Makkeri and Flash are two superheroes from two different movies. Both have a huge fan base. So it’s normal to argue over the cup of tea about who is the best, “is Makkari faster than Flash” or ” Flash faster than Makkari.” 

Makkari is an Eternal, whereas Barry Allan is a metahuman. Can a metahuman run faster than a bioengineered being? What do you think? That’s why we are here to reveal the answer “is Makkari faster than The Flash.” So let’s start with the topic. 

Let’s Meet The Flash & Makkari

Some audiences engage in a war of words about judging who is faster, Flash or Makkeri. However, No matter whose speedster is faster, The Flash and Makkari are fascinating and likable members of their real-world heroic group. So let’s briefly describe both superheroes.

Faster Flash

The plot of Flashpoint served as motivation for the creation of The Flash movie, which would borrow certain aspects from that tale. Barry Allan is the second lead of this movie. Then who was the first lead? Jay Garrick, a founding member of the Justice Society of America, was the first among many leads. A third character is Justice Leaguer Wally West, and Teen Titans need him too.

The movie’s story is about a conflict between Atlantis and Themyscira, which has destroyed the Earth in the Flashpoint timeline. Barry Allen wakes up in this universe without his abilities and with partial memory loss, but he still remembers parts of his past life.

Barry Allan is a forensic expert. One day, he falls from a chemical shelf and is hit by lightning. The occurrence linked him to the Speed Force, a fundamental force that can modify time and reality and granted him superhuman speed. 

After gaining superspeed, Berry Allan uses his newfound abilities for good by keeping Central City safe from a large group of villains. After that, the Scarlet Speedster becomes a founding member of the Justice League, best friends with the Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. He plays a significant role in every critical DC Comics event. 

On the other hand, Barry was the one who was responsible for the different timelines being created. So, he makes allies with other superheroes, like Batman, Shazam, etc., to fix the timeline. But, the comic book version of Barry Allen’s time travel is motivated by a desire to stop his mother Nora’s murder. It is later revealed that Eobard Thawne, as the Reverse-Flash, was responsible for her murder, even though it was previously implied that Barry’s father was responsible.


Makkari is part of a group of genetic engineering Eternals. In 5000 B.C., the Celestials created these bioengineered lifeforms in the World Forge. Their primary goal was to make them develop Earth’s society and safeguard it against Deviants. Makkari is one of these ten genetically engineered Eternals. 

Makkari is the genetically modified creature with the most speed. Because it has been around for thousands of years, the speedster is often venerated as Mercury, the Roman god of speed.

Makkari has the power of immortality that is preoccupied with his speed. So, he has given up other influences, like his strength and ability to project energy, to concentrate all his force on increasing his speed.

Makkari first featured as a man in Marvel comics, elected to keep her superspeed despite being reborn as a girl during a rebirth event in which the Eternals may alter their gender and appearance in addition to their abilities. Makkari can sustain a near-lightspeed sprint for an extended amount of time.

Interestingly, she was one of the people who contributed to the development of sign language in human civilization. She fostered a warm relationship with Druig and humans in ancient Mesopotamia. After achieving her primary objective of defeating the Deviants in 1521, she and the other Eternals decided to part ways and went their ways. She decided to go to the Domo, buried beneath Iraq, where she began her mission to travel the world and gather various antiques and relics.

Makkari vs. Flash Who Is Faster

Before entering into the debate of “Makkari vs. Flash, who is faster,” let’s talk about Makkari and Flash’s speed powers. 

Makkari’s Speed Powers

Makkari became the fastest Eternal by focusing on superspeed. He could transcend the speed of light and manipulate time and space, making him tremendously powerful. Makkari was revived in 2021 after dying in a 2008 Eternals issue. She now resembles her MCU version. The revived Makkari possesses exceptional strength and durability but a reduced peak speed of 2301.81 miles per hour around March 3, traveling at speeds closer to light than sound.

The MCU’s Makkari is fast, like her comic version. Makkari’s exploits in Eternals are impressive, but her peak speed is unknown. In the film, Makkari runs across continents in seconds, and in MCU comics, she runs across the globe numerous times to find her fellow Eternal Druig. Makkari is rightfully called “The Quickest Woman in the Galaxy” in the MCU.

Speedster Powers of The Flash in DCEU

As I told you, Barry Allen became a Speed Force conduit after gaining power. If you see the movie The Flash, you can witness the full power of Flash. However, Barry Allen continuously restrains himself since his speed might harm his timeline and reality. 

So what power does Barry have? Barry destroyed a glass with a touch, tore up pavement, and rescued Iris West without being seen by human beings. However, at one point in their short struggle, Barry Allen’s constraint became a disadvantage when a confused and angry Superman was able to detect him and knock him out.

Barry Allen’s talents are best seen in the conclusion of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Despite the Justice League’s best efforts, Darkseid’s armies terraform Earth into an Apokolips-like globe, but Barry’s abilities protect him, and he unleashes his Super Speed. Barry Allen can rewind time and help his friends defeat Darkseid by moving faster than light.

So what do you think: “Who is faster: Flash or Makkari?”

A most common question among superhero lovers is, “is Makkari faster than Flash” or “is Flash faster than Makkari.” It is difficult to answer. 

In my opinion, Barry Allen is faster than Makkari. Makkari’s peak speed after her rebirth is just three times the speed of sound since it is much slower than The Flash’s reality-warping powers. 

Like her comic book beginnings, Makkari can cover the world in seconds. Moreover, even though the events of Eternals sharpened Makkari’s speed to an incredible degree, she could still not move quickly enough to change the course of time. 

On the other hand, Barry Allen gradually grows into his position of  The Flash in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. But still, among the three incarnations of Makkari, he is the most effective speedster because of his performance in this role.

Some critics say that Barry is only a human being. He has several shortcomings that even his speed can’t fix. On the other hand, besides being immortal, Makkari is very tough and has battled for millennia. The enemies she must face are just as dangerous as anything the Flash has ever met.


In the end, I can only say this is not an endable argument. Because as a fan, we always try to keep our superhero in the first position.  So, no one gives you a closer of “is Makkari faster than flash.” If Makkari is not, she is still the best competitor of The Flash.

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