How much health do you have in Apex? Apex is a video game that uses a health system. The player has 100 health points, and when it reaches zero, they die. Health can be regained by eating certain food items or drinking potions found throughout the world.

You have 100 health in Apex.

how much health do you have in apex
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There are many ways to Regenerate health but you need to be strategic when to do so.

You can find health regeneration items strewn throughout the map.

Health regeneration items are scattered throughout the map. They’re not static, so you can find them in many places, but some are easier than others.

The easiest way to get a health regeneration item is by looting fallen enemies or picking up their dropped weapons and ammunition. You’ll also see plenty of these lying around on the ground (and sometimes in vehicles).

Another option is finding health regeneration items from defeated soldiers who were killed before they had time to regenerate their lost health. This could be done by running over them with a vehicle or

 killing them with any weapon—even if they’re dead already! You can also check out our guide on how to kill an enemy as quickly as possible here.

The best way is to use a med kit to get back up to 100 health.

The best way to get back to full health is with a med kit. Med kits are one-time use items, and they can be found everywhere in 

Another way is to use a shield cell, which will restore 25 of your shields.

Shield cells are single-use items that can be found in Supply Drops and can also be purchased from the in-game store for as much as $4.99 (with new content releases dropping every week).

Shield cells are only used if you have no additional health left after taking damage from an enemy attack or obstacle. They do not replenish weapons or ammo; rather, they simply restore 25% of your current health over time until it reaches 100%.

If you’re playing co-op games with friends who don’t have any shields left on their own character’s bars when another player dies by taking too much damage from an obstacle or enemy attack, then each one of those deaths will cause all three characters’ shields to drop back down below zero percent again!

The biggest way is to score kill in the game, because each kill gets you an instant 50 health boost.

The biggest way is to score kill in the game, because each kill gets you an instant 50 health boost. This is the best way to get health in Apex Legends and there’s no other way around it.

You can also use syringes, which are single-use items that give you a full heal.

You can also use syringes, which are single-use items that give you a full heal. These can be found at supply drops or by killing other players who have them in their inventory.

Supply Drops: These are dropped by specific enemies in the game and can be found at random. They offer a variety of consumable items, including health pods, ammo and medkits, food items and more. You’ll need to be lucky enough to find one before it despawns in order to get what you want!

Killing Players: Your first instinct might be “How do I kill people?!” but there’s no need for such an extreme measure! If you’re not looking for anything specific (like weapons), then just killing someone will give you a chance at getting some loot as well as XP points that go towards leveling up faster than normal (we recommend using these when playing Apex Legends).


Apex  is a great game to play, but it does require some strategy to be successful. You need to know when to use your health regeneration items and when not too. You also need to know how many of each item will last before heading back into battle again

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