Are you a fan of Inside the Rainbow Gulag? What happened between Frank and Kyle? After Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 aired, fans are looking up to one particular relationship- Frank and Kyle. They had a steamy romance on screen. So are they still together? What happened to the most cherished relationship, Kyle and Frank, on Below Deck Med. Let’s look into the matter in this article!

What happened between Frank and Kyle?

Lisa Frank’s followers regard her as almost as legendary as her favorite unicorn. The mere mention of Frank conjures up images of neon tiger cubs playing with surfing penguins, clinging koala bears on rainbow-flavored ice cream cones, and, of course, majestic unicorns priding before a swirl of hearts and stars for women in their twenties, thirties, and forties. However, the company is now a mere shell of what it once was, and its downfall, a tale of scandal, greed, and abuse, stands in stark contrast to its gleaming, cheerful exterior.

It’s unclear whether Lisa Frank, the real-life artist and founder of the school supply company, was fully aware of the rumors that had circulated for years around her company’s Tucson, Arizona, headquarters. She might not have been aware of what was being said about her husband, Lisa Frank Inc. CEO James Green. Employees were concerned that Green would devastate the company due to rumors that he was an unfaithful monster with a cocaine addiction.

The truth is that those concerns were justified. Court documents and firsthand accounts from former employees who spoke exclusively to Jezebel reveal how Frank’s marital drama quickly devolved into a workplace disaster.

“Everyone who ever worked there seemed to have PTSD from it,” Caroline emphasized. I’m not sure if it’s possible to convey how bad their reputation was in town. “Rainbow Gulag” is a perfect description.”

The Lisa Frank Trials

Lisa Frank spent the latter half of the 2000s mired in litigation, primarily with Green and Rowlette, rather than moving forward with the company’s expansion plans, which included a Fantastic World of Lisa Frank theme park, a clothing line, and TV shows (the company always considered itself Disney’s competition).

Lisa Frank v. James Green, September 2005 Frank’s initial lawsuit against Green included a number of appeals that sought to have him dismissed from her company.

James Green v. Lisa Frank, September 2005 Green fought valiantly in his counterclaim to invalidate a 1995 “buy-sell” agreement that permitted Frank to acquire Green’s shares of LFI in the event of a divorce. He claimed that he was the sole author of the company’s content, including the “400 original characters and themes,” with the exception of a few. Furthermore, Green asked the court to dissolve Lisa Frank, Inc. on the grounds that Frank’s efforts to regain control of her company were illegal. He ultimately failed, but it took five long years of litigation before a settlement was reached.

Lisa Frank, Inc. v. Rhonda Rowlette, March 2006 Rowlette sued for $2 million plus damages after Frank fired her.

Claiming that this was the amount she was frequently promised as severance if she ever retired or was fired. Before a sealed settlement was reached, the legal battle and related appeals lasted for more than three years.

James Green and Jerry Rowlette v. Lisa Frank, Inc., April 2006 LFI claimed in a third-party counterclaim that Rowlette, Green, and Jerry Rowlette, Rowlette’s husband, stole five truckloads of company property and used company funds for their own purposes. (Incidentally, both Rowlettes were forced into the civil lawsuit and divorce proceedings between Frank and Green and were deposed.)

Lisa Frank and Lisa Frank, Inc. v. James Green, August 2006 Green wanted to pay back a loan for a private jet he had purchased with $16.7 million.

March 2008, James Green v. Lisa Frank and Lisa Frank, Inc. Green filed a lawsuit for $2.2 million, which he claimed represented his share of the jet’s sale.

Aside from that, Frank and Green have been fighting for the majority of the last eight years over anything and everything, including the division of private property such as furniture and family photos. As of January 2013, they were still fighting within the legal system. According to court documents, they even require the regular intervention of their lawyers to reach agreements regarding their children’s vacations or schedules.

Frank and Kyle Chemistry On Below Deck 

Frank Fay was a guest charter on the yacht. He came with a group of guests, all LGBTQ+. So, Kyle, the third steward, was already excited about this group. After Frank entered, Kyle fell for him immediately. Frank was very handsome and a bodybuilder. 

Although it was prohibited to get personal with the guest, Kyle couldn’t resist. He was consistently flirting with Frank. And Frank was into him too. Kyle was so into Frank that the warning from Captain Sandy Yawn didn’t even get into his head. The magical smile of Frank captured Kyle’s heart already.

Since then, Kyle and Frank have been flirting with each other. Their relationship got more steamy after the kiss in Malta. But unfortunately, this highly anticipated relationship didn’t last long.

Are Frank And Kyle From Below Deck Together?

Kyle responded to fans’ questions by saying that Frank’s ego didn’t match his expectation. After their on-screen romance. Kyle went to New York to meet Frank, to give the budding relationship some time. But unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

Are Frank And Kyle Still Friends?

In an interview, Kyle said that he and Frank Fay are still friends. They are both staying in New York. And Frank is a couple of blocks away from Kyle. Although their romantic relationship didn’t work out, they are maintaining a good friendship overall.

After their mutual end at Frank’s apartment, Kyle went through dating apps and found his current boyfriend, Zachary. And Frank is also in a relationship with Jared Tiller, who appears on Frank’s Instagram frequently.


Who is Kyle from Below Deck engaged to?

Kyle Viljoen from Below Deck Med is engaged to Dr. Zachary Riley.

Did Kyle from Below Deck get married?

Kyle from Below Deck is engaged to Dr. Zachary Riley. They will get married soon.

Did Kyle and Frank meet up?

After their steamy on-screen romance, Kyle went to New York to meet Frank Fay.

Is Kyle Viljoen dating charter guest Frank Fray?

Kyle and charter guest Frank had some instant chemistry on the yacht. But they didn’t date each other for long.

Why are Kyle and Frank not together?

Kyle submitted his answer about the chemistry between him and Frank. He said Frank’s ego wasn’t up to his expectations. He didn’t clarify the statement.


I hope you found this article useful. This article contains all of the details about what happened between Frank and Kyle. Stay tuned for more information.

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