There is no person in the world who has not experienced admiration for a Hollywood film at least once in their life and did not chain themselves to the TV screen and fully engrossed into the wonderful world of the masterpieces of an exceptionally high level of world cinema for years.

Where did Hollywood begin?

The history of Hollywood is rooted in the distant past, when the Spanish invaders first invaded America, conquered local Indians, resettled most of them to other parts of the continent and subdued the Spanish kingdom. Starting with banana plantations, Hollywood has been split into 2 parts including some large ranches and reunited only in 1886.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Hollywood separated from the rest of the world and began to exist independently, but due to problems with water and a lack of canals, it did not last long and was moved to Los Angeles. 

Where did the name come from?

Today Hollywood is the world’s dream movie factory, but it was originally the advertising name for one of  Los Angeles residential neighborhoods: HOLLYWOODLAND. The filmmakers assumed the name would not work in the long run, but after the newly created film industry quickly gained popularity, they decided to keep the name.

Preserved inscription

Over time, the famous Hollywood inscription was damaged, and to some extent it was destroyed. Therefore, in 1978, the founder of Playboy Magazine organized a special auction to raise the money needed to preserve the inscription.

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Oscar “House”

In November 2001, the Dolby Theatre (Kodak Theater) opened in downtown Hollywood with a capacity of 3,000. This theater has become a permanent home to the Academy Awards for the Best Picture – Oscars.

Film screenings take place everywhere in Hollywood: on walls, posters, cemeteries, big screens. Everyone knows where Hollywood is, and getting there is a real treat for moviegoers because you can meet many famous stars walking down the streets.

Hollywood smile

The well-known term “Hollywood smile” is used today as a term to describe an attractive smile, although not everybody knows that the term was coined by the American Alice Cooper, who invented the ceramic technique with which actors cast Hollywood smiles in seconds.

Hollywood today

Gradually Hollywood became the capital of the world cinema, and its streets were filled with film studios and pavilions. Therefore, the actors were forced to move to Beverly Hills, making this place one of the main streets of the area.

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You don’t have to look extraordinarily beautiful to be successful in Hollywood. The key is courage, talent, and of course, luck, so you don’t have to struggle to figure your way in the most competitive film industry. Today too many Hollywood stars still have problems with English or diction, although that hasn’t stopped them from gaining worldwide recognition. Considering what genre you are going to mainly work within also determines the success of the characters you want to portray in a Hollywood movie. 

Author: Nino Gogitidze

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