Are David and Annie still together? For those of us who religiously follow the popular TV show “TLC’s 90 Fiance series,” you know that this season has been tough on David and Annie. After all, they are one of the most popular couples on TV, so any big developments in their relationship are sure to garner attention. How have things been going for the Millers since last season? 

Well, if you’re worried about them, don’t be. The latest update on their relationship is that David and Annie are still together. While this may not be a huge surprise to fans of the show, it’s good news for those of us who care about the couple’s well-being. So read on to find out more about what happened and what fans can expect from the next few episodes.

Who are Annie and David?

Annie and David are the stars of the Fiance series. They met while filming the show’s first season and fell in love. They got engaged during the filming of the second season and are now planning their wedding. The series follows the couple as they navigate the obstacles of family, friends, and society in their quest to be together. While the books are not autobiographical, they are said to be heavily inspired by Austen’s own life and relationships.

Annie and David now have gone through a lot in their five years together. They’ve faced challenges and overcome them, but they’re again at a crossroads.

Since mid-December, Annie has been posting snippets from a personal journal she kept during her time as the First Lady of Texas. In it, she shares candid thoughts about her relationship with then-Governor David and discusses their struggles.

It’s clear that things haven’t been going well for the couple since Annie’s posts began circulating online. While Annie has refused to provide any more information about the situation, some speculate that her Journal entries may spell the end for David and Annie’s 15-year romance.

Are David and Annie Still Together?

David and Annie have been through a lot together, from the highs of their relationship to the lows. The latest update on their relationship is that they are still in a relationship, but it’s not going as well as it has in the past. So it’s no surprise that many are wondering is david and annie still together.

David has said that he is struggling with his faith and does not believe in God. This has caused problems in their relationship because Annie is very religious and relies on David for support. She has also said that she is tired of feeling like she needs to fix things for him and that he needs to figure things out for himself.

This update on their relationship comes days after reports surfaced that David had cheated on Annie with another woman. Many people speculate if this was the final straw for Annie and whether she decided to end things with David or not.

The Secret Behind Their Long-Lasting Relationship.

David and Annie have been married for over five years, but what is the secret to their long-lasting relationship? According to Annie, it all starts with communication. “We communicate really well,” she says. “We’re both open and communicative about our feelings.” And David agrees. “Annie and I just really appreciate each other,” he says. “And we work hard at keeping our communication open.”

But it’s not just their communication skills that have kept their relationship afloat for so many years. David also credits Annie’s positive attitude as a key factor. “She’s always been a very upbeat person,” he says. “In good times and bad, she’s remained positive.” And that positivity has rubbed off on David, who reports that he’s become a more positive person himself since they met.

While there are no guarantees in life, if these two can keep up their positive attitude and communicate effectively, there’s no reason their marriage can’t last another 20 years or more.

David and Annie Take Their Relationship to the Next Level

David and Annie have been together for over two years and seem really happy. However, whether or not they will stay together is always a question.

It was reported that David had recently moved out of their living apartment and into an apartment with another woman. Some people wonder if this means the two are not still together.

However, a source close to the couple has spoken out and clarified that David and Annie are still together. The person said that David had just started seeing someone else, and he was not sure how things would play out between him and Annie.

It is unclear what will happen next between the two, but they are still trying to work things out. If everything goes well, they can continue their relationship for a long time.

How David and Annie Reacted To The News

David and Annie are still together, according to reports. The couple has been through a lot in the past year, but they have stuck together. On Wednesday, they appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to discuss their relationship and how it’s changed since the election.

“People were so divided,” David said of the election. “We thought we knew what was going to happen.”

Annie added: “I feel like our relationship has become really deepened because of all this craziness.” The couple says they’re grateful for their positive relationship and want to keep it that way.

How Their Relationship Changed Them.

The latest update on the relationship between David and Annie is that they are still together. Daughters, despite the fact that they have not been seen recently or communicated much, their relationship is still going strong. The last time they were seen publicly was at their daughter’s graduation ceremony in May.

Since their marital problems became public knowledge, there has been a lot of speculation about what might have happened between them. Some people think that David may have left her for another woman, while others believe that Annie has done something to make him leave, and she does not want him back. 

However, things have taken a bit longer than they thought to work out, and they need some more time to figure everything out.


It looks like David and Annie are still together. They have not been spotted publicly together since early February, but they have been spotted spending time at each other’s homes. Hopefully, this means that their relationship is stable, and they are working on fixing things. While it is too early to tell for sure, this update will reassure fans that the couple is still fighting for one another.

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