How many online games have you played in 2021? Do they compare to the number of Hollywood movies you have watched under the same span? Some Canadians will confirm that they have watched fewer Hollywood movies than the number of casino games they have played. That’s a fact because playing games is more engaging and exciting compared to watching. Furthermore, it has vast benefits than watching. But the reality is that we can’t compare the two shallowly. We linked up with one of our experts to elaborate on the video game industry vs the movie industry. So, are video games superior to Hollywood movies?

Video Games Are Immersive

When watching, it’s the main and the other characters that do most of the things. You have to follow what is happening and get entertained. It happens that way because the movie gets scripted first before it gets displayed on your screen. But that’s a different case with the games industry.

Gaming allows them to be the main characters in the game. When a loss occurs on their side, it shows they failed to show up at the right time. That’s contrary to when you watched a movie where the main character was the one influencing everything. As such, you become fully immersed in the movie.

During open discussions, your friends will allow you to defend your gaming skills. That’s because they know you are the main character in your favorite game. However, when discussing a movie, they won’t take you seriously because they will treat everything as fantasy.

Games Give A Reason To Come Back

How many times have you ever gone back to the movie you watched a few days ago? It’s rare for people to watch what they have watched because there will be nothing they will be getting from them.

That will only happen if they will be showing their friends the interesting parts of the movie. However, that’s completely the opposite online gambling industry. Canadian gaming enthusiasts never tire of playing their games.

There are many real money online casino Canada sites that offer quality games that the players are always looking for. Playing such games frequently makes the players build on their skills and also earn from them. That’s contrary to Hollywood that only makes you sit and watch without gaining any skills or winning any prizes.

Video Gaming Is A Global Thing

Everyone would love to expand their network through new interactions globally. That’s what video gaming promises. Whether you’re playing Rainbow Six Siege or another game, you will have a better opportunity to interact with players who have played it and share the experience.

It will also give you a reasonable opportunity of learning more from them. Furthermore, games get developed worldwide, giving everyone an equal chance of diving into action once they get released.

That’s not the same scenario with videos because there are no skills to be shared after watching them. The majority of the people have nothing to share in terms of experience. Besides, it confines those who watch them to one network hence not growing their circles locally and internationally.

Develops The Mind

Anyone who has played a video game or seen others play will testify that it requires much concentration. Without paying proper attention to the games, they only end up in losses. Doing that consistently and frequently builds the mind and trains one to be attentive always when dealing with many things. That’s different with Hollywood videos which only require you to pay attention to follow up but not to train the mind.

How Does Their Revenue Compare?

It’s no lie that the gaming industry makes more money than Hollywood. That is evident considering how people get hyped when they hear a new video gaming is about to be launched. The reaction and the psych for the two are often different and vary widely.

The majority of video games are for adults and purchased mainly by them, making the industry significant sales. Video gaming is no longer a children’s hobby but an income-generating activity, unlike movies used in entertainment. Therefore, when comparing video game revenue vs. movies, the video game takes the lead.

As you can see, the future of entertainment relies majorly on video games and not movies as they used to be. Therefore, if you plan to invest in the gaming industry, don’t hesitate because the returns will be fruitful.

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