Wondering how to make smooth stone in Minecraft? Stone is one of the most common materials in Minecraft. You can use it to build everything from walls and floors to stairs and statues. But if you want to make stone in Minecraft, you need to know how!

Making smooth stone isn’t difficult at all. There are a few different ways that you can go about doing this, but I prefer using the SmoothStone texture pack because it gives me lots of options for how I want my blocks to look like.

If there aren’t any smooth stones available where you live then there really isn’t much point trying to make your own, so instead we’ll go into how I made Minecraft smooth stone out of dirt!

Use a stonecutter

How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft
Source: How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft

Once you have a stonecutter, it’s time to craft some smooth stone. The first step is to get some smooth stone from your inventory, then place it inside the crafting grid. Make sure that all three of the blocks are connected and they can be rotated as well.

Next, use a pickaxe on each block until there is only one left (or until none remain). Then right click on this last block with an oar in hand; this will make it into one smooth piece of solidified lava rock! You now have both sides of the object: one side made into smooth texture and another side made into regular texture (if needed).

Make an infinite cobblestone generator

To make an infinite cobblestone generator, you will need the following materials: A stone block with a redstone torch on it.

A chest full of sand (or gravel) and gravel.

To use it, dig out a hole in the ground and place your stone block in it. Then fill up the rest of the space with sand or gravel so that there are no empty spaces left behind when you cover them up again with more blocks. Finally, place another torch at least 3 blocks away from where your starting point was and put another one closer to where you want to go! You can now stop digging because all that’s left is for us are some torches placed strategically throughout our system.”

Use a furnace

To use a furnace to smelt cobblestone, you’ll need to create a crafting table. To make one of these, simply right-click on any block in your inventory and select “Craft Table.” The crafting table will appear on the ground. Place it anywhere where there’s room for it and then right-click again on other blocks in your inventory (such as cobblestone) to combine them into a single piece of smooth stone. When you’ve done this successfully, place the resulting smooth stone into an empty chest or stack of wooden planks so that no more than one piece is visible at once—otherwise, any mobs that happen upon this chest will destroy it instantly!

Mine for ancient debris and make a netherite sword

To make a netherite sword, you’ll need to find ancient debris. Ancient debris is found inside of tall grass in the Nether and can be used to craft various weapons and tools.

To get started, find some tall grass that has been cut down by an axe but hasn’t been completely uprooted yet (you’ll also want to make sure that there aren’t any mobs nearby). Chop down as many pieces of ancient debris as possible until you have enough for your netherite sword!

Factors to be considered when making smooth stone in Minecraft

There are many factors to consider when making smooth stone in Minecraft. The two most important factors are the type of stone you use and the process you use to make it smooth.

The type of stone you use 

The type of stone you use is very important when making smooth stone. The best type of stone to use is granite. Granite is a very hard stone that is very difficult to break. It is also very smooth, which makes it perfect for making smooth stone.

The process you use to make it smooth

The process you use to make smooth stone is also very important. The best way to make smooth stone is by using a stone cutter. Stone cutters are very precise and can make very smooth cuts. They are also very fast, which makes them perfect for making smooth stone.

There are several ways to obtain smooth stone in Minecraft

There are several ways to obtain smooth stone in Minecraft, but the easiest way is probably using a stonecutter. You can also make an infinite cobblestone generator by placing water nearby and setting it to “active” mode. If you want more than one block of smooth stone at a time, then you’ll have to use a furnace (or furnace upgrade) because there isn’t really any other way that I’m aware of.

You could also mine for ancient debris or netherite blocks and then craft them into a sword or pickaxe if they’re not already broken down into useless pieces when mined out!


That’s all there is to it! You can now make stone in your Minecraft world. To get started, find a piece of stone and place it down flat on the ground. Then, use your pickaxe to dig out another layer of dirt underneath where you want your new block to go. You should have enough dirt under where you placed your first stone block. So that when you break through, it will stay firmly rooted in place instead of falling apart into pieces as soon as it falls through pavement or other terrain objects nearby. If this doesn’t work right away (or even at all), try again another day. When the weather conditions are better for digging around rocks without accidentally breaking them up too much while doing so. Just follow these directions exactly as I’ve written them down below! Good luck!

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