What were some of the best movies from 1990 to 2000? The 1990s were a time of several major blockbuster movies. Interestingly, the highest-grossing blockbuster films in the 90s were some of the top-performing films ever made. They featured high-tech effects, while others were romantic comedies with a heart that connected with the audience emotionally.

We’re bringing back 1990, the year that launched the decade of 1990, and taking a look at the highest grossing, best movies from 1990 to 2000.

Best Movies From 1990 to 2000 #1 Ghost

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The first on our list of the best movies from 1990 to 2000 is the Ghost. Ghost The film starred Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in a romantic action thriller that was the highest-grossing movie of 1990. The film’s plot involves Swayze who gets killed and attempts to solve his murder while looking for his girlfriend. Who is grieving and inconsolable. Moore plays the girlfriend. Whoopi Goldberg, who is probably her most memorable film role, portrays a psychic who is also a con. Throughout the movie, she finds she can communicate with dead people.

Ghost did great with viewers and helped establish Moore as an industry star. Ghost produced $505 million of ticket revenue for Paramount and $217 million at the box office in the United States. The most memorable scene in “Ghost” is, without doubt, the opening scene in the pottery. But the iconic scene could have never taken place. In the original screenplay, Molly Jensen (Moore) did not intend to be pottery but rather an artist of wood. When interviewed for “Ghost”, screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin stated:

 “I envisioned her with large chunks of wood as well as huge hammers going at it. And she was so mighty.” Directing Jeffrey Zucker was not feeling the idea, and Rubin switched her into the role of a potter. To get ready for the part, Moore took a few pot-throwing classes. Both Swayze and Moore were anxious while filming the sexually explicit scene. And they didn’t have a plan for what would become the most talked-about moment at the wheel of pottery as the plot of clay shattered.

#2 – The Home Alone

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Home Alone premiered in Chicago on November 10, 1990. It was then officially released theatrically in the United States on November 16. The film received a positive reception with praise for its actors, comedy, and music. Home Alone earned $476.7 million globally. It became the top-grossing live-action film until the success of The Hangover Part II (2011). The movie also made Culkin an unassuming child star.

Nobody could have imagined the possibility that John Hughes’s story would become one of the most popular comedies of all time. Home Alone’s plot is straightforward enough. The story follows a large family on vacation in Paris and then accidentally abandons eight-year-old Home Alone. Macaulay Culkin’s character was a significant factor in the film by capturing the joy of an 8-year-old exuberant. The majority of the film was based on slapstick comedy as Culkin’s character fought two smug burglars.

Home Alone exceeded expectations in every way possible and resulted in four sequels. The film was the second-highest-grossing film of 1990, finishing only behind Ghost.

Best Movies From 1990 to 2000 #3 – Pretty Woman

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The most popular romantic comedy of all time, Pretty Woman, paired Richard Gere with Julia Roberts. Roberts was a hooker in the film, which gets to know Gere’s corporate rogue. They fall in love, and as a result, the characters learn a few facts about their own. It’s a straightforward story; however, Roberts’ performances as Gere and Roberts are what make the film. Mix the two in a corporate takeover effort to bring some drama hits many notes. The original plan was to be a darker and an honest look at sexual assault in L.A.

2020 is the 30th anniversary year of “Pretty Woman.” The groundbreaking romantic comedy that starred Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. They play an entrepreneur and sex worker who fall in love. Although the controversy surrounding the film in the era might have played a role in its immense popularity. The iconic movie is still a standout in time as the top worldwide ever-grossing romantic comedy.

Following the release date of March 23, 1990, “Pretty Woman” accumulated almost half a billion dollars in box-office sales. An astonishing feat for the reported budget of $14 million. The film did exceptionally well in America, too, with $178 million at the national box office.

Even though it’s thirty years old now, “Pretty Woman” still surpasses other rom-coms in the water for worldwide box-office performance.

The most comparable U.S. movie is “Sex and the City. The Movie” which premiered in 2008 and has grossed over $415 million worldwide. The top film rom-coms at the box office illustrate how far the genre has declined since its peak in the 1990s and the 2000s. However, modern versions are trying to revive the genre. “Crazy Rich Asians” came out less than two years ago and earned an impressive sum of $238 million globally.

#4 – Men in Black

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We’ll resist the temptation to come up with the “here are the men in black” joke. Instead, we suggest that if you don’t recall MIB being a big success, then somebody must have been able to impress you with their flashy attire. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones took it to the next level. Along with some substantial alien bugs, at the beginning of their run and netting nearly one billion. The initial “Men with black” comics were published in three issues of black and white in 1990 and 1991 through Aircel Comics. A division of Malibu Comics. 

Malibu Comics itself has an exciting past since its foundation by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, one of the creators of “Cowboys and Aliens”, which came out in cinemas on a large scale. At the time “Men in Black” came out in theatres, Malibu was bought out by Marvel Comics. Which is why the movie is described to be “based upon “the” Marvel comic.”

“Men In Black” Comics

The story by Lowell Cunningham, illustration by Sandy Carruthers, the most considerable variation in the premise that is the basis of “Men In Black” comics. It is a story of the MIB agency who is required to investigate (and conceal evidence of) every paranormal activity and not just aliens. In the series that follows, the MIB encounters a cult Superdrug addict and a demon. As well as a Rogue MIB agent with superhuman capabilities, and a monster derived from the collective unconscious of a town and, yes, even aliens.

After the initial issue, Lowell Cunningham acknowledges MIB’s origins in the stories of government agents sent to disperse UFO sightings. However, he explains that he decided to expand the scope of the series to include aliens because “I was concerned that UFOs appearing in every issue would get tedious after a time.”

Best Movies From 1990 to 2000 #5 – Kindergarten Cop

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Kindergarten Cop is a 1990s American action-comedy film by Ivan Reitman through Universal Pictures. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars John Kimble as an imposing police detective. The latter works as an undercover kindergarten teacher to capture criminal Cullen Crisp (Richard Tyson) before he can reach his ex-wife and son. Undercover, Kimble discovers a passion for teaching that he did not know was there and contemplates switching careers as an instructor.

 Pamela Reed plays his partner, Phoebe O’Hara, and Penelope Ann Miller plays Joyce, her teacher, who turns out to be his lover. Randy Edelman wrote the music score. The film premiered in the United States on December 21, 1990. The film grossed $202 million globally. The direct-to-video sequel Kindergarten Cop 2 Kindergarten Cop 2.0 came out in 2016.

#6 – Presumed Innocent

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Presumed Innocent is a 1990 American legal thriller film based on the novel of the same title written by Scott Turow. The director was Alan J. Pakula and written by Pakula and Frank Pierson. It stars Harrison Ford, Brian Dennehy, Raul Julia, Bonnie Bedelia, Paul Winfield, and Greta Scacchi. It follows Rusty Sabich (Ford), an attorney accused of murdering his former mistress and co-worker Carolyn Polhemus (Scacchi).

Several producers and studios fought to obtain the film rights one year before the novel’s publication. The producers Sydney Pollack and Mark Rosenberg acquired these rights in December of 1986 and then appointed Pierson to compose the script. After a failed pre-production process with United Artists, the project was transferred to Warner Bros., and Pakula was hired to write the script in conjunction with Pierson before being appointed the film director in January of 1989.

 The principal photography began in July 1989 and was completed in October with a budget of $20 million. Filming was conducted on Detroit, Windsor, Ontario, and New Jersey sites and soundstages at Kaufman Astoria Studio in New York.

Presumed Innocent was premiered on Presumed Innocent at the Fox Bruin Theater in Los Angeles, California, on July 25, 1990, before being made available to North America on July 27, July 27, 1990. The film is rated with an approval score of 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, with reviews praising its direction and acting and writing. It grossed $221 million worldwide and became the eighth-highest-grossing film of 1990.

Best Movies From 1990 to 2000 #7 – Die Hard 2

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Die Hard 2[Note 1] is a 1990’s American action thriller film and the sequel to the Die Hard film series. The film premiered on July 4, 1990, across the United States. Renny Harlin produced it with the script composed by Steven E. de Souza and Doug Richardson. Bruce Willis stars playing John McClane. The film features Bonnie Bedelia, William Sadler, Art Evans, William Atherton, Franco Nero, Dennis Franz, Fred Thompson, John Amos and Reginald VelJohnson.

Like the first film Die Hard 2, the action in Die Hard 2 takes place on Christmas Eve. McClane has been waiting on his wife to arrive at Washington Dulles International Airport when terrorists infiltrate air traffic control. He has to take down the terrorists before his wife’s flight as well as the other aircraft that are passing through the airport have run out of fuel and then crash. In the dark, McClane must also contend with airport security personnel and a military commander who does not need McClane’s help.

It was followed by Die Hard (1988) and was followed by Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995), Live Free or Die Hard (2007), as well as A Good Day to Die Hard (2013).

#8 Back to the Future Part III

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Back to the Future Part III is a 90th-century American science-fiction Western film and the third installment in the Back to the Future trilogy. This film is written by Robert Zemeckis and stars Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Mary Steenburgen, Thomas F. Wilson, and Lea Thompson. The film is set to continue immediately following Back to the Future Part II (1989) when, trapped in 1955 in the time-travel adventures of Marty McFly, Marty McFly (Fox) discovers that his colleague Doctor.

 Emmett “Doc” Brown (Lloyd), who was trapped in 1885, has been killed at the hands of Buford “Mad Doggy” Tannen (Wilson), Biff’s great-grandfather. Marty goes to 1885 to find Doc and then returns to 1985. However, things get complicated when Doc is in love with Clara Clayton (Steenburgen)

Best Movies From 1990 to 2000 #9 – Dances with Wolves

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Dances with Wolves is a 1990 American epic Western film directed, starring, and produced by Kevin Costner in his feature directorial debut. It is an adaptation of the novel by Michael Blake that tells the tale of Union Army Lieutenant John J. Dunbar (Costner), who is sent across the American frontier to locate an Army post, and of his encounters with a tribe of Lakota.

Costner created the film with an original budget of 15 million dollars. The majority of the dialogue is in Lakota and has English subtitles. The film was made from July through November 1989 between South Dakota and Wyoming. It was translated by Doris Leader Charge, part of the Lakota Studies Department at Sinte Gleska University.

The film was praised by critics and viewers and critics, who praised Costner’s directorial skills and the actors as well as the screenplay, score, and production quality. This film became a box office smash, bringing in $424.2 million across the globe, which makes it the fourth highest-grossing film of 1990 and the top-grossing film produced by Orion Pictures.

 The film was nominated for twelve Academy Awards at the 63rd Academy Awards and won seven, including Best Picture, Best Director for Costner, Best screenplay adaptation Best Editing for Film, Best Cinematography and Best Original Score, and the Best Sound Mixing. The film also received the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture Drama. It’s one of three Westerns that have won an Oscar award for Best Picture, the other two being Cimarron (1931) and Unforgiven (1992).

#10 – GoodFellas

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The famous scene in which Joe Pesci scares the hell out of an underling (see below) was a hit with fans who recited the lines (‘I’m funny, how do I know do I know?’) for the rest of the decade.

Martin Scorsese’s best and most well-loved film. It’s an assured and expansive crime drama that spans the 1950s through 1980, telling the accurate tale about mobster Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) and his life with mafia bosses Jimmy the Gentleman (Robert De Niro) and Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci). It’s certainly a tale of violence and murder; however, it’s also enjoyable.

 The style worked so well in the hands of Scorsese that he’s revisited it two times in the last two years, first for “Casino” and then for The Wolf of Wall Street. De Niro has only worked with Scorsese once more since 1991’s “Cape Fear” – however, there is now a rumor that they’ll team up again for a future film, The Irishman, scheduled to be shot within the next few years. It will also feature Al Pacino. D.C.


The above are some of the best and highest grossing films from 1990 to 2000. You have probably watched most of them because despite being several decades old, they have never lost their popularity. Hopefully we have helped you discover at least one new movie. What is your favorite film from the last decade of the 20th century? Tell us in the comments.

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