Whenever movie buffs discuss great directors, both Tarantino and Scorsese are bound to be mentioned. It’s safe to say that these two directors have highly influenced movie culture and filmmaking in general.

These iconic directors have a combined repertoire of so many fan favorites, you could spend an eternity watching and discussing them. But which of the two is better at their craft?

Quentin Tarantino

Multiple award-winning director Quentin Tarantino is a man of many talents, often being called a cinematographic mastermind. His movies are well-known for their storyline, dark humor, and aesthetics. 

A true movie buff

If you aren’t a Tarantino fan to the core, you’d be surprised to learn that he never went to college for filmmaking. He is a completely self-taught director and often comments that he learned to make movies while working at a video store.

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He is able to make a movie entirely by himself. That’s because Tarantino is a talented actor, screenplay writer, director, and producer too. His love for movies is so obvious, he might be the only true movie buff. Film students will be studying and dissecting his work for years to come. 


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While many movies have managed to get a lot of violence on screen, no one does it with a style similar to Tarantino. He is often touted as the master of aesthetically pleasing blood and gore. His controversial opinion that on-screen violence does not inspire real-life incidents is quoted by many of his critics, but no one can argue that his violent scenes are not visually pleasing.


The genres that Tarantino directs are varied, and many will agree that he expertly blends multiple genres in his movies. His latest masterpiece Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is proof enough of his versatility in directing different genres even within the same movie. 

He is also known for working with a range of different actors, from newcomers to old-timers. Undoubtedly, his experience in acting makes him a better director too, much like Clint Eastwood. His flexibility in working with different genres and actors only ensures that his fans will never get bored because he can always change it up. 

Determination and fearlessness

Last but not least, Quentin Tarantino is not a man easily swayed by the masses. Despite the controversies surrounding his works and directional style, he has never once surrendered to media pressures. His movies are only influenced by the creativity of others and inspired by real-life events, never dictated by cultural norms. Tarantino was never afraid to break barriers and go over the top, and he doesn’t plan on cowering anytime soon.


Few put so much thought into their music choices in a movie as Tarantino does. He fully comprehends how a scene can be affected by music and how to manipulate scenes with his soundtracks. He is known for caring about the soundtracks just as much as he cares for the visuals of a scene, and it pays off. He often masterfully includes score pieces to his movies, with the perfect needle drop every time.

Martin Scorsese

Considered one of the most influential film directors of all time, Martin Scorsese has been directing crime movies for more than half a century. Known for his exploration of themes such as Catholic Guilt, and the Italian-American identity, Scorsese’s violence-ridden movies are indubitably memorable.

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Many directors try, but few are successful at using narration as a background to their movies. Scorsese has proven time and again that he is more than capable of using narration and using it well.

He’s directed a few movies that are based on published novels. Instead of summarizing the storyline heavily, he expertly uses voice-over narration to add humor and more context to bring the entire story to life. 

No playing it safe

Films are subject to criticism from many angles, and more often than not, directors like to play it safe with their themes and styles. Scorsese isn’t worried about taking risks, never caring for the potential criticism he might get from the mainstream media. 

For years, he needed a bodyguard due to death threats he received for The Last Temptation of Christ. Yet, that didn’t stop him from taking more risks in the meantime. 

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Actors such as Robert De Niro and Leonardo Di Caprio are staples of Scorsese’s movies, which only means they are more in-tune with each other. They understand what he needs, and he understands the best way to direct them. 

He’s been directing movies consistently for so long, and most of his movies are considered successful. The words “directed by Martin Scorsese” should bring to mind exactly what you have in store when watching a movie: creativity, violence, and a good time. 

The Verdict

Although both directors are immensely talented and great at what they do, there can only be one clear winner. Scorsese has directed a total of 26 movies over more than 50 years and has generated a massive amount of revenue. However, Tarantino appears to be the winner of this race, because grossing at $2.2 billion he is only falling slightly short when compared to an older director with more years of experience. 

Tarantino has claimed numerous times that he will stop producing movies after his 10th, something his fans can’t wrap their mind around. He’s created a name for himself, controversial or not, and showed that his imagination knows no bounds. Unbound by conventions, Tarantino is a genius of our time. 

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