Are you a huge fan of The Office? The Office Experience at North Bridge on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago is a must-see, so don’t miss it.  To offer you an inside glimpse at the experience, we were allowed to the media screening, and it was wonderful. It was clear that Superfly X and Universal Live Entertainment collaborated with Greg Daniels. The originator of The Office. They build the settings with all the details to mimic sequences in the program. The number of real artifacts the performers used, and dressed, and the engaging environment.

The Office Experience: An Overview

The Office Experience Chicago
Source: The Office

The Office has arrived in Chicago as a sizable two-floor interactive squeeze event. Giving the audience the ability to finally indulge themselves in the lengthy TV show.

The Office Experience, which is already open and will remain so through January 17th, 2022. It encourages fans to immerse themselves in the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company universe. And embrace their favorite artists and famous scenes in a meticulous replica of the renowned fictitious office. The dynamic pop-up, which was developed by Superfly X and Universal Live Entertainment with input from Greg Daniels, creator of The Office in the United States, is situated at The Shops at North Bridge on the Magnificent Mile. Which formerly housed the FRIENDS Experience.

The Office Experience’s Interactive Rooms

There are many other locations with interactive features. You’re encouraged to answer the phones on some of the characters’ workstations to hear texts. And to explore cabinets to discover episode-related objects. To discover a gift, unlock the fridge in the break room. At Schrute Farms, poke your head through the cracks in the wall. You’ll discover who you seem to be most afraid of, and be ready to identify with Mose. To listen to some funny asides and personalities discussing the most beautiful veggie in the world, lift the beets at the stand. To recreate the well-known confession scenes from the program, speak the phrases from the crib notes.

Possibilities for Photos

If you really like The Office and enjoy driving, you probably leaped at the opportunity to take a picture with Dwight’s car at the Dunder Mifflin parking lot. You must absolutely perform accents. Get a friend or member of your family takes pictures as you sit at the desk of your favorite person.

As you pass the coals from the Beach Games segment, keep behind the sumo suits. As Kevin’s pot of chili overflows across the ground, prop it up. Reimagine Jim and Pam’s wedding ceremony at the chapel and dance down the aisle while admiring Niagara Falls while on the ship. Act as the forklift’s operator as you move a shelf in the factory using it.

Gifts store

Do you need presents or The Office merchandise? A gift shop that resembles the warehouse from the program is also present. You can buy unique goods that have never been seen before. You must have appreciated examining all the creative clothing, toys, and other items. The gift shop is open whenever you like, and entry is not required.


Beginning on October 15, 2021, and remaining there through January 17, 2022, is The Office Experience. Scheduled entrance tickets can be purchased beginning at $37.50 plus taxes and fees. You get a personalized employee badge that looks like the program’s characters and timed entrance for $55. When you buy this add-on, they will capture your picture for the card when you attend and copy it on location. You can get tickets by going to There are also individual rentals, corporate meetings, and access privileges seats available.

Parking and Location

The Office Experience is situated at 540 N. Michigan Ave. at The Shops at North Bridge on the Magnificent Mile. Since there aren’t many parking spots on the street there, You like to reserve a spot in advance using Spot Hero. You will be likely to afford nothing more than an hour at the attraction before moving nearby for lunch when you will pay $14 for three hours of parking at The Shops at North Bridge. The fourth floor of The Shops at North Bridge features some food options, featuring Jimmy John’s and Pot Belly, and nearby restaurants Eataly and Shake Shack.

Final Words

The Office Experience is precisely what you’d assume from a hands-on homage to the office humor; even hardcore fans will identify the recognizable sets and objects, and aficionados will probably be delighted by the level of detail.

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