Going to the movie theater is very enjoyable for me; I love being able to eat popcorn and watch a good movie on a huge screen. But, I also love not going broke! With summer just around the corner and a bunch of Blockbusters set to come out, it’s important to learn how you can save money when you go to the movie theater. The following is a handful of tips to help you watch more and spend less:

Check coupons online

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At times, you can find some decent deals online. The coupons I have found through simple Google searches have been included discounted drinks, free small popcorn, and buy one get one free type of deals. You might think these are not that good of deals, but a penny saved is a penny earned! Plus, if you go to the movies a lot everything adds up!

Sign up for theater rewards

If the movie theater you often go to has a reward program, then sign up for it–but only if you go enough to make it worth it. For myself, I signed up for an AMC Stubs card for AMC Theaters. It costs me $12 a year, and to be honest with you, it took me awhile to sign up. For the first year of hearing about this reward program, it didn’t seem worth it to me–but then I started going to the movies frequently, so I changed my mind. The benefits I get from the card are: 

  • $10 of rewards for every $100 spent
  • Upgrade on concessions. If I pay for a small, I get a medium. If a pay for a medium, I get a large. 

Consider if a rewards program like this will be worth it for you. I was able to sign up for the Stubs card during a promotional time when I paid $12 for it, but they immediately gave me $10 of rewards for signing up. Additionally, most cards (like the Stubs card) will allow you to gain points through gift cards, too. I had about $100 in gift cards when I signed up, so after using them I received another $10 in rewards! Bottom line–if you go to the movies a handful of times a year, it might be worth it for you to spend $12 on the Stubs card, or the equivalent at a different theater. 

Sign up for Mycokerewards

Mycokerewards.com is a favorite program of mine. You can sign up for free and the object of the program is to send in the coke codes on different Coca-Cola products in order to receive points. For example, when I have a 16-Ounce bottle of coke, the code underneath the cap will give me 3 points. Depending on the product (like a 12 pack of cans) you can receive more points. Although you can only earn a limited number of points per week, if you are consistent it will add up. And, don’t worry, you don’t need to be the one to drink all the coke! Just be sure to collect the caps and codes whenever you see them. If you reach close to 1,000 points, they often have AMC rewards. I’ve been able to do this about 4-5 times and have received a rewards package such as the following: 2 Gold-Experience tickets, 2 large drinks, and a small popcorn. Although the rewards packages can differ from time to time, getting movie tickets for free is awesome. 

Consider buying in bulk

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Most larger movie theater franchises will give you an option to purchase tickets in bulk, and thus save a handful of dollars. So, if you know you are going to be going to the movie a lot in the following year and have some money you wouldn’t mind parting with now, then buying in bulk could be a good option for you to save some money overall.

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