2022 has been a landmark year for the film industry, with Hollywood stars playing major roles in independent and mainstream productions. The trend has been similar in Thailand but with Thai actors in major roles instead. We searched a lot and made a list of some of the most famous Thai actors you should know about in 2022.

Famous Thai Actors 2022 List

Thailand’s film business is one of the strongest in the world. With many successful actors and actresses, new faces are coming out every season. Let’s start by looking at some of Thailand’s most well-known performers and artists currently.

Mark Prin

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Mark Prin is a famous Thai actor who has gained popularity in the last 2 years. The first movie he appeared in was “Vachirak”. He is also known for his role as the lead role in the drama series titled “Song Chan,” which aired on Channel 7. His performance was very good, which made him very popular among teenagers. Mark Prin has also worked with other famous actors such as Dao Phimplee, Natthaweeranuch Thongkongthai, etc.

Yaya Urassaya

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Yaya Urassaya (born October 17, 1996) is a Thai actress and model. Her most well-known part is that of Nong in the Thai tv series “All Is Well.”Yaya is also well known for her roles in the movies “Song of Us” (2019) and “Amorosa” (2019). She made her acting debut in 2012 when she appeared in the television series “Tao Kae Noi,” which aired on Channel 3 Thailand. In 2019, Yaya was cast as one of the main characters in All Is Well alongside Thanakrit Vacharasaneevongse and Pichayapa Pholpisarn.

Weir Sukollawat

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Weir Sukollawat is a Thai actor. His birthday is January 28, 1982. He graduated from Chulalongkorn University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts. Weir started his career as a model and has been in many advertisements like Suzuki, KFC, and Canal+. In 2008 he acted in the movie Fai Nai Lae Rak with Apinya Sakuljaroensuk. Weir’s first TV drama was Khun Thoei Het Rak Pee Nong.

Bongkot Kongtojirakul

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Bongkot Kongtojirakul (born on May 21, 1971), better known by his stage name Manop Aeksri, is a retired Thai professional footballer who played as a striker. He is the all-time leading goalscorer for Thailand, with 84 goals in 123 international matches from 1992 to 2012. He was awarded Thailand’s “Player of the Year” award four times and won the Southeast Asian Footballer of the Year award twice.

Apo Nattawin Wattanagitiphat

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Nattawin Wattanagitiphat better known as Apo is probably the hottest Thai actor in 2022 following the success of the Thai BL series KinnPorsche. He is a model and actor born in Bangkok, Thailand on February 24th, 1994. He has been shot in several movies, series and ads before as he made his debut back in 2015; but his true breakthrough is the 2022 mega popular BL series.

Mile Phakphum Romsaithong

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Another one of the main leads in the Kinnporsche series, Mile Phakphum Romsaithong Is a Thai actor, model, businessman and singer, songwriter. He is under the company Be On Cloud. His acting debut was actually in music videos for some of the most famous Thai singers. Mile plays the guitar on a professional level. Interestingly, the main character Kinn of the novel Kinnporsche, the live adaptation of which is a hit right now, was based on him.

Mike Pattaradet

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Mike Pattaradet is a famous Thai actor. His birthday was on March 16, 1971. He comes from a family of four children. His parents are Ekkapun Pattaradet and Thanit Pattaradet. Mike Pattaradet started his acting career at 16 by playing minor roles in several TV series such as Kao Mai Khon Kaen and Phueng Khom. In the late 1990s, he joined Channel 3’s popular romantic comedy series called “Oh! My Lady”. This drama became one of the most successful shows in Thailand, which made him into a superstar overnight.

Pakorn Chatborirak

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Pakorn Chatborirak (born December 1, 1992) is a Thai actor simply known as Pakorn. He has been in several tv shows and movies. He made his Channel 3 debut in the chick flick “Love Sick: The Season” in 2018. The show was very successful, reaching an average rating of 10%, making it Thailand’s most-watched scripted drama series at the time. It also took up the prize for Excellence Play at the 2019 Thailand National Film Association Awards. His next big project is the 2020 film “The Last Prince,” directed by Prachya Pinkaew and co-starring Siwapong Chatree and Urassaya Sperbund.”

James Jirayu

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James Jirayu is a Thai actor and model. His birthday was March 11, 1992, in Bangkok, Thailand. James Jirayu is also known as James Chirayu, James Chirayuk, James Chirayuwa, or simply James.

James Jirayu is one of the most famous Thai actors in 2022. He began performing early and earned his debut appearance in the film “Papa Love” in 2008. He played the lead role in “Saving Hands” the next year. James got his big break when he was selected as the hero in “Love of Life,” he got his big break. In 2010 he won Best Actor at Thailand’s Golden Movie Awards for his performance in this film.

Kimmy Kimberley Anne Woltemas Tiamsiri

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Kimmy Kimberley Anne Woltemas Tiamsiri is an actress and model from Thailand. She is most meant to play Ambassador, a prominent figure on the KBS2 tv series (2018). Kimberley began her acting career by starring in several Thai movies like The Dream (2002) and The Uninvited (2004). She also appeared in music videos such as “Harmonize” by Big Ass, “Waiting For You” by Big Ass, “Love Is…” by Big Ass, “Loving You” by Big Ass, and “Get Up My Man” by Big Ass.

Bottom Lines

Actors were picked in two ways: the first one is according to their popularity and activity in the acting industry. Most of them are the native Thai stars. The second way is to consider the possibility of actors rising their popularity and gaining new opportunities that make them more famous. Hopefully you have seen your favorite or got to know someone interesting.

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