Are you a regular viewer of The challenge: Ride or dies? Want to know more about Kaycee and Kenny! What happened to Kaycee and Kenny? In season 38, when The Challenge: Ride or Dies television show started Kenny and Kaycee Clark turn themselves out from the game. Kenny never speaks about this matter but Kaycee does. Let’s find out what Kaycee explained about that matter. In this article, we will tell you the full story of their journey. Why did Kenny and Kaycee leave The Challenge and go home. For details read below.

Who are Kenny and Kaycee Clark?

Kenny or Kaycee Clark are a well-known face on The Challenge Television Show. Do you know who they actually are!

Kenny Clark

Kenny Clark is Kaycee Clarks’ Ride or Dies Brother. They competed together on that show. Kenny is not remarkable as his sister, but he’s also come to this show to win it with her sister. He knows that this is his lifetime opportunity to prove himself and win this wild game. As a brother he just trying his best to not let her sister down. This Clarks’ has got a great communication opportunity because of their sibling pairs in this show.

Kaycee Clark

Kaycee Noelle Clark is a known face in TV reality show. She is the finalist on Big Brother 20. She was also a finalist in Double Agents and Total Madness. Also, she took part in Ride or Die. Kaycee has won Allies, Lies, and Spies.

After winning Big Brother 20, Kaycee start her journey Challange season to add another winner tag to her collections. She has already got a lot of winner tags in her name. Basically, Kaycee is a threat to all the participants without any hesitation. Kaycee also proved her democratic skill in the art of residual vague. Kaycee is surely a formidable opponent when it comes to non-political matters as a professional football player. Even when it comes to the most experienced ones they also must have been hesitant to stand on the same line as her.

Kenny and Kaycee are the strongest pair together all we can tell. Then what happened that they leave at their first challenge. Then Kenny and Kaycee why did they leave! Read below to more.

Kaycee and Kenny Why Did They Leave?

As we all know that Kaycee Clark is a winner of many reality shows. She is a popular face for MTV Reality shows. She has a fandom and when her fandom she her in The Challange they were just cheerful. But viewers were puzzled when they saw the siblings had been eliminated from the show.

In The Challange: Ride or Die when first aired on television we all saw that Kaycee and her younger brother Kenny were not playing. In this show, These siblings were competing for $1 million dollars. But in the first episode, they aren’t shown up much because these two were both disqualified even before the first challenge began. Kaycee told this in details.

After their elimination the game’s host, TJ Lavin said that Horacio Gutierrez and Olivia Kaiser and Emmy Rus, and Nam Vo would be replaced in this competition by Kenny and Kaycee before the first challenge started.

Undoubtedly, when Kaycee and Kenny got unexpected elimination many of their fans get puzzled. Not only The Challange but Kaycee was also eliminated from Big Brother 22 filming. Kaycee told her fans and social media that she got tested for COVID-19 and the result got positive. Not only Kaycee, Kenny was also getting positive.

That’s the main reason why did Kenny and Kaycee leave Challenge.

In EW, Kaycee mentioned that “My brother and me unexpectedly got it positive. When we went to Argentina for filming this season, we became ill and as the result came out COVID-19 positive.” Fortunately, there are no harmful situations they had but during some of the episodes in this season, both of them can’t attend. After 1 week they returned back after getting out of Covid-19. Without Kenny and Kaycee, no other team was eliminated in the whole season 38 of The Challange for medical reasons.

After episode one debuted, we saw that Kaycee was shown up in the trailer. From this clip, we can easily say that Kaycee and her brother can return anytime for The Challenge to win the money. When this duo came back to this show the fans are not surprised cuz they know she must have come back to win.

Despite their hard work, Kenny was eliminated early. But the twist happened when the two siblings got another chance to prove themselves. Kaycee and Kenny The Challenge  lost a close race to Jordan Wiseley and Aneesa Ferreira, and the two left the game together.

When The Challenge season 38 came closer to the finale there was hope that Kenny and Kaycee will come back for future seasons. Every season has its up and downsides. We are all supposed to be something happen but happen anything else. Every finalist does as much as they can to reach the final for $1 million. And every fan cheers for their idol to win.

Kaycee Clark Told More About The Challenge

She laughed and said, Leave before the first challenge it was really difficult. But I have no choice for it. In this world, there are many difficulties we have to face that time I was also facing a major problem that’s why I have to go on a sudden leave. That was the COVID thing that’s why the problem happened. I wasn’t worried about that matter because that was my second time.

When the result came out they told me, “No, Kaycee you just have to pull yourself out right now.” But that wasn’t only me my elder brother also have it. We were just traveling to Argentina, but suddenly we became sick with COVID. But the crazy thing was I didn’t have any of the symptoms. I just only had a little cold, but others had a serious condition. But i don’t know why only me and my brother got positive. So, we just had to exit the game.

In fact, Big Brother: All-Stars experienced a similar situation. Big Brother: All-Stars was not for me because I had COVID. It was strange, and it’s still strange how that keeps happening now that it’s back.


I hope after reading this whole article you know what happened to Kaycee and kenny the challenge. Thank you reading the whole article. I hope all the details was important for you. There are more articles for you in our page. You can have a look there to find another important article for you.

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