Wondering how to make a car in Little Alchemy? Little alchemy is an exciting online video game. This game is quite entertaining and encourages creativeness. Also, it is a free fun and addictive game suitable for both children and adults. In this game, the rule of play is simply combining the few different alchemical elements available on the platform to create a new one. There are several different combinations on little alchemy. However, you will only have access to four basic elements for a start. These elements can be used to make a variety of objects which in turn be used to make more items as the game increase in complexity.

In this article, we will be walking you through how you can make a car in little alchemy. 

How To Make A Car On Little Alchemy?

how to make a car in little alchemy?
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As interesting as Little alchemy game is, it can sometimes be confusing especially if you are a newbie to the gaming platform. In essence, Making a car on little alchemy requires a combination of wheel and metal elements which may not be accessible for beginners. However, you can make one out of the four elements available by following the combinations highlighted below.

Step 1

Select the Air element and Drag it on the playing board. Then proceed to select the water element. The combination of both elements will give a Rain.

Step 2

Combine the Earth and Water elements to produce Mud.

Step 3

Choose the Earth element and combine it with the Rain element to produce a Plant.

Step 4

Select the Earth element and combine it with the Fire element to produce Larva.

Step 5

Drag and combine Air and Fire elements to produce Energy.

Step 6

Combine both air and Larva elements to produce Stone.

Step 7

Choose the Sir element and combine it with the Stone element to produce Sand.

Step 8

Select and combine the Mud and Plant elements to produce a Swamp.

Step 9

Select and combine the Energy and swamp Elements to produce life.

Step 10

Combine the Earth and Life elements to produce Human.

Step 11

Combine the fire and Sand elements to produce Glass.

Step 12

Combine Glass and Sand elements to produce time.

Step 13

Combine the fire and stone elements to produce Metal.

Step 14

Combine human and metal elements to produce Tool.

Step 15

Select and combine plant and time elements to produce a Tree.

Step 16

Combine time and tree elements to make Wood.

Step 17

Combine wood element with tool element to produce Wheel.

Step 18

Finally, select and combine the Wheel and Metal elements to make a Car.

With the step-by-step process above, you can make a car in Little Alchemy from scratch as a beginner. However, you can easily make a car by a combination of wheel and metal elements if you are already in the game.

How Do Elements Combine On Little Alchemy?

The basic elements that appear on your screen can be combined by simply dragging one element over another. As long as you chose the right combinations for the desired element you want to make, a new element will emerge. 

What Are The Four Basic Elements For Starters On Little Alchemy?

For beginners, the basic elements accessible are Air, earth, fire, and water.

Can I Make Another Element With A Car?

You can make up to 560 possible different elements on Little Alchemy and using a Car is an available option. For instance, a combination of a Car and a Hospital will produce an Ambulance.

Closing thoughts

Little Alchemy is an online fun game that can get you addicted and engrossed over time. Making a Car in Little Alchemy can be a fun experience and the steps highlighted in this article may come in handy for both beginners and long-time gamers.

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