So what happened to Lil Pump? What happened to his career, education, and relationship with Gazzy? Read on to find out! Listed below are the details of his life. You can also read about his education. This article will shed some light on what happened to Lil Pump in the past as well as where is he now. We all know that he tried his best to stay relevant in years past, but his bizarre charisma has finally worn off. He’s now a washed-up artist with a tattooed-up body.

Life of Lil Pump

what happened to lil pump
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Gazzy Garcia, professionally known as Lil Pump, is an American rap artist. One of the most prominent members of the SoundCloud rap scene, Lil Pump is renowned for his minimalist music and hyperactive public. 

His music is surprisingly catchy for a minimalist artist and is an excellent introduction to the rap genre. If you love minimalist music, you’ll enjoy Life of Lil Pump. Here’s how he got started.

The first album from Pump was a groundbreaking mixtape. He was consistently insane and a rebel against the status quo. This was the first time an underground rapper made it to Billboard. 

He was even able to get a spot on the presidential ballot, despite being an outsider. However, he signed away the most interesting aspects of his music and his life in general. His latest project, Harvard Dropout, is not a good reflection of his personality and is the worst project he has released in the last two years.


Gazzy Garcia, known professionally as Lil Pump, is an American rapper. He is one of the top members of the SoundCloud rap scene and is best known for his minimalist music and hyperactive public. 

In his early career, he was able to gain recognition with the emergence of his soundcloud page and quickly grew his following by sharing his music with a global audience. Today, Gazzy Garcia is a successful businessman with a growing list of projects and a thriving music career.

After a successful year with a rap music video, Lil Pump released a single called “I Love It” with collaborators Kanye West and Adele Givens. 

The song peaked at number 24 on the Billboard Hot 100. Pump continued to make music and released singles through SoundCloud. “D Rose” and “Boss” received over 70 million streams. His success led to a contract with Warner Records and a signing with Tha Lights Global.


The education of Lil Pump began at an early age. As a child, Gazzy was raised in a disadvantaged neighborhood in Miami. He had trouble in school and was often excluded, but he persevered and became an aspiring rapper. Lil Pump attended a variety of schools, including multiple district schools, but he was never a good student. As a result, he was expelled from numerous schools and eventually began selling drugs.

At age 13, Lil Pump met rapper Smokepurpp. This is when he first developed a friendship. The two became friends, mostly through criminal activity and drugs. 

Lil Pump was captivated by Smokepurpp’s unique sound and dropped out of school. Eventually, he began to visit recording studios and begin writing songs. In the process, he honed his craft and was accepted by a number of rap stars.

Relationship with Gazzy

After the release of his debut single ‘D Rose,’ Lil Pump’s relationship with Gazzy has been a topic of much speculation. The two had worked together in the past, but the current situation is different. 

While Gazzy’s relationship with Lil Pump is not officially documented, it is believed that the rapper is dating his girlfriend. Gazzy has previously been linked to other rappers, including Drake. Lil Pump has not yet commented on the rumors surrounding Gazzy, but they continue to be friends.

The rapper was born into a mixed family. His parents divorced when he was six years old, and he grew up with his mother in Miami. 

His mom was a single parent, so the relationship with his stepfather was often difficult. Lil Pump had to deal with the responsibilities that accompany being a single parent. In addition, he has a little sister, who was raised by his single mother.


Following his recent announcement on Instagram, Lil Pump has announced his retirement from music. Although the 22-year-old rapper previously claimed that he was “done with music,” it is unclear if this is a true statement. 

Instead, the announcement seems to be a publicity stunt to promote a new track. The future of hip-hop music has remained uncertain. Lil Pump will not be forgotten. Fans of his music will always have his songs.

As for his first mainstream hit, “I’m Sorry,” Pump is no stranger to controversy. His songs are sometimes controversial, and his latest mainstream single “I’m Not Sorry” seems more like a product placement deal with an expensive fashion company than a masterpiece. 

The song has garnered over 1 billion views on YouTube, but Pump’s lyrics are sonnets to a generation. The music isn’t bad, but it’s far from perfect. Anyone with money can purchase half-decent beats on YouTube. Pump has also made racist and misogynistic comments. And that’s what happened to Lil Pump.

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