When does Victoria go home on the Bachelor? After nearly a month of dating, it appears that The Bachelor is nearing the end of its run. This means that if you’re looking for something to watch on ABC, there are tons of options! Just don’t forget about our favorite show from last season—Victoria’s season of The Bachelor. We’ve seen her struggling with her feelings toward Matt while also dealing with some drama surrounding a past pageant win. That she technically didn’t win. If you want to know when Victoria goes home on The Bachelor or what happens this week, keep reading!

Victoria is the front-runner to win Matt’s heart on The Bachelor.

You may have seen a new contestant on The Bachelor, one who’s been called the front-runner to win Matt’s heart. She’s Victoria. It seems like she has what it takes to make it through this competition. She’s kind of funny and charming and she knows how to pull off dresses (which is important). Plus, if you’re wondering whether or not Victoria will be taken by Matt in the end (and we’re pretty sure that everyone is), her name was the first one that came up when he mentioned his top three picks for the show.

Victoria has some competition

Victoria Fuller has been stirring up drama all season on The Bachelor. Fans are divided when it comes to Fuller and her role on the show. As well as her connection with lead Matt James. While some fans love Victoria and think she should stay in the competition, others feel that she should be eliminated because of her behavior towards other contestants and producers on set.

Fans are divided when it comes to Fuller and her role on the show, as well as her connection with lead Matt James.

Some fans have openly rooted for her, while others have expressed disappointment in her history and behavior on Bachelor Nation. There are several reasons why some people might not like Fuller. For one thing, she was also a contestant on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor (who ended up getting engaged to Vanessa Grimaldi) but viewers weren’t exactly happy about how much information they got about him before he was eliminated from the competition—so there’s no doubt that some people would feel similarly if they knew more about Fuller before this season began airing!

But perhaps most importantly, while Fuller has repeatedly said that she doesn’t want any of her personal life aired during Bachelor Nation episodes or interviews with other reality stars such as Nick Viall or Derek Peth (the two men who competed against each other for Vanessa Grimaldi’s heart), there seems little reason why anyone else should expect otherwise.

After all these years spent watching these shows together online through streaming services like Netflix and Hulu or after spending countless hours watching them obsessively on social media platforms like Facebook Live streams, or after tuning into live broadcasts via cable channels like ABC Family Channel, it seems reasonable enough for fans’ expectations regarding privacy issues between contestants should remain unchanged too. 

Chris Harrison addressed Fuller’s past in an interview with Extra TV that aired on Jan. 25. 

In a recent interview with Extra TV, Chris Harrison addressed Fuller’s past in an interview that aired on Jan. 25. He said: “As I’ve said before, we can’t control everything that happens in life before somebody gets here obviously she didn’t end up winning the pageant but going through that process… you have to remember this was three years ago almost… it was a different time and a different place for her and if you look at the journey she makes from being that pageant girl… I think you’ll see a lot of growth and maturation in who she is today, and part of that was learning some hard lessons along the way about how things affect other people and how things affect her own journey.”

The Bachelor is the front-runner to win Matt’s heart, but there are so many other contestants vying for his attention. Will it be Victoria Fuller who wins him over? Or will it be someone else? We’ll have to tune in each week to find out!

Who is Victoria Larson on the Bachelor?

Victoria Larson is a contestant on this season of The Bachelor. She is originally from Florida and is currently 27 years old. Victoria is a self-proclaimed “queen” who is not afraid to speak her mind. She is also a model and has appeared in several music videos.

Victoria has been a controversial figure on The Bachelor so far. She has been accused of being “fake” and “manipulative” by some of the other contestants. However, she has also been praised for being honest and confident. In one episode, she even called out Bachelor star Matt James for not being honest with the women.

Despite her controversial behavior, Victoria seems to be one of the frontrunners on The Bachelor. Matt has been seen on several dates with her and she has received a lot of screen time. It remains to be seen if she will be able to win Matt’s heart in the end.


Victoria Larson is a complex and interesting contestant on The Bachelor. She is beautiful, confident, and not afraid to speak her mind. While she has been accused of being fake and manipulative, she is also one of the frontrunners on the show. Only time will tell if she will be able to win Matt’s heart in the end.

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