There’s no shortage of information out there on the internet about the rap star. We’ve got details on Lil Pump including his net worth, childhood, how old he is and more.  This American rapper is 21 years, 10 months, and 17 days old. 

Read on to find out more! Listed below are the most important details you need to know about this young star.

21 years, 10 months, 17 days

Lil Pump is now 21 years, 10 months, and seventeen days old. This makes him the youngest artist at 21 years! Born on Thursday, Lil Pump has been alive for 7,991 days! He was born on August 17, 2000, in the United States. 

His music became a sensation when he posted songs on SoundCloud. He quickly attracted thousands of followers and fans. 

Despite his young age, he has a complicated background. He grew up in a poor suburban neighborhood and was expelled from school due to his bad behavior in the ninth grade. 

He didn’t show much interest in music when he was a child but later began to find success. Today, he’s a prominent member of the SoundCloud rap scene.

The net worth of $6.5 million

If you’re interested in knowing how much Lil Pump is worth, then you’ve probably heard his name. The net worth of this young man is hard to determine, but it’s estimated to be in the six-figure range. 

To get an idea of his net worth, you can browse through his YouTube channel. You can also check out his bio to see a full list of his earnings.

Despite his small sales of two albums, Lil Pump’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million. The majority of his fortune comes from a contract he signed with Warner Bros. for eight million dollars. 

Lil Pump has also received a number of other contracts for music, ranging from endorsements to music productions. Despite his success and increasing popularity, the rapper has also been in the news for the wrong reasons. 

Drugs and guns are a part of hip-hop culture, and his net worth is likely to be much higher than that of many other rappers.

The birth sign of Leo

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The Childhood of Lil Pump has been marked by numerous scandals and upheavals. As a teenager, Lil Pump got involved with drugs and illegal stuff. At the age of 13, he met a rapper called Smokepurpp and they soon became best friends. 

While they were in high school, Lil Pump began visiting recording studios with his friend. His love for music soon led him to collaborate with Smokepurpp on several tracks. In addition, the teenager also became expelled from several district schools and a private opportunity high school. 

Despite this, Lil Pump’s career was beginning to take off. At the age of 15, he released a track called “The Single” on SoundCloud. The single became viral within days, and he was signed to Warner Bros.


Gazzy Garcia, better known as Lil Pump, is an American rapper. He is one of the most well-known members of the SoundCloud rap scene. He is renowned for his simplistic music and hyperactive public. 

Lil Pump has received a number of other contracts for music, ranging from endorsements to music productions.

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