Shameless is a popular TV series. In season 1, we introduce Ethel. Ethel is a short character in the Shameless TV series. In season 2, we see that she runs away with Malik. After season 2, Ethel disappears from the series. So, people curious about Shameless Ethel should come back. They continuously ask on social media, “Does Ethel come back?” The answer to the question “What happened to Ethel Iskander Shameless?” may be found in this article.

Who is Ethel in Shameless?

Many audiences ask, “Does Ethel come back in Shameless?” Before we look for the solution to that question, let’s know the character of  Ethel in Shameless.

Ethel’s character appears in Shameless in Season 1. In season 1, we witness Kevin and Veronica wanting to adopt a child. That child’s name is Ethel.

Why do Kevin and Veronica want to adopt a child? They want to do a parenting experiment before they have their own. Moreover, if they adopt a baby, they will become part of a money scam where they can collect benefits from the government. 

At 13, Ethel is trapped by a polygamous marriage group. So she marries a 65-year-old elderly man called Clyde. That time Kevin and Veronica came to rescue Ethel. 

Moreover, she has four more sisters who were Clyde’s wives. Later, she has a kid during the marriage, and the child’s name is Jonah. Both Kevin and Veronica are responsible for Jonah’s upbringing.

Initially, Kevin is warm and welcoming to Ethel. However, she is quieter and more introverted than he is. On the other hand, Veronica has shown cold behavior toward her. She also assigns her home chores. 

Later, Kavin discovers that Ethel can’t recover from her predatory marriage. She also struggles with her messy childhood. Veronica sympathizes with Ethel after learning about her troubled background. Then Ethel can see her infant son, Jonah, for the first time in a long time at the home of Kevin and Veronica. Kevin and Veronica go to see their social worker to discuss possibly fostering Jonah. They got a positive vibe from the social worker. She has difficulty adapting to the contemporary world during her stay, but she can finally make herself at home there. Now, what happened to Ethel in Shameless’ later episodes? Let’s move on to the next episode to learn about this. 

What Happened to Ethel in Shameless?

Season 2 opens with Kevin and Ethel secretly working in the marijuana business. At first, Stant, the Alibi Room’s elderly owner, confronts Kevin about the high electricity bill of Ailbi Room. Then Kevin tells Lip that he and Ethel have grown marijuana in the Alibi’s basement without Veronica’s knowledge. When Kevin brings marijuana plants inside, Veronica discovers the activity. Veronica tells Kevin to burn all Alibi Room plants to escape jail. After that, Kevin and Veronica bag and kill all the marijuana plants, but Kevin quietly rescues a couple and plants them in the backyard.

Next, we witness Ethel’s flirtation with fellow teen parent Malik. They meet with each other on Kevin’s youth basketball team. Kevin is the coach of that basketball team. He is the one who introduces Ethel and Malik. Being parents bring them closer together. 

Meanwhile, Clyde’s crimes, including cult leadership, juvenile rape or violence, and polygamy, send him to jail. Once Malik learned that Clyde had statutorily assaulted Ethel, Malik convinced his father to murder him in prison. Clyde gets stabbed and dies in jail.

Soon after, she steals Kevin’s marijuana for cash. Malik sells them and runs away with Ethel’s son Jonah and his daughter Tamika. After Ethel leaves, Kevin and Veronica feel they should have their child. 

After season 2, we never see the presence of Ethel in Shameless. 


  • Who is Etta?

Etta was a supporting player in the seventh season of Shameless.

She owned Wendell’s Laundromat. Fiona purchased her apartment and laundry for $80,000. Instead of the $100,000 that the wealthy South Side gentrifiers gave her, she turned them down.  The character’s dementia is a running gag throughout the season. 

While Fiona was renovating Wendell’s laundry, Etta bought a lot of expensive goods with her money. Fiona observed this and used her credit card to purchase new flooring, ceiling tiles, washers, and dryers.

Etta called Frank by her late husband’s name after they concluded. Frank cheated her out of food and lodging. He left Etta temporarily when Monica returned.

She makes a couple more appearances before the season concludes. The last time we see her, she dances with Fiona after the laundromat’s sale to Margot before being transported to assisted living.

  • Who is the father of Mandy’s baby?

Mandy Milkovich is the girl who had a crush on Ian Gallagher. Unfortunately, Ian liked someone else. Over the summer, Mandy changed drastically. Mandy had become angrier and sadder.

The depth of her friendship with her closest buddy remained unchanged. Mandy’s love for Ian Gallagher is the purest kind of love. However, her feelings for Ian had developed from crush to true love. Once Ian found out that Mandy’s dad Terry had gotten her pregnant during an alcoholic blackout, he didn’t run away; instead, he helped and stood by her. She had not even reached the support of her one-night stand, Lip. 

  • Who is Carl’s mother?

Monica is the mother of Carl. Fiona is her foster mother. In season 1, Carl and Fiona debuted in this series. At that time, Carl was only nine years old, while Fiona was almost 21. In addition, Monica and Frank affirm Carl is their kid in one episode of Shameless.

  • Why did Kev and Veronica leave shameless?

To get Kevin’s attention, Veronica tried everything short of begging. She temporarily broke their relationship when he failed to do so on many occasions. Since this was the first serious argument Kev and V had ever had, Veronica decided to spend some time apart from her family. 

  • What happens to Mandy Shameless?

Mandy is the only daughter of the Maguires and Chatsworth. Katie is the daughter of Mandy. She was devoted to her family, yet harsh and cruel. Her siblings include the deceased Fergal, the short glimpsed Donny and Joey, the homosexual Micky, Shane, and Jamie, and the enigmatic Jamie. Cilla, her half-sister, was born posthumously. In Series 6, Maureen’s gas explosion killed Mandy.


In the end, Ethel returns to the show; it depends on its plot. So, we don’t know when Ethel’s next appearance will be in the series. Moreover, when Ethel escapes from home with Malik, she writes a goodbye note for Kev and V. From this, that is her last footprint in the show.

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