How much health does the ender dragon have?  The ender dragon is the ultimate boss mob in the game Minecraft. It has a massive amount of health, making it a very difficult opponent to defeat. In this essay, we’ll discuss just how much health the ender dragon has, as well as some of the strategies you can use to take it down. The ender dragon is a boss mob that appears at the end of a stronghold. It has 100 hit points and 10 times as much health as a player.

It’s 10x as much as a player:

How Much Health Does The Ender Dragon Have? 
Source: Minecraft

The ender dragon is a boss mob in the End. It’s 10x as much as a player, but it doesn’t have any health bars or hit points. Instead, you have to kill it using the Ender Dragon Egg (the only thing that can actually kill the Ender Dragon). The egg will explode when thrown at least 3 meters away from the dragon; if it lands near its feet, it will go off right away and instantly kill it!

200 hearts

So 200 hearts is the same as 100 hit points, which is 10x as much as a player. It’s also the same amount of health you would have after getting all of your Diamond Armor. In short: if you have 200 hearts, it means that your Ender Dragon can take 10 attacks from an ender dragon with no armor or potions active.

The ender dragon has a whopping 200 health points. That’s a lot of damage that it can take before going down. To put that into perspective, the average player only has 20 health points. So, it’s going to take a lot of effort to take down this powerful creature.

100 hit points

  • The Ender Dragon has a total of 100 hit points.
  • 100 hit points is the same as 100 hearts, which is the same as 100 health and also equal to 100 points of health (the amount of damage you can take before dying)..

How to take down the ender dragon?

There are a few things that you can do to try and take down the ender dragon. First, you’ll need to find a way to get to its head. This can be done by riding a Enderman or using a Elytra. Once you’re at its head, you can start attacking. The ender dragon’s head is its weak spot, so you’ll want to focus your attacks there.

Another strategy you can use is to hit the ender dragon with a fireball. This will deal damage to the dragon and also set it on fire. The fire will do additional damage over time, so this is a good way to try and take it down.


So there you have it. The ender dragon has 100 hit points, which means that if you want to kill the ender dragon and win the game, you’re going to need some serious firepower. Don’t forget that he has some other powers too though! The ender dragon is a powerful opponent, but it is possible to defeat it. You’ll need to be strategic in your attacks and take advantage of its weak spots. With enough effort, you’ll be able to take down the ender dragon and claim victory.

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