Halloween ends is a horror film directed by David Gordon Green and co-written by Green, Danny McBride, Paul Brad Logan, and Chris Bernier. Halloween ends is the sequel to Halloween Kills, the 13th film in the Halloween franchise, and the final film in the trilogy of sequels that started with the last film in the 1978 film. Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak, Rohan Campbell, Will Patton, Kyle Richards, and James Jude Courtney are some of the stars of the film. 

Who is Corey in Halloween ends? The film tells the story of a young man named Corey Cunningham who falls in love with Laurie Strode’s granddaughter and is rendered a murderer by a series of events.

In this article, we will talk about Halloween ends who is Corey, and uncover the mystery!

Who was Corey in Halloween Ends?

Halloween ends with a bloody conclusion to the story of Laurie Strode. These two iconic rivals are not the only ones who are involved in the bloodbath. The town of Haddonfield is haunted by the actions of another killer, and although Michael’s slayings are the result of pure hatred and evil, his younger counterparts are motivated by revenge.

In Haddonfield, Corey Cunningham lives a lonely life. His mistreatment by society, in general, has turned him inward to his own darkness. The killer finds a new body and a new face, and then leaves the body to rot, but the murderer raises Hell in the town where he used to live.

The end result is a massacre of the entire town, but after a few days, the townsfolk and police are able to return to their daily lives and forget all about the towns. Who is Corey in Halloween ends? Corey’s character in Halloween Ends takes this dark, bloody path.

Story of Halloween Ends

Corey, on Halloween night in 2019, babysits a young boy named Jeremy, who tries to pull a prank on him by locking him inside the attic. When Jeremy’s parents are walking back home, Corey accidentally kicks the door and Jeremy falls down the stairs and onto his deathbed. Corey is accused of purposely killing Jeremy but is found not guilty of manslaughter.

While Michael has vanished, the town of Haddonfield in Illinois is still reeling from the aftermath of Michael’s latest killing spree three years ago. Laurie Strode is writing a memoir, having purchased a new house and living with her granddaughter, who is now a nurse. Corey his stepfather’s salvage yard, is working. On his way home one day, he is accosted by a group of high school students and injured himself in the process. Laurie brought him to the doctor’s office where Allyson worked.

At a Halloween party, Corey is confronted by Jeremy’s mother as he develops a relationship with Allyson. After an argument with Allyson, Corey left the party and was thrown off a bridge by the bullies. He is dragged into the sewer by Michael, who eventually lets him go. As he crawls out, he is threatened by a homeless man. In a struggle, he stabbed the man to death and fled.

Corey wants to apologize to Allyson and they go on a dinner date.

They’re interrupted by Allyson’s ex-boyfriend, Doug Mulaney, who tries to start an argument. After the battle, Michael later lures Doug into the sewer. Corey emerges and, though weakened, kills Doug to Michael’s delight. Allyson is passed over for a promotion because she’s a nurse, and the doctor is having an affair with her. Later that night Corey killed the doctor at his home while Michael killed the nurse.

Allyson plans to leave her hometown with a dangerous young man called Corey because of past trauma, while Laurie becomes increasingly suspicious of Corey. After learning that Jeremy’s been killed and infected with Michael’s evil, Laurie asks to be allowed to come back home and work with Allyson on the condition that she keeps her distance from Jeremy. Corey, realizing what has happened to him, claims to know why she’s there and why she’s been acting strangely.

On October 31, Corey fights a weak Michael for his mask in the sewer. Laurie and Allyson argue as Laurie plans to leave, and Allyson blames her for Michael’s actions. In the middle of the night, a masked Corey went on a rampage, murdering the bullies after tricking them into the salvage yard, one of whom accidentally killed his stepfather. He killed his mother and a DJ at the radio station that had been taunting him.

Laurie shoots down the stairs at the Strode house after faking a suicide attempt to get the attention of Corey.

Corey stabbed himself in the neck to frame Laurie for his death in front of the arriving Allyson, who was in distress. Michael suddenly shows up, retrieves his mask, and kills his friend. Laurie pinned Michael to the kitchen table and slit his throat after a fight in the kitchen. 

After a struggle, Allyson returned to help subdue and kill him by slicing his wrist after receiving a call from Frank, who was convinced of the truth behind Corey’s death. Laurie and Allyson take Michael’s body to the salvage yard by police escort, attracting the residents of Haddonfield who follow them in a procession and dispose of it in an industrial shredder. While Laurie finishes her memoir and rediscovers her romance with the deputy, Allyson leaves Haddonfield, and Laurie reconciles with her.

Is Corey Michael Myers?

They’re two totally different people but were brought together by their love of killing people. He wears the Michael Myers mask for that reason.

It’s not clear how exactly he got the mask. But at the end of the movie, Michael appears in Laurie’s house, wearing the mask. He’s trying to kill her. Corey and Laurie fight. Laurie is not aiming to kill, but she’s offering to get Corey’s help. Corey sticks a knife in his own throat. He does this because he insists that Allyson If it can’t be his, can’t be anyone’s.

So, who is Corey in Halloween ends? In the Halloween franchise, a new character name Corey Cunningham becomes a new villain who teams up with another villain, Michael Myers.

What was the purpose of Corey in Halloween Ends?

The citizens of Haddonfield ostracized Corey after he was exonerated due to the accidental nature of his death. While his possessiveness over Allyson grows, this eventually leads him to form a relationship with Michael Myers and embrace killing.

Final Words

We hope this article helps you to know about details of who is Corey in Halloween? and what is the mystery of this film.

When David Gordon Green announced his Halloween reboot trilogy, he embarked on a noteworthy journey. Jamie Lee Curtis’ portrayal of Laurie Strode, Andi Matichak’s likability as the franchise’s newest Final Girl. And the nostalgia of Halloween were all praised by critics and audiences. Halloween Kills received a mixed reception, with some people saying it was enjoyable and others saying it was too violent. 
Who is Corey Halloween ends? The breath of fresh air that this franchise needed was provided by the character of Corey Cunningham. Played by Rohan Campbell. Wrongfully accused of murdering a young boy, he has become the pariah of Haddonfield. With everyone from teenagers to adults disrespecting him every chance they get.

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