If you’re looking for remote employment and wish to work from home, Lionbridge is an excellent resource. You will gain vital insight into what it’s truly like to work from home for Lionbridge after reading these reviews.

Work-from-home positions with Lionbridge Smart Crowd are adaptable and let you work part-time hours according to your schedule. Although somewhat boring, the task is quite simple and paid hourly. Let’s start our review of Lionbridge. Jobs at Lionbridge that can be done from home are a fantastic possibility for people seeking remote employment.

What Is Lionbridge?

Lionbridge Reviews
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Lionbridge collaborates with companies to dismantle obstacles and create connections on a global scale. By providing marketing, testing, and internationalization services in more than 300 languages, we have assisted businesses in connecting with clients throughout the world for more than 20 years.

It coordinates a network of one million passionate experts in more than 5,000 places through our top-notch platform, who work with businesses to develop culturally significant experiences. Unwavering in our passion for language, it combines the best aspects of human and artificial intelligence to create an understanding that connects with its customers’ clients.

Reviews of Lionbridge: Is Lionbridge trustworthy?

So, is Lionbridge a trustworthy business? Yes. I can confirm that Lionbridge jobs are not a scam because, unlike other testimonials on the internet, I have genuine professional experience with them.

Since October of 2019, I have been a US Rater with Lionbridge, and I have received my pay on schedule each month. Given my employment history, I believe I am qualified to offer my frank assessment of Lionbridge.

Which remote positions are available at Lionbridge?

Many flexible jobs at Lionbridge are available, and you can work from home and on your own timetable. You can begin by logging in at your convenience whenever it’s convenient for you. Any of the remote positions offered by Lionbridge are:

  1. Rater
  2. Assessor of work-at-home advertisements
  3. Assessor of social media or web content
  4. Quality Analyst for Online Maps
  5. Multimedia Judge
  6. Internet Safety Judge
  7. Interpreter
  8. Translator

What is a Lionbridge Rater responsible for?

Every position has a unique set of duties. Facebook or Instagram posts and advertisements will be evaluated for social media positions. You will assess the correctness of online mapping technologies as a quality analyst for online maps. Also, you would be grading ad quality in your capacity as an advertisements evaluator.

You will be assessing the correctness and relevance of search engine results as well as outcomes from other media including movies, maps, images, audio recordings, etc. For roles like “Rater” or “Web Content Assessor”. Once you comprehend their rating criteria, the job itself is quite simple, but it can occasionally be boring.

What is Lionbridge’s hourly wage?

The majority of jobs pay between $12 and $15 per hour. You can potentially be qualified for a 401k through the employer. Due to the nature of these jobs part-time they do not provide insurance benefits. Lionbridge does not employ you and you are your own taxpayer if you are an independent contractor.

Raters along with several other positions are held by employees of Lionbridge. There is usually a minimum and the maximum number of hours you can work in these jobs, and you are usually paid on an hourly basis. The hours you can work as a US Rater are only 10-20, and sometimes 24.

The fact that these employees are part-time and are not likely to completely substitute a full-time salary should not be forgotten. To make extra money, you can apply for multiple positions at Lionbridge at once and put in 40 hours each week of labor.

When does Lionbridge make payments?

The discussion of Lionbridge’s compensation data would be the focal point of the review. Each job has a different Lionbridge payment schedule. You receive your bi-weekly payment for the preceding two weeks of work as a US Rater for Lionbridge on Fridays. Sunday through Saturday is the beginning of the workweek. Direct deposit into your bank accounts is how they pay you. You will receive payment once per month via direct deposit if your role involves you working as an independent contractor as opposed to an employee.

How do you qualify to work at Lionbridge?

The primary prerequisites for many of the open positions are a high school diploma or GED, a dependable internet connection, and antivirus software. Beyond these, specific roles could also have requirements for having active social media profiles, speaking the target language with ease, understanding local culture and current events, and completing further education.

My Lionbridge Review: Would I Suggest Working There?

A Lionbridge is a part-time job you can do from home and set your own working hours. You must adore the flexibility the job requires because it allows me to get into the rater hub app whenever you want and work for however long you want as long as you keep track of your time. Because of this, it’s an excellent profession for parents, students, tourists, and anybody else searching for extra money-making labor.

Let’s examine the benefits and drawbacks of working from home for Lionbridge in order to properly handle my personal review of the company.

Job benefits at Lionbridge include:

  1. Mobility
  2. The option of working from home
  3. Decent hourly wages
  4. Better pay than organizations offering comparable jobs
  5. Positions without phones
  6. A global job market
  7. Possibility to sign up for a 401k
  8. No child care is necessary to work.

Cons of working from home at Lionbridge:

  1. Free training and testing
  2. There is no assurance of employment, and tasks could not be accessible on holidays.

The largest drawback to the job is the assessment, but it is typically harder for the Rater exam than it is for other positions. I’m unsure of the other exams’ levels of complexity or whether they are even necessary for the various roles that are open.

How can I begin working at Lionbridge?

After reading this Lionbridge evaluation, if you’re prepared to apply, proceed as follows:

  • Visit the Lionbridge webpage.
  • Select the job category that interests you. Translators and interpreters can click on those links to learn more.
  • If you are excited to work as a rater, annotator, or tester for a job such as an ad assessor, search engine assessor, rater, social media appraiser, etc., you should check on the Raters, Annotators, and Testers area.

Final Words

Working at Lionbridge isn’t just a job. It’s a place where you can do your best work and learn new skills, build meaningful relationships, and make an impact. And that’s why we’re the place to build a career. Whether you want to use your talents to create a great global translation product, or to help people communicate better in their own language, we’ll give you the chance to be part of something much bigger: helping more people get online

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