Sarah Jessica Parker once tied with Angelina Jolie as the highest-paid actress in Hollywood, according to Forbes. Even though Parker earns money from her perfume lines and endorsement of beauty products and clothing lines, her $30 million paycheck has a lot to do with her movie roles too. Parker has been working since she was just eight years old, appearing on stage, in television shows and in movies. She has worked steadily since the early ’70s in Hollywood to become a recognized and respected actress among her peers and fans. Some of our favorite Sarah Jessica Parker movie roles, by the numbers, include the following.

Early Career

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1974: First movie role in a made-for-television movie on NBC titled “The Little Match Girl.” Parker was only 8 years old when she earned her first paycheck for this uncredited role.

1983: Parker made her transition from television to movies with a starring role in “Somewhere Tomorrow” about a young woman dealing with the death of her father and a romance with a ghost.

3: The number of movies during the ’80s that Parker starred in beginning with the letter F: “Footloose,” “First Born,” and “Flight of the Navigator.”

1: The degree she is when playing the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Who Did Sarah Jessica Parker Date Before Marrying Matthew Broderick?
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7: The number of years Parker lived with Robert Downey Jr. She met Downey in 1984 on the set of “First Born” and moved in with him that year.

Before Sex In The City

1985: Parker starred in “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” with Shannon Doherty and Helen Hunt

1992: The year Parker starred, and had an onset fling, with Nicholas Cage in “Honeymoon in Vegas.”

2: Parker was nominated for two Razzie Awards for Worst Actress for her role in the 2009 movie “Did You Hear About the Morgans” and the 2010 movie “Sex in the City 2.” She won, along with her three costars, for her role in “Sex in the City 2.”

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2005: “The Family Stone” is the first movie Parker did after ending her hit television series “Sex in the City.”

28: Total number of films Parker has starred in, not including TV movies.

3: Parker has produced three movies during her career: “Sex and the City 2,” “Sex and the City” and “Spinning Into Butter.”

2005: The year in which Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick, premiered movies on the same day in the United States. Parker’s “The Family Stone” and Broderick’s “The Producers” both opened Dec. 16, 2005.

1: This is the number of times Parker has been nominated for a Golden Globe for her work in movies. The actress has been nominated and won several Golden Globes for her work on “Sex in the City,” but only one nomination (and no wins) for her movie roles.

Highly Successful Roles

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1996: This year Parker had four movies released: “Mars Attacks!,” “If Lucy Fell,” “The First Wives Club,” and “Extreme Measures.”

2008: This is the year that Parker brought her small screen role as Carrie Bradshaw to the big screen in “Sex and the City.” The movie has grossed over $415 million worldwide since its release date.

23: “Sex and the City” ranked number 23 on AMC’s 2008 Film Most Likely to Endure list.

$57,038,404: The amount of money that “Sex in the City” grossed on its opening weekend. This figure makes the movie the number 1 ranked romantic comedy based on opening weekend receipts.

$288,347,692: Total lifetime gross receipts that “Sex in the City 2” has made since its release. The movie was not given good reviews and did not earn nearly as much as the first movie Parker produced based on her television show.

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