Who the heck is the Duttons anyway?! This mystery family who moved their entire life across the country to start fresh and live the dream has been unsolved for years. So why did the Duttons leave Tennessee?

As mystery lovers everywhere know, there are some cases where the answer is right under our noses. And in the case of the Duttons, that’s definitely the case. The Duttons were a family who disappeared without a trace in 1969. Their fate remained a mystery for years until DNA testing finally solved the case in 2006. 

Although their story is now well-known, some details about their disappearance remain a mystery. This blog post will explore one of these details and how you can help solve the mystery for all of us.

The Duttons Were Known Across Tennessee As A Respected Family

The Duttons were a respected family in Tennessee throughout the late 1800s and early 1900s. However, sometime in the 1920s or 1930s, they abruptly left the state and have yet to return. Many people believe their departure was related to some scandal, but nobody knows what happened.

Whatever the reason for their departure, it’s clear that the Duttons were very important players in Tennessee history. They were instrumental in bringing Christianity to the state and helping build many important institutions. Today, their story is still being uncovered by researchers and historians alike, so their legacy will live on for years to come.

Why Did The Dutton Family Leave Tennessee? Who knows?

The Dutton family, who resided in eastern Tennessee for generations, abruptly left the state in the early 1900s. Why they left and why their descendants have never been able to find out remains a mystery.

Some theories suggest that the Duttons were fleeing persecution because of their race or religion. Others believe that they were looking for a new place to call home. Regardless of the reason, the Duttons’ departure has left a lasting impression on Tennessee and its residents.

Where Did The Dutton Family Come From

The Duttons were originally from Jackson County, Tennessee. However, why they left the state in the early 20th century is still being determined. Some believe that the family may have been forced to leave due to racial tensions in the area, while others speculate that financial hardship may have prompted their move. 

Whatever the reason, the Duttons eventually settled in Oregon, where they continued to live until their deaths in the 1990s. Their incredible story provides a fascinating insight into one of America’s oldest families and offers a unique look at life in early 20th-century Tennessee.

Their Sudden Departure Left Many Questions Unanswered

In December of last year, the Duttons abruptly left their home in Nashville, Tennessee. The family was tight-lipped about their departure, refusing to give any interviews or share any information with the media. They left behind many unanswered questions and little explanation as to what happened. Eventually, authorities were able to piece together what may have led to their mysterious departure.

The Duttons had been living in Nashville for nearly two decades at that point and seemed to be very happy in their home. However, things began to change around the start of 2017. Michelle began experiencing strange symptoms, including feeling like she was being watched and hearing voices inside her head. She also started developing irregular bruises that she could not explain. Shortly after these events began happening, Lloyd also reported experiencing similar symptoms but did not report them to doctors out of fear that they would think he was crazy.

It is unclear what exactly prompted the Duttons to leave Nashville suddenly, but it is likely related to their health issues. It is also worth noting that both Lloyd and Michelle have criminal histories, which may have caused some distrust among potential landlords or friends in Nashville who could have provided support during a time when they were struggling with mental health issues.

Investigators Believe There May Be A Connection To The Family’s Wealth

Investigators believe there may be a connection to the family’s wealth. According to The Tennessean, the Duttons left Tennessee for what was supposed to be a brief vacation in April but have yet to return. 

The Duttons are reportedly descendants of Edward Vanderbilt, one of America’s earliest millionaires. Their rental car and bank accounts were both closed, leaving behind few clues as to why they would abruptly leave. However, one investigator believes that there may be a connection between the family’s wealth and their abrupt departure. 

His fortune came from railroads and shipping businesses, making him one of the wealthiest men in America. It’s possible that the family felt uncomfortable living in Tennessee after losing so much money in the recent recession. 

They may have also been concerned about public scrutiny following reports of financial malfeasance within Governor Bill Haslam’s administration. Whatever the reason, investigators are still trying to find out what happened to the Duttons.

They Are Exploring All Possible Motives To Find Out What Really Happened

The Duttons have been a major part of the Tennessee community for over 50 years. They were married in the state, raising their three children there, and appeared on many television shows and commercials throughout their time in the state. 

But on July 2nd, 2014, Denise and her husband, Terry, packed up their car and drove away from their home in Spring Hill without explanation. The family had all been experiencing health issues recently, and it was suggested that they move to a warmer climate to improve their quality of life.

Since that time, the family has refused to speak publicly about what happened. However, theories abound as to what might have led to this strange departure. Some believe that the Duttons had something to do with the death of Rebecca Steadman, a woman who had been staying at their house while she was looking for a new place to live. 

Others think that someone may have targeted them because of the financial problems they were experiencing. Regardless of the true cause of this tragedy, one thing is for sure: no one has any answers yet as to why these longtime residents left Tennessee behind.

The Dutton Mystery Compared To Other Mysteries.

The Duttons’ departure from Tennessee is less mysterious than other mysteries. In fact, there are several explanations for their sudden move that historical records can verify.

The first possibility is that the Duttons were forced out of Tennessee due to discrimination. The family was originally from Arkansas but had moved to Tennessee in the early 1900s because of its welcoming atmosphere. However, around 1910 they were targeted by local white supremacists and were forced to leave the state.

Another explanation is that the Duttons left voluntarily because they were unhappy with their new living situation. By 1930, the family had moved to a small town in Louisiana called Prairieville, where they ran a general store and bakery. Unfortunately, not long after they arrived, things began to go sour. The Duttons were constantly pestered by their landlord and local law enforcement officers and eventually had to move again in 1933 due to financial difficulties.

The last possible explanation is that the Duttons wandered away from Prairieville one day and never returned home. While this theory seems unlikely given their close relationships with family members back home, it cannot be ruled out entirely, as there is no way of knowing what happened to them.


Duttons left Tennessee because they were unhappy with the state government. The reason for the discrepancy between their income and expenditure is still being determined, but it is possible that something needs to be fixed with the state government. Regardless of the reason, the Duttons’ departure is an interesting story that should be explored more.

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