How did Vecna choose his victims? Vecna is one of the most well-known villains in D&D history. In Stranger Things season four, it is revealed that Vecna a new villain like the mind flayer who feeds off of humans’ psychic energy preys on people with psychic abilities. Vecna, the puppet master behind Hawkins Lab, was originally named Henry Creel. The reasons behind Vecna’s choice of victims in season 4 are revealed by Natalia Dyer.

Like any powerful evil lich lord, Vecna’s rise to power was borne of seeking out a body and the soul necessary to re-purposing himself as the ultimate master of death. He didn’t choose his victims at random though; he had several criteria that ensured only those of the highest potential would be used in his foul rituals. In this article, we are going to discuss how Vecna chooses victims. Let’s unravel the mystery of the evil lich lord, Vecna.

What are Vecna’s abilities?

Henry’s transformation into a revolting viney creature is not entirely obvious, but it seems that the fight with Eleven strengthened his connection to the Upside Down.

Vecna appears to be the only creature with unrestricted access to both worlds: the Upside Down and our own. When he kills his victims, a portal from our world may unintentionally open into the Upside Down. Though this is probably not what he intended.

He was able to use telekinesis and mind control as a youngster, and he had greater command of his abilities than Eleven. Like other deities, he employs his mental prowess to psychologically weaken and seduce his victims. However, like vampires or even Freddy Krueger, he has a weakness in music.

Her favorite song, Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” which she plays often as a kind of mental defense, helped Max escape from his grasp. Vecna also seems to play a part in the deaths of his victims. In our brief glimpses into the Upside Down, we can see that he maintains dead bodies there even “on display,” as Max put it once before.

Although he is intellectually impaired, Henry has been able to communicate with Eleven telepathically and in the same manner as other monsters. The Mind Flayer was also featured in Season 3 when it seized control of several Hawkins citizens. In Season 2, Upside Down once again exerted its influence on Will by possessing him.

How Does Vecna Pick His Victims?

Vecna seems to choose victims based on their secrets, not just random people. Chrissy Cunningham is the first victim we encounter, and she has many secrets beneath her cheerful persona. Fred Bensen, the second victim we see in Season 4, was involved in a fatal vehicle accident. He undoubtedly still struggles with remorse and residual trauma.

Now that you know why Max and Nancy were targeted, it makes sense. Both are still troubled by their pasts: Max is mourning Billy’s death, while Nancy feels guilty about not helping Barb when she was killed in the first season.

It’s possible that he is using them to drain their vitality, but it’s also likely he is creating an army similar to the Mind Flayer in Season 3. The monster on which his name is based may provide some answers.

How Vecna Gets Her Powers From Traumatized Victims?

Vecna is able to use his powers to create gateways that connect the real world with an alternate dimension called “The Upside Down”. This gives him access to both dimensions and allows him, among other things, to leave crime scenes carrying the bodies of murder victims through these portals. In The Mindscape he can also preserve their psychic versions as well.

In season 4 of Stranger Things, Vecna speaks with Eleven about the influence of painful memories. According to a Reddit user’s idea for season 5, this interaction provides some insight into why dead people were hanging around in Hawkins before the gate was opened. Their presence is linked to “a powerful darkness” that arises from painful or furious memories.

In the Stranger Things episode “Papa,” Dr. Brenner claims that Vecna consumes his victims, which further supports the idea that he chooses traumatized people in order to collect unhappy and angry experiences. With every victim, he might progressively gain power.

What makes Vecna choose teenage victims?

If Vecna’s goal is to unleash the Upside Down onto our world, it makes sense that he would want traumatized victims to assist him in opening the gate. But why specifically targets teenagers? Vecna can read the minds of adults, targeting them for murder as a child. He began this practice when he was still in diapers and his own mother was one of his first victims.

Although Vecna may target young people, he prefers to work with adults. He avoids children because they are not yet wise enough or traumatized enough for his purposes. However, Vecna’s victims are more likely to comply with his wishes when they’re teenagers than adults.

Vecna has continued to manipulate Will (Noah Schnapp). Whom he first encountered when the boy was a child so that Will could serve Vecna more effectively as an adult. Vecna probably finds teenagers to be simpler to frighten and manipulate, whereas adults would likely find his psychological torture scary.

Why Do Vecna’s Victims Appear In His Mindscape?

In “Dear Billy,” from the Netflix show Stranger Things, Max finds herself inside Vecna’s Mindscape and encounters Chrissy and Fred. Both are maimed beyond recognition due to heavy vines strangling them. These aren’t the victims’ actual bodies the Mindscape is different from both. They represent their very being and are an essence of themselves.

Vecna/001 states that the victims are “not gone” and “still with the Massacre at Hawkins Lab.” Vecna keeps their essences in his Mindscape for later use, taking Brenner’s statement about consuming one another into consideration.

After spending a few years in the Upside Down, Vecna has become more powerful and can now create miniature portals. Vecna’s victims remained trapped in his Mindscape after their deaths. And there is a chance that they may still be with him.

There is no evidence that Vecna used the essence of his victims to open the enormous Gate. If Vecna’s sacrifices are indeed a key element of the villain’s plans, it will only become apparent in Stranger Things season 5. However, there is always the possibility that they have some other significance.


We’ve now delved into the secrets of Vecna and his legendary quest for immortality. He uses his telepathic powers to enter into anyone’s mind, where he can review all of a person’s memories quickly. Vecna chooses those who are weak or have suffered hardship. Because it is simple to take control of people whose minds are vulnerable. He causes severe headaches and nasal bleeding in each of his victims. Vecna is also able to establish a distant connection with them, exerting power over that person whenever he pleases. His abilities are very similar to Eleven’s but much more potent and terrifying as well.

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