic area, including new work from New York filmmakers (local color), grindhouse quirks (The Deuce), or country groups with movies. country (Country Brunchin). Our weekend brunch and midnight repertoire screenings cover an immense range of films, from 35mm rarities to new indie features.

Each of the theater screenings begins with a 30-minute homemade “pre-show” filled with movie-inspired content. We really love this amazing little theater! The tables are for two people and the waiters are very attentive and quick service providers regarding drinks and food. The theater had wine, beer, and a bowl full of Nighthawk crispy popcorn ($ 9 for a relatively small bowl).

The surroundings were different and fun – like we had discovered a hidden gem in the middle of Brooklyn. We will come back in any case! For you movie buffs, or if it’s cold or rainy, we would end with dinner and a movie at the NiteHawk cinema where they have the best beef-jerky in Brooklyn and dinner is served at your table in the theater. Four theaters filled with edgy, off-the-beaten-path movies are sometimes filled with some of your all-time favorites to make sure there’s always something to suit your palette. A very special place with flawless programming. Great food and drink while you enjoy the movie, come early to see the exquisite short films/montages specially made for your movie, plenty of ephemera, and great trivia. Also has an excellent silent film program with live music from big local names. No place like this, take advantage

3. Paris Theater (Manhattan)

Netflix Leases Legendary Paris Theatre in New York City
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The Paris Theater is one of the coolest places along with a 571 seat single-screen cinema located in Manhattan, New York. Most of the time art films and international films were often shown in their original language. After Ziegfeld closed in 2016, Paris became Manhattan’s only single-screen cinema. This theater has been operated by Netflix since November 2019.

Whenever we are in New York, we always visit this place which is next to the Plaza Hotel. The grounds are immaculate and comfortable, and the films they receive are interesting and valuable. The prices at around $ 12 are great value for New York. The last two movies we saw were Pavarotti and Callas – great. It feels like a Broadway experience. The resort is quiet, elegant, and not overcrowded. Before or after your meal, try the nearby plaza in the basement or treat yourself to a view at the large bar on the first floor of the plaza.

4. Brooklyn Academy of Music

Harvey Theater, Brooklyn Academy of Music - Mitchell Giurgola
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BAM offers multiple categories of shows, both live theater and dance and movies. We’ve seen the Nutcracker Ballet, many films and ballet shows, and most recently “Medea” in the Harvey Sharp Theater a block away. Moreover, The performances of Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale were fascinating. We highly recommend knowing what’s going on. The hotel is located in downtown Brooklyn near the Barclays Center and is accessible easily by subway and bus.

Don’t let Brooklyn’s address stop you from going to this amazing place. The beautiful opera house offers many comfortable seats, magnificent acoustics, and an innovative program. It’s super fast and safe to get there with Manhattan’s 4, 5, or 2 trains. We can leave our jobs in Midtown and walk through the doors of the BAM 25 minutes later. The program of the Next Wave Festival and the Rose cinemas are particularly interesting there.

We came here to see Florence and the machine on Monday night. Let’s start with the place – BEAUTIFUL place, excellent acoustics, very neat and kind ushers. Cloakroom for just $ 1 in cash – make sure you have cash – as they don’t get cloakroom credit. The drinks are VERY strong – but good reusable mugs can only be taken at the theater – but they cost only $ 5 more and are very decent. The theater itself (Howard Gilman Opera House) is beautiful – and there really isn’t a bad seat in the house as far as we know. We were in row J mezzanine, seat 31, and it was a perfect view. We would definitely stay here again. The only downside is that the website was not updated and there was no coffee/food, just drinks, and bags of fries or peanuts. Different from that solid night!

5. The Dome Arena

It’s a sports arena that looks great on the outside, so you have photo opportunities, but not much more unless you want to watch a baseball game or wrestling event. To be fair, we’re not huge baseball fans, but it was such a wonderful stadium that we feel like we’ve been converted – at least as far as the Tokyo Dome is concerned.

The food is nice and affordable. There are more restaurants on the lower level and most of the stalls seemed to have English menus (although the Japanese always help). There didn’t seem to be any major pocket restrictions and there were coin lockers on the first floor. Note that, as is typical in Japan, the seats are quite small.

The place was well signposted, clean, well lit, and pleasant. The toilets were clean and clearly signposted. Merchandise was available outside / in separate stores before and after the game. The person behind us spilled a glass and the room staff was on hand to make sure it was cleaned up immediately – just as they were always on hand when a balloon entered the crowd to confirm no one was not injured. A contingent of brightly dressed girls happily walked up and down the stairs, offering drinks and snacks with cheeky smiles for the entire four hours, and event staff in costume and heels walking down the stairs to the aisle collecting garbage in large plastic bags.

There are many movie theaters but only fans from certain sections were allowed to cheer and sing along, and there appear to be strict rules as to when fans on either side are allowed to do so. The chants were beautifully choreographed with chants, applause, and sometimes people jumping up and down in a syncopated rhythm. (Of course when someone hit a home run the band chants fell by the wayside and we all screamed uninhibited approval and excitement … Then we sat quietly and continued to watch the game. up close and listening to the authorized applause of the designated sections.)

Everyone had a great time AND didn’t affect other people’s good times. Maybe it’s more about Japanese culture than the place itself, but it was really noticeable. Highly recommend attending a game if you can afford and get tickets.

6. Village East Cinema

Village East Cinema - Wikipedia
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If there is any kind of movie there that you want to watch. Moreover, coming here is an eminence, not only to watch the awesome movies but also to see this wonderful ancient theater. This Village-East-Cinema is located in the East Village of Manhattan, New York. This theater is one of the last remaining Yiddish theater buildings in New York City. Nowadays the multiplex is converted, but much of the architecture from 1925 is still intact. It is a New York City landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The theater was designed with a detailed touch of Moorish style. The design includes Moorish motifs with Jewish references (Yiddish script outside the lobby and a large Star of David in the ornate dome. This along with the chandelier in the main auditorium on the second floor is a must-see.

These movie theaters in New York are great movie theaters and in a great location in NYC. Many cultural events take place here. It is listed in one of the old and National Register of Historic Places. It was completed by Louis Jaffe around 1925-1926. The auditorium seats approximately 1,200 people, Hollywood shows, and independent films.

7. Bow Tie Cinemas Ziegfeld Theater

Ziegfeld Theatre in New York, NY - Cinema Treasures
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Sometimes going to watch movies is very quirky because some people hate overcrowded and dirty theaters with uncomfortable seats. This place made us a fan again. The seats are super comfy, the space is always immaculate, and as another reviewer said, Sunday mornings are easy to attend. There is always plenty of (free) parking in the parking garage on Woodlawn Ave.

The Bow Tie Cinema in downtown Saratoga Springs is our favorite place to see a movie! It’s wonderful to have a theater downtown again! Bow Tie offers a wide variety of films, independent and artistic films, and popular hits. Tuesday’s reduced prices are the best deals in town. The theaters are clean and well maintained. Adding your own butter to the popcorn is the best! We love the reserved seats. Now we don’t have to worry about arriving early to get places.


In this world, if you ask hundreds of people about something you will get 100 different opinions. Because there are more than 7 billion people living on planet earth. Every person has different thoughts, cultures, and traditions. So, everyone thinks in a different way. However, wherever you visit every place has different pros and cons. It depends on what you seek and which one is the best in your opinion?

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