Does Tom Cruise Really Do All His Own Stunts?

Does Tom Cruise do his own stunts? Tom Cruise is one of the most successful actors in history. He’s also an action star who does all his own stunts. And apparently, he’s pretty good at it! In almost every movie he’s been in, Tom Cruise has performed some kind of stunt that required him to do something on his own.

Whether that means hanging off a building or driving through traffic at high speeds on a motorcycle (yes, those are real sentences), he gets into character and does what needs to be done for his character—and then some.

Does Tom Cruise Do His Own Stunts?

In almost every movie he’s been in, Tom Cruise has done all of his own stunts. He doesn’t want anyone else to do them because he wants to make sure they’re done right.

In the case of Top Gun, Tom was so good at doing this that director Tony Scott had him and some other actors fly 100 feet off the ground in an F-14 fighter jet and land on a moving target while they were being filmed.

Tom Cruise has been doing some pretty crazy stunts in his movies for years. In fact, he’s done so many that it’s hard to keep track of them all. However, no matter what kind of stunt Tom Cruise is doing in a movie (or if he’s just standing around watching), you can be sure that he’ll be doing it himself—and often with dangerous consequences!

In fact, for Mission Impossible 2 and 3 (the last two M:I movies), Tom Cruise did things like hang off the side of a moving plane thousands of feet in the air without any safety harnesses or harnesses at all (like those provided by Mission Impossible).

This was also true for other movies where Tom would get high up on buildings or cliffs over waterfalls without any safety measures in place whatsoever. Only because he wanted to see how far up they could go before falling down onto rocks below them or into rivers below bridges.

They were deliberately built higher than normal so people could get away from assassins who might otherwise kill us while we’re trying not being killed ourselves!

Does Tom Cruise Have A Stunt Double?

Many actors do have stunt doubles. For example, Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, and Morgan Freeman all have stunt doubles. However, Tom Cruise is not one of them. It’s surprising how few people know about this. This is because the public is so used to seeing the exact same scenes, in the same way, with the same words, from Tom Cruise! It’s really astonishing how he can shoot an entire movie and not have a single stunt double. If we put it into perspective, if Tom Cruise falls out of a boat, we’re sure he’s going to jump right back in. However, if a car drives by, he’ll run out into the street and jump on a moving motorcycle! If a helicopter flies by, he’ll jump right out of the cockpit! It’s a thrill just to watch him in action.

Did Tom Cruise Do His Own Stunts In Top Gun?

Surprisingly, Tom Cruise did all his own stunts in the Top Gun movie. He even did many of the dangerous scenes when there was no other option, as he was pressed for time. It was a time of transition for the actor, who was now a star and had to do it all on his own. He also did some of the dangerous scenes because he believed it added more realism to the movie and prevented the film from feeling like a Hollywood action movie. Does Tom Cruise do his own stunts in movies? Yes!

He trained to drive a motorcycle through traffic without CGI

Cruise is a skilled driver. He has been driving cars since he was a baby, and he has done stunt work in movies (including Top Gun) for years. So when it came time to film the latest Mission Impossible movie, which featured stunts where Cruise had to drive through traffic while being chased by other vehicles and helicopters, he trained hard for months on end so that he wouldn’t have to rely on CGI (computer-generated imagery).

Cruise was able to pull off this stunt without hurting anyone or damaging any vehicles—and even if he did accidentally hit someone with his motorcycle while filming, there would be no repercussions because no one could see how badly they were hurt unless they went back into frame after being hit by a car or helicopter!

He also got injured doing some of these stunts.

But he also got injured doing some of these stunts. He’s been injured at least twice while filming MI6, which is one of his most famous movies. In one scene, Cruise jumps from one rooftop to another and misses the mark by a few feet when his foot catches on a ledge. A few months later, he was also injured while filming American Made with director Doug Liman.

A movie about an air cargo pilot who smuggles drugs into America for Pablo Escobar (Tommy Lee Jones). During one scene in particular that required him to jump out of a plane in flight, Cruise hit his head on the ceiling of the cockpit and ended up with a concussion and broken wrist bone.

Is Tom Cruise really good at stunts?

If you’re a fan of movies and/or Tom Cruise, then you probably already know that he does all his own stunts. You’ve also probably noticed that he’s been in a lot of them. And this is because he’s pretty good at it! In fact, Tom Cruise has been an inspiration to many young people who want to become actors or stuntmen.

Tom has had an amazing career so far: from Mission Impossible 2 to Edge of Tomorrow to The Mummy Returns and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (which was directed by Christopher McQuarrie). But what about all those other movies where Tom wasn’t playing himself? Well…they don’t seem like anything worth mentioning at first glance because they aren’t exactly “Tom Cruise.” But if you think about it for just a second…it seems like there might be something interesting going on here after all!

What Stunts Has Tom Cruise Done?

When you think of Tom Cruise, the first thing that comes to mind is probably his action movies. He’s famous for doing his own stunts, and audiences love to see him performing death-defying feats.

But how much of that is really him? How much of that is Hollywood magic?

Well, according to a recent interview with The Telegraph, it’s all him. “I do everything,” Cruise said. “I do my own fighting and my own stunts.”

That’s a pretty impressive statement, especially when you consider some of the stunts he’s done in the past. In Edge of Tomorrow, he performed a 21-foot jump onto a moving bus. In Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, he hung from the side of an airplane.

And it’s not just his action movies that require thrilling stunts. In Vanilla Sky, he performed a 65-foot jump off a balcony in Times Square.

So if you’re ever wondering just how much of Tom Cruise’s on-screen action is really him, the answer is: all of it.

does tom cruise do his own stunts

How Does Tom Cruise Prepare for His Stunts?

When it comes to his stunts, Tom Cruise does not mess around. He trains extensively and prepares rigorously for each and every one of them.

Does Tom Cruise do his own stunts? He has said that for action movies, “there is no stunt double.” He wants to do everything himself so that he can put on a great show for the audience. And audiences have come to expect high-quality action scenes from Cruise.

In order to accomplish all his stunts, Cruise relies on a lot of training and a lot of preparation. For example, for the movie Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol, he spent four months training in an underwater tank in order to learn how to hold his breath for long periods of time.

What Are the Risks of Doing Your Own Stunts?

Tom Cruise is known for doing all of his own stunts. But what are the risks involved in doing your own stunts?

For starters, there’s the very real danger of getting hurt or even killed. Injuries on set are common, and they can range from minor to very serious. Just last year, a crew member was killed while filming a scene for Cruise’s latest movie.

Then there are the insurance risks. If you’re injured while doing your own stunts, your insurance company may refuse to cover you. That could leave you on the hook for huge medical bills, not to mention lost income if you’re unable to work.

Finally, there’s the risk of damaging your reputation. If something goes wrong while you’re performing a stunt, it could make headlines and ruin your career.

Are There Any Benefits to Doing Your Own Stunts?

Well, some people might say that there’s a certain level of commitment that comes with doing your own stunts. And when you see the final product on-screen, there’s a sense that the actor really went above and beyond to make the scene as realistic as possible.

Plus, it’s not just about doing the stunt itself—it’s about making it look good on camera. And that takes a lot of practice and coordination.

So while some people might say it’s all for show, I think there’s definitely something to be said for an actor who is willing to put in the extra work to make a scene look as real as possible. Does Tom Cruise do his own stunts? He does! And he really enjoys the benefits.

What Other Actors Do Their Own Stunts?

You might be surprised to know that Tom Cruise isn’t the only actor who does his own stunts. In fact, there are quite a few actors who are known for performing their own stunts.

Some of the other actors who do their own stunts include Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Chuck Norris. These actors are all known for performing dangerous stunts, and they often do them without any safety precautions.

So, why do they do it? Well, some of them do it because they enjoy the adrenaline rush. Others do it because they want to make their movies as realistic as possible. And still others do it because they want to save money on stuntmen.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that these actors are willing to put their lives on the line for their art. And that’s something that you have to respect.


Does Tom Cruise do his own stunts? Tom Cruise is not only a great actor, but he’s also one of the best action stars around. He has a genuine love for movies, and it shows in his work. Whether its a stunt or acting, Tom knows how to make each moment count for something greater than itself. His energy and enthusiasm for what he does is contagious – which means we all want to be there for any project he takes on because we know that it’ll be good!

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